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Bayfield County (WI)

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Welcome to the Bayfield County Wisconsin collaboration article. This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for your area.


Unit Numbers


- All communications are to be in clear text, but some still use the unit numbers which are shown in parenthesis.

  • Barnes Ambulance (EMS 21)
  • Bayfield Ambulance (EMS 31 and 32)
  • Great Divide Ambulance 1 and 2 (EMS 41 and 42) -- a one paramedic ALS service
  • Iron River Ambulance 1 and 2 (EMS 51 and 52)
  • Mason Ambulance 1 and 2 (EMS 61 and 62)
  • Red Cliff Ambulance (EMS 71)
  • South Shore Ambulance (EMS 81)
  • Washburn Ambulance 1, 2, and 3 (EMS 91, 92, and 93)
  • Ashland Fire Department provides intercepts for the BLS units and also covers a portion of the county. They identify with their normal Med callsigns, Med 2, Med 4....
  • Most personnel identify with their level of training and either last name, or initials such as:
First Responder Smith
  • Numbers within their respective decades are sometimes used for personnel, as in the case where EMS 54 is used by the Iron River ambulance director.

Fire Departments

  • The fire departments use only clear text. Dispatch internally views the departments as one entity so most communications take place such as "Iron River Fire to Dispatch, we are enroute." Internal and inter-department communications may use the department name, the specific apparatus, or the individuals name.

Law Enforcement

  • 200's - Bayfield County Sheriff
  • 300's - Washburn Police
  • 400's - Bayfield Police
  • 500's - Iron River Police
  • 900's - Red Cliff Police
  • BR##'s - Reserve Sheriff Deputies
  • BC##'s - Town Constables


  • 800's and 250-299 - CCO's (Civilian Communications Operators), Jail Personnel, Coroner, Deputy Coroners, and Emergency Management

Pager Tones

  • Standard timing of 1 sec, 3 sec

Fire and EMS

Barnes Amb/Fire634.5707.3
Wisconsin DNR746.8810.2
Bayfield Amb746.8600.9
Bayfield Fire855.5810.2
Cable Fire569.1483.5
Cornucopia Fire669.9788.5
Drummond Fire569.1510.5
Grandview Fire746.8788.5
Great Divide Ambulance879.0788.5
Iron River Fire/Amb707.3746.8
Mason Fire/Amb767.4688.3
Namakagon Fire879.0634.5
Port Wing Fire810.2457.9
Red Cliff Fire/Amb457.9767.4
South Shore Amb810.2433.7
Washburn Amb600.9688.3
Washburn Fire746.8855.5


Washburn Public Works746.8510.5


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