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Cambria County (PA) Transit Authority Unit IDs


Urban Division

Portables (mainly Supervisor and Above Units)

  • Portable 2 - Road Supervisor/Operations Supervisor/New Driver Trainer - Formerly Dispatcher Use (Same Person) (see Note 1) [Verified]
  • Portable 3 - Urban/Senior Operations Manager - Formerly Inclined Plane Assistant (Buildings & Grounds Maintenance) - Formerly Buildings & Grounds Assistant who is now 123 [Verified]
  • Portable 4 - Urban Mechanics/Technicians [Verified]
  • Portable 5 - Dispatcher Use (See Note 1) - Former Operations Manager who was the former Operations Supervisor/Road Supervisor and before that Dispatcher/Supervisor who took over Portable 9's jobs][Verified]
  • Portable 6 - Transit Services Supervisor - Formerly Director of Marketing and Planning (Formerly Operations Manager and before that Dispatcher/Supervisor Use by another person) [Verified]
  • Portable 7 - Currently Director of Safety, Security, & Risk Management (Retired Director of Operations, Safety, Security, & Risk Management [Verified]
  • Portable 8 - Director of Operations (Formerly Operations Manager)[Verified]
  • Portable 9 - Rural Operations Supervisor - was Purchasing/Service Manager (Now called Parts/Service Manager) (Maintenance) Now is P129 - Originally was Retired Road Supervisor/Operations Supervisor
  • Portable 10 - Appears to be temp or misc unit as nobody stays at this num, also was used by Ebensburg Senior Center for a while in the Rural Divsion by Aging Agency. (As of July 2013 the Ebe Sen Cen unit no longer exists).
  • Portable 11 - Dispatcher/Supervisor Use (Assistant Road Supervisor) (See Note 1) - (Note: As stated above, this is the unit who IDed as 10 before.)
  • Portable 12 - Dispatcher/Supervisor Use(See Note 1)
  • Portable 13 - Referenced Randomly Twice - Never Heard 2/15
  • Portable 123 - Buildings & Grounds Assistant - Was 3 New 1/13 [Verified]
  • Portable 124 - Ebensburg Mechanics/Technicians - New as of 1/13
  • Portable 125 - TC Custodians - New as of 1/13
  • Portable 126 - B&G Laborer
  • Portable 127 - Maintenance & Procurement Director (Mechanics/Garage (Portable 4/124) and Buildings & Grounds)[Verified]
  • Portable 128 - Buildings & Grounds Supervisor (Building Maintenance and Grounds Keeping) [Verified]
  • Portable 129 - Not in Use 2/15 - Was Purchasing/Service Manager (Job Split into two jobs now, Parts/Service Manager and Procurement/Compliance Specialist) Was 9 [Verified]
  • Portable 130 - Inclined Plane Assistant (Buildings & Grounds) (more likely) OR Procurement/Compliance Specialist (Possibly Backup Maintenance Director) [Speculation]

    • Note 1: Dispatcher Use is when a Dispatcher goes on the road (each has their own number) to do road detour work or some special assignment (normally special events like parades).

Other (non-Portable) Units

  • Dispatch - Dispatcher in Woodvale Garage
  • Bus Stop Stop - Person working in Bus Stop Shop at Transit Center on Main St
  • Inclined Plane/Incline - Person working the Inclined Plane on Edgehill Dr
  • Front Desk - Was Customer Desk at Moxham Garage (sells bus passes and gives bus

information on phone)

  • CamTran Maintenance/Maintenance - Rural Assistant B&G


  • 101-107 - Newer 35ft buses (37ft technically)
  • 124 - Renaissance Trolleys used for Downtown Shuttle
  • 171-173 - New Orange CNG Buses 2017
  • 2xx - Buses (Rarely used except for bus replacements when nothing else is available, some training, and one used at Airport Smoke Drill 2009.) (May have all been auctioned off)
  • 5xx - Buses (35ft Buses)
  • 6xx - Buses (601 was only bus but now sold)
  • 7xx - Buses (Newer buses with Security Cameras) (30ft Buses)
  • 8xx - Buses (Newest buses with Security Cameras) (30ft Buses)
  • 900 - Hybrid Electric/Diesel Bus (May-June 2010)
  • C7 - Mechanics/Portable 4 Chevy Blazer (Auctioned Off)
  • C11 - Rural Division Ford Van that's part of Rural but also used by Urban for driver reliefs, picking up passed up passengers, and more.
  • T9 - Mechanics Truck (Rarely Heard) - First heard Feb 2011
  • T10 - Mechanics Truck (Rarely Heard)
  • T88 - Service Truck (Portable 4)
  • T89 - Maintenance Pick-up Truck (used by P123/P128)
  • T93 - Dump Truck
  • T96 - Maintenance Pick-Up (used by P4)
    • Note: Normally Rural Axx/Cxx buses are used on Rural channels but some buses stay in Johnstown (ADA) so use Urban and others (Route 30 normally) use it when in Johnstown to talk to Johnstown's Dispatch, Supervisors, or Drivers.

Common Abbreviations

  • Barn - Moxham Garage/Office - No Longer Used Since Move to Woodvale
  • Bus Stop (Shop) - Store located in the Transit Center that sells food and passes, plus contains one of the lost and founds.
  • Down - Late, i.e. 5 minutes down
  • Helper - Can either be a shuttle bus when a detour is in effect or just a bus that's covering part of a run for another driver
  • Reporter - Driver (normally new person though when doing "reverse seniority" can be an older (not age-wise) driver) that waits at the Woodwavle or Ebensburg office and responds when need for covering a run, doing a helper, and more.
  • Run - Entire slice of work given to a driver for a day
  • Trip - Single trip, i.e. 8:40AM Route #15
  • TC - Short for Transit Center, located on Main St in Downtown Johnstown
  • WC - Wheelchair

Rural Division


Starting 1/13 the Rural Division started getting Portables, check "Portables" under Urban for more info.


  • Axx - Formerly Cambria County Area Agency on Aging Buses (Now used by CamTran+ for Reserve-a-Ride and similar services)
  • Cxx - Rural Division buses except C7
  • C6 - Mechanics/Portable 124 Vehicle (also used for driver switch-outs and by Supervisors)
  • T87 - Service Truck (P124)
  • T97 - Maintenance Pickup Truck (P124)

Inclined Plane


  • Incline 1 - Believed to be Operator
  • Incline 2 - Believed to be 2nd Operator

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