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Adams County Public Safety Radio IDs


Adams County Fire & EMS Individual Unit Numbers

Fire Apparatus & Portables

UID # Department Name Apparatus Name
201101Gettysburg Fire Dept.Car 1
201102Gettysburg Fire Dept.Service 1
201103Gettysburg Fire Dept.Engine 1-1
201104Gettysburg Fire Dept.Engine 1-2
201105Gettysburg Fire Dept.Rescue 1
201106Gettysburg Fire Dept.Truck 1
201107Gettysburg Fire Dept.Traffic 1
201108Gettysburg Fire Dept.Duty 1 (On-Duty Line Officer)
201229Gettysburg Fire Dept.Chief 1
201230Gettysburg Fire Dept.Deputy Chief 1
201231Gettysburg Fire Dept.Assistant Chief 1
201242Gettysburg Fire Dept.Duty 1 Portable #1
201243Gettysburg Fire Dept.Duty 1 Portable #2
202101Fairfield Fire Co.Traffic 2
202102Fairfield Fire Co.Special Unit 2
202103Fairfield Fire Co.Engine 2-1
302103Fairfield Fire Co.Engine 2-1 (QRS)
202104Fairfield Fire Co.Engine-Rescue 2
202105Fairfield Fire Co.Brush 2
202218Fairfield Fire Co.Chief 2
202219Fairfield Fire Co.Deputy Chief 2
202220Fairfield Fire Co.Assistant Chief 2
202222Fairfield Fire Co.Fire-Police Captain 2
203101Fountaindale Fire Co.Special Unit 3
203102Fountaindale Fire Co.Engine-Rescue 3
203103Fountaindale Fire Co.Engine-Tanker 3
203104Fountaindale Fire Co.Rescue-Engine 3 (As seen on 2-26-18)
203213Fountaindale Fire Co.Chief 3
203214Fountaindale Fire Co.Deputy Chief 3
203215Fountaindale Fire Co.Asst. Chief 3
204101Cashtown Fire Co.Engine 4-1
204102Cashtown Fire Co.Rescue 4
204103Cashtown Fire Co.Tanker 4
204104Cashtown Fire Co.Brush 4
204217Cashtown Fire Co.Fire-Police Captain 4
205101Arendtsville Fire Co.Brush 5
205102Arendtsville Fire Co.Service 5
205104Arendtsville Fire Co.Engine 5-1
205105Arendtsville Fire Co.Tower 5
205219Arendtsville Fire Co.Fire-Police Captain 5
206101Biglerville Fire Co.Service 6
206102Biglerville Fire Co.Tanker 6
206103Biglerville Fire Co.Car 6
206104Biglerville Fire Co.Rescue 6
206105Biglerville Fire Co.Engine 6-1
206106Biglerville Fire Co.Engine 6-2
206217Biglerville Fire Co.Chief 6
206218Biglerville Fire Co.Deputy Chief 6
206219Biglerville Fire Co.Assistant Chief 6
207101Bendersville Fire Co.Utility 7
207103Bendersville Fire Co.Brush 7
207104Bendersville Fire Co.Engine 7-1 (QRS)
207105Bendersville Fire Co.Engine 7-2
207106Bendersville Fire Co.Mini Pumper 7
207216Bendersville Fire Co.Brush 7 (Portable)
207220Bendersville Fire Co.Chief 7
207221Bendersville Fire Co.Deputy Chief 7
207222Bendersville Fire Co.Assistant Chief 7
209101York Springs Fire Co.Special Unit 9
209102York Springs Fire Co.Engine 9-1
209103York Springs Fire Co.Engine 9-2 (Rescue)
209104York Springs Fire Co.Tanker 9
210101Hampton Fire Co.Special Unit 10
210102Hampton Fire Co.Engine 10-2 (Tanker)
210104Hampton Fire Co.Engine 10-1
210213Hampton Fire Co.Chief 10 (Portable)
210226Hampton Fire Co.Fire-Police Lieutenant 10
211101East Berlin Fire Co.Tanker 11
211102East Berlin Fire Co.Utility 11
211104East Berlin Fire Co.Engine 11-1
211105East Berlin Fire Co.Engine 11-2
211220East Berlin Fire Co.Chief 11
