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Alleghany County (VA)

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Codes/Units/Station Lists

Alleghany County Fire & EMS Stations

  • Alleghany County dispatches on 39.500 as well as 800 and uses multiple PL tones on 39.5 including 110.9, 114.8, 127.3, 141.3 and sometimes none. 110.9 covers the west end while 141.3 is used on the east end of the county. The others cover the rest. The 800 dispatch channels use 67.0.
  • Alleghany County Fire and Rescue Dept. units now use special communications channels for contact between their units and lifeflight helicopters. Channels are referred to as "Warm Springs Helicopter Channel" or "East Helicopter Channel." West is referred to as "Peter's Mountain Helicopter Channel" or "West Helicopter Channel"

461.725 is East and 461.825 is west, both use 100.0 for the PL.

Company 1 - Iron Gate

Company 1 provides a First Responder service.

  • Wagon 1
  • Engine 1
  • Tanker 1
  • Truck 1
  • Iron Gate now has their own Rescue Squad which covers East End including backing up Rescue 1's areas.

Company 2/Rescue 1 - Clifton Forge

Rescue 1 covers calls in Clifton Forge, Iron Gate, Selma, Sharon, and Valley Ridge area. Rescue 1 covers all areas east of about the 17 MM on I-64. Company 2 is now being dispatched on all Rescue 1 calls in the city of Clifton Forge. Same as Engine 51 was always dispatched with Squad 51 on Emergency.

  • Ladder 2
  • Truck 20
  • Truck 21
  • Engine 24
  • Engine 25
  • Crash 14
  • Ambulance 15
  • Ambulance 16
  • Ambulance 17
  • Support 1
  • Response 1

Station 3 - Covington

Covington has two fire stations.

  • Utility 20
  • Engine 21
  • Engine 22
  • Engine 23
  • Truck 24
  • Engine 26
  • Command 1
  • Command 2
  • Command 3
  • Car 34
  • Ambulance 35
  • Ambulance 36
  • Ambulance 37
  • Crash 39

Station 4 - MeadWestvaco

Station 4 primarily covers the MeadWestvaco paper mill, but also provides backup to Covington and the surrounding area.

Station 5 - Boiling Springs

Station 6 - Dunlap

Dunlap has two fire stations.

  • Engine 6
  • Pumper 6
  • Squad 6
  • Brush 6
  • Utility 61
  • Ambulance 62
  • Brush 63
  • Tanker 64
  • Ambulance 65
  • Ambulance 67
  • Tanker 68

Station 7 - Falling Spring

  • Pumper 7
  • Tanker 7
  • Squad 7
  • Rescue 74

Company 8 - Sharon

Sharon has two fire stations. Company 8 provides a First Responder service.

  • Tanker 8
  • Engine 80
  • Attack 81
  • Engine 82
  • Brush 83
  • Engine 84
  • Utility 85
  • Rescue 87
  • Support 8

Company 9 - Selma

  • Brush 9
  • Engine 90
  • Engine 91
  • Utility 92
  • Engine 93
  • HazMat 94
  • Station 9 has added an EMS element to their station. Referred to as EMS 9. Unsure as to nature of or type of rescue equipment or personnel. Also has added "First Responders" to their station. (Actual type of call dispatched)

Alleghany County Sheriff Information

  • Alleghany County Sheriff, City of Covington and Clifton Forge are back full time on Analog and have completely dropped the digital Nexedge system. Nexedge never worked right as its a POS and they finally gave up on it thankfully.
  • All comms in the entire county are analog as of 8/18/2016.
  • Radios have been provided to at least some VSP units that I would imagine would be those who work in the area regularly.
  • The rescue squads and possibly fire dept. vehicles have 450 radios in their units although they still use the open 800 and 39.5 channels for fire/ems comms. Mostly this allows MA with Rockbridge and Botetourt.
  • Alleghany county SO appears to have fully working computers in their units now with which they get dispatched on as well as additional information on calls. This means quite a few calls go out over these computers rather than on the radio. More go out by phone. The Sheriff is a real pain in the a$$ about people listening in to radio traffic which is why he wanted that Nexedge crap so badly.
  • It seems they are trying to get pagers or cell phone texting set up for the Fire/Rescue dispatches. Another attempt to keep people from monitoring radio traffic.
  • It also appears that they have put up multiple towers around the county or something of the like as they often tell units to switch towers beyond just the old two. Handheld coverage has dramatically increased and improved. The units using HTs are often the ones told to switch towers with impressive results. They also have some type of voting system in place although it doesn't seem to work very well as noted above.
  • Bottom line this has reduced monitorable radio traffic in this area.
  • Alleghany county is looking to go P25 P1 in the future and has hired a communications consulting firm to plan it. The firm gave their report on it several months ago and are moving ahead from there. The proposal favored is a seven site simulcast P25 Phase 1 system. As usual they are doing it half-a$$ed. The full report stated an eleven site system would provide the most and best coverage but the extra couple million was complained about and the seven site model was selected even though it would only provide somewhere between 60-70% coverage. Not to mention simulcast out here will be very bad. They declined a regional P25 system in conjunction with Rockbridge and Bath as well as a local system incorporating Bath in it. From the looks of it in the story it will utilize existing UHF frequencies.

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