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Benton County (IA)

-- Benton County Fire Tone Out Motorola Quick Call 2 1+1 154.400MHz --

  • Atkins Fire & EMS Group Call 339.6hz
  • Atkins Fire & EMS 1st A)399.8 B)339.6 2nd A)378.6 B)339.6
  • Blairstown Fire Set 1 A)617.4 B)584.8 Set 2 A)445.7 B)339.6
  • Blairstown Ambulance Set 1 A)445.7 B)321.7 Set 2 A)445.7 B)524.6
  • Garrison Fire Set 1 A)422.1 B)378.6 Set 2 A)422.1 B)339.6 Set 3 A)422.1 B)358.6
  • Garrison First Responders A)422.1 B)378.6
  • Keystone First Responders A)600.9 B)634.5
  • Montour First Responders A)651.9 B)584.8
  • Mount Auburn Fire Set 1 A)422.1 B)359.6 Set 2 A)422.1 B)378.6 Set 3 A)422.1 B)339.6
  • Newhall Fire Long Tone 928.1hz
  • Newhall First Responders A) 879.0 B)928.1
  • North Benton Ambulance A)339.6 B)358.6
  • Norway Fire A)524.6 B)470.5
  • Rescue 6 A)339.6 B)399.8
  • Shellsburg Fire A)358.6 B)445.7
  • Shellsburg First Responders Set 1 A)358.6 B)470.5 Set 2 A)358.6 B)496.8
  • Urbana Fire A)524.6 B)445.7
  • Watkins Fire A)470.5 B)445.7
  • Van Horne Fire and First Responders Set 1 A)422.1 B)321.7 Set 2 A)422.1 B)524.6
  • Vinton Fire A)339.6 B)422.1

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