211221East Berlin Fire Co.Deputy Chief 11
211222East Berlin Fire Co.Assistant Chief 11
214101Irishtown Fire Co.Engine 14-1
214102Irishtown Fire Co.Engine-Tanker 14
214103Irishtown Fire Co.Traffic 14
220103Littlestown Fire Co.Special Unit 20
220104Littlestown Fire Co.Traffic 20
220105Littlestown Fire Co.Engine 20-1
220106Littlestown Fire Co.Engine 20-2
220107Littlestown Fire Co.Engine-Tanker 20
220108Littlestown Fire Co.Rescue 20
222101Barlow Fire Co.Service 22
222102Barlow Fire Co.Engine 22-1
222103Barlow Fire Co.Engine 22-2
222104Barlow Fire Co.Rescue 22
222215Barlow Fire Co.Chief 22
222216Barlow Fire Co.Deputy Chief 22
222217Barlow Fire Co.Assistant Chief 22
223101Greenmount Fire Co.Service 23
223102Greenmount Fire Co.Duty 23
223104Greenmount Fire Co.Brush 23
223105Greenmount Fire Co.Engine 23-1
223106Greenmount Fire Co.Engine 23-2
223217Greenmount Fire Co.Chief 23
223218Greenmount Fire Co.Deputy Chief 23
223219Greenmount Fire Co.Assistant Chief 23
225101Heidlersburg Fire Co.Squad 25
225102Heidlersburg Fire Co.Special Unit 25
225103Heidlersburg Fire Co.Engine 25-1
225104Heidlersburg Fire Co.Engine 25-2
225105Heidlersburg Fire Co.Tanker 25
225216Heidlersburg Fire Co.Chief 25
225217Heidlersburg Fire Co.Deputy Chief 25
225218Heidlersburg Fire Co.Assistant Chief 25
226218Lake Meade Fire Co.Chief 26
226219Lake Meade Fire Co.Deputy Chief 26
226220Lake Meade Fire Co.Assistant Chief 26
227101Buchanan Valley Fire Co.Special Unit 27
227102Buchanan Valley Fire Co.Brush 27
227103Buchanan Valley Fire Co.Engine-Tanker 27
227104Buchanan Valley Fire Co.Engine 27
227105Buchanan Valley Fire Co.Brush 27 (As seen on 2-17-18)
227210Buchanan Valley Fire Co.Special Unit 27 (Portable)
229101S.A.V.E.S.Service 29
229102S.A.V.E.S.Brush 29
229103S.A.V.E.S.Engine 29
229104S.A.V.E.S.Engine-Tanker 29
229105S.A.V.E.S.Quint 29
229106S.A.V.E.S.Rescue 29
229107S.A.V.E.S.Tanker 29
229230S.A.V.E.S.Fire-Police Captain 29
229231S.A.V.E.S.Fire-Police Lieutenant 29
233102United Hook & LadderService 33 (Sta. @ 33-1 New Oxford)
233103United Hook & LadderMini Pumper 33 (Sta. @ 33-2 Abbottstown)
233104United Hook & LadderEngine 33-1 (Sta. @ 33-1 New Oxford)
233105United Hook & LadderEngine 33-2 (Sta. @ 33-2 Abbottstown)
233106United Hook & LadderRescue 33 (Sta. @ 33-1 New Oxford)
233107United Hook & LadderTruck 33 (Sta. @ 33-1 New Oxford)
233108United Hook & LadderChief 33 (Duty Vehicle)
233109United Hook & LadderDeputy Chief 33 (Duty Vehicle)
233110United Hook & LadderAssistant Chief 33 (Duty Vehicle)
233111United Hook & LadderUtility 33 (Sta. @ 33-1 New Oxford)
233112United Hook & LadderTraffic 33 (Sta. @ 33-1 New Oxford)
233113United Hook & LadderEngine 33-3 (Sta. @ 33-3 Bonneauville)
233222United Hook & LadderChief 33 (Portable)
233223United Hook & LadderDeputy Chief 33 (Portable)
233224United Hook & LadderAssistant Chief 33 (Portable)
233229United Hook & LadderFire-Police Captain 33
Definition list 
NOTE: S.A.V.E.S. = Southeastern Adams Volunteer Emergency Services
NOTE: 2xx1xx = Apparatus / 2xx2xx = Portables

