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ARMER Related Conventional Frequencies and Patches

Related VHF / Non Trunked 800mhz Frequencies:

Conventional/Trunked Hard or Common Soft Patches

OutputInputToneSimulcast onUsage
460.27500 127.3 PL I Tac 4/MetEmerg
154.28000None131.8 PL906Anoka County Fire Main
154.10000None136.5 PL2716Carver Co Fire Main
155.82000154.99500118.8 PL10022Hennepin Co LE Tac 3
154.38500None118.8 PL10040Hennepin Co Fire Main
155.61000150.79000131.8 PL10374Hennepin Common
460.52500465.52500141.3 PL10374Hennepin Common
853.01250808.01250156.710378Hennepin Common
154.41500NoneCSQ10594Edina Fire Dispatch
154.31000151.20500116 DPL10804St. Louis Park/Golden Valley Fire Dispatch
154.07000None118.8 PL10810Bloomington Fire Dispatch
151.28000153.74000110.9 PL11064Minnetonka Fire Dispatch
46.48000NoneCSQ11092Eden Prairie Fire Dispatch
154.2200None162.211522Ramsey Co Fire Dispatch
154.49000155.91000162.220502Olmsted County LEC Ch 2 (Fire/LE Unit Paging)
155.76000158.94000162.2 PL20560Olmsted County EOC Main
155.47500155.47500CSQ20588SE MN MinSEF Patch
Unknown 24074Mn/DOT Unk Location, STC Area
Unknown 24078Mn/DOT Silver lake Tower
25152Sherburne Co Fire Dispatch
25300Wright Co Fire Dispatch
154.14500 25753Kandiyohi Co VHF Paging
155.40000155.40000 25754Rice Memorial Hospital Patient Information
460.625 20476Rochester Fire Dispatch/Printers

Scene of Action Freqs

769.00625Simplex$2937SOA1 (Nationwide, ENC capable)
769.01875Simplex$2937SOA2 (Nationwide, ENC capable)
769.03125Simplex$2937SOA3 (Nationwide, ENC capable)
769.04375Simplex$2937SOA4 (Nationwide, ENC capable)
769.05625Simplex$2937SOA5 (Nationwide, ENC capable)
769.06875Simplex$2937SOA6 (Nationwide, ENC capable)
774.93125Simplex$2937SOA7 (Nationwide, ENC capable)
774.94375Simplex$2937SOA8 (Nationwide, ENC capable)
774.95625Simplex$2937SOA9 (Nationwide, ENC capable)
774.96875Simplex$2937SOA10 (Nationwide, ENC capable)
774.98125Simplex$2937SOA11 (Nationwide, ENC capable)
774.99375Simplex$2937SOA12 (Nationwide, ENC capable)
853.9250Simplex$2938SOA1 A SOA 1 All Talk Around
853.9375Simplex$2938SOA2 A SOA 2 All Talk Around
853.9500Simplex$2938SOA3 P SOA 1 Public Safety Talk Around
853.9625SImplex$2938SOA4 P SOA 2 Public Safety Talk Around, Jail Sally Port Communications
853.9750Simplex$2938SOA5 F SOA 1 Fire Talk Around
853.9875Simplex$2938SOA6 F SOA 2 Fire Talk Around

Federal Interop Frequencies

851.0125806.0125156.7 PL8 Calling 90 (Repeater at City Center)
851.5125806.5125156.7 PL8 Tactical 91 (Repeater at City Center)
852.0125807.0125156.7 PL8 Tactical 92
852.5125807.5125156.7 PL8 Tactical 93
853.0125808.0125156.7 PL8 Tactical 94
851.0125Simplex156.7 PL8 Calling 90 Direct
851.5125Simplex156.7 PL8 Tactical 91 Direct
852.0125Simplex156.7 PL8 Tactical 92 Direct
852.5125Simplex156.7 PL8 Tactical 93 Direct
853.0125Simplex156.7 PL8 Tactical 94 Direct

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