EMS Vehicles & Portables

UID # Department Name Vehicle Name
302101Fairfield Fire Co.Ambulance 2-1
302102Fairfield Fire Co.Ambulance 2-2
306101Biglerville Fire Co.Ambulance/Micu 6-1
306102Biglerville Fire Co.Ambulance/Micu 6-2
306103Biglerville Fire Co.Ambulance/Micu 6-3 (Bariatric Unit)
309101York Springs Fire Co.Ambulance 9
311101East Berlin Fire Co.Ambulance 11-1
311102East Berlin Fire Co.Ambulance 11-2
311103East Berlin Fire Co.Ambulance 11-3
320101Littlestown Fire Co.Ambulance 20-1
320102Littlestown Fire Co.Ambulance 20-2
326101Lake Meade Fire Co.Ambulance 26
226219Lake Meade Fire Co.Ambulance Captain 26
329101S.A.V.E.S.Ambulance 29-1
329102S.A.V.E.S.Ambulance 29-2
351101Hanover HospitalMedic 51 (Co. 11)
352101Hanover HospitalMedic 52 (Co. 20)
354201A.R.E.M.S.Micu 54-1 (Co. 1)
354202A.R.E.M.S.Ambulance 54-2 (Co. 1)
354103A.R.E.M.S.Ambulance/Micu 54-3 (Sta. 33-3)
354101A.R.E.M.S.Micu 54-4 (Sta. 33-1)
354102A.R.E.M.S.Ambulance 54-5 (Sta. 33-1)
354203A.R.E.M.S.Medic 54 (Co. 1)
Definition list 
NOTE: S.A.V.E.S. = Southeastern Adams Volunteer Emergency Services
NOTE: A.R.E.M.S. = Adams Regional Emergency Medical Services
NOTE: 3xx1xx = Vehicle / 3xx2xx = Portables

Mutual Aid Fire & EMS

UID # Unit Name Department Name County State
346201Medic 46Hanover Hospital ParamedicsYorkPA
5204102Truck 4Friendship Hose Company #1 (Spring Grove)YorkPA
5215201Franklintown Fire CompanyYorkPA
5215204Brush 65Franklintown Fire CompanyYorkPA
5279115Engine 79-?Greater Hanover Fire RescueYorkPA
5279212MICU 79-2 Port.Greater Hanover Fire RescueYorkPA
5279273Engine 79-2 Port.Greater Hanover Fire RescueYorkPA
5279330Truck 79Greater Hanover Fire RescueYorkPA
5352101MICU 64-1Citizen's Hose Company (Dillsburg)YorkPA
5352201MICU 64-1PCitizen's Hose Company (Dillsburg)YorkPA
5379101MICU 79-1Greater Hanover Fire RescueYorkPA
5379102MICU 79-2Greater Hanover Fire RescueYorkPA
5379103MICU 79-3Greater Hanover Fire RescueYorkPA
5379127Truck 79Greater Hanover Fire RescueYorkPA
5379291Engine 79-2Greater Hanover Fire RescueYorkPA
5384101MICU 84-1???YorkPA
9920212Medic 5-9Taneytown Volunteer Fire CompanyCarrollMD
9920213Engine-Tanker 5-4Taneytown Volunteer Fire CompanyCarrollMD
9920220Medic 5-8Taneytown Volunteer Fire CompanyCarrollMD
9942001Engine 19-3Raven Rock Emergency Services (U.S.)FranklinPA
9942005Squad 19Raven Rock Emergency Services (U.S.)FranklinPA
9947600Engine 6-3Vigilant Hose Company (Emmittsburg)FrederickMD
9947602Ambulance 26-8Emmittsburg Volunteer Ambulance CompanyFrederickMD
9947604Engine-Tanker 6-4Vigilant Hose Company (Emmittsburg)FrederickMD
9947609Rescue Squad 6Vigilant Hose Company (Emmittsburg)FrederickMD
9947614Tower 6Vigilant Hose Company (Emmittsburg)FrederickMD
9947615Tower 6Vigilant Hose Company (Emmittsburg)FrederickMD
9947619Brush 6-5Vigilant Hose Company (Emmittsburg)FrederickMD
9947621Duty 6Vigilant Hose Company (Emmittsburg)FrederickMD
9947749Ambulance 6-8Vigilant Hose Company EMS (Emmittsburg)FrederickMD
9947750Ambulance 26-9Emmittsburg Volunteer Ambulance CompanyFrederickMD
9947751Ambulance 26-9Emmittsburg Volunteer Ambulance CompanyFrederickMD
9947767Medic 30Frederick County DFRS (Thurmont)FrederickMD
Definition list 
NOTE: DFRS = Division of Fire and Rescue Services
NOTE: U.S. = United States
NOTE: Greater Hanover Fire Rescue (79) = Hanover (46) and Penn Township (49) Fire Departments

MedEvac Helicopters

UID # MedEvac Name Operator Name Hanger Location State
381101 Life Lion 1 Penn State Health Critical Care Hanger (HMC) PA
381102 Life Lion 2 Penn State Health Critical Care Hanger (HMC) PA
381103 Life Lion 3 Penn State Health Carlisle Airport PA
381104 Life Lion ? Penn State Health Unknown (RT on 01/31/2018) PA
382101 Life Net 81 Air Methods Corporation Hagerstown Airport MD
382112 STAT 13 Direct Air Carrier York Airport PA
382113 STAT 11 Direct Air Carrier Altoona Hospital PA
9800082 MSPAC Trooper 3 Maryland State Police Frederick Municipal Airport MD
9901324 MSPAC Trooper 3 Maryland State Police Frederick Municipal Airport MD
Definition list 
NOTE: MSPAC = Maryland State Police Aviation Command
NOTE: HMC = Hershey Medical Center

Local Government Individual Unit Numbers

Boroughs - Townships & Local Government

UID # Vehicle / Portable Name
441101EMA - Service 41
441102EMA - ??? (03/15/2018)
441201EMA ?
441207EMA 3
441210EMA ? (03/15/2018)
451001Abbottstown Boro Base Station
452001Arendtsville Boro Base Station
453001Bendersville Boro Base Station
454001Biglerville Boro Base Station
455001Bonneauville Boro Base Station
456001Carroll Valley Boro Base Station
457001East Berlin Boro Base Station
458001Fairfield Boro Base Station
459001Gettysburg Boro Base Station
461001Littlestown Boro Base Station
462001McSherrystown Boro Base Station
463001New Oxford Boro Base Station
464001York Springs Boro Base Station
465001Berwick Township Base Station
466001Butler Township Base Station
467001Conewago Township Base Station
468001Cumberland Township Base Station
469001Franklin Township Base Station
472001Germany Township Base Station
473001Hamilton Township Base Station
476001Huntington Township Base Station
477001Latimore Township Base Station
478001Liberty Township Base Station
479001Menallen Township Base Station
482001Mount Pleasant Township Base Station
483001Oxford Township Base Station
484001Reading Township Base Station
484201Reading Township Portable ?
485001Straban Township Base Station
485201Straban Township Portable 3
486001Tyrone Township Base Station
487001Union Township Base Station
559201Gettysburg Parking Department 1
559202Gettysburg Parking Department 2
559203Gettysburg Parking Department 3
559204Gettysburg Parking Department 4
5953201Gettysburg Area School District
5953204Gettysburg Area School District
5953205Gettysburg Area School District
5953206Gettysburg Area School District
5953208Gettysburg Area School District


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