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Columbia County (WI)

Pager Tones

Columbia county receive Frequency  154.14500  

Tone B Department     Tone A/B
Arlington EMS          688.3/553.9 
Cambria EMS  	       584.8/553.9         
Cambria Fire  	       584.8/726.8          
Divine Savior EMS      855.5/903.2 
Doylestown fire	       885.8/726.9 
Doylestown F.R.	       885.8/767.3 
Friesland FD 	       669.9/1185.2                 
Friesland F.R.        810.2/553.9           
Lodi EMS             1092.4/1185.2 
Lodi Fire            1092.4/1153.4			
Pardeeville Ems      1153.4/1285.8 
Pardeeville Fire     1153.4/1185.2             
Poynette FD           903.5/726.4
Poynette EMS          903.2/553.9 
Portage FD            634.5/669.9 
Rio ems               669.9/600.9 	
Rio fire              634.5/600.9 
Wyocena FD            767.4/726.8  

***all call sets off all pagers in the county***


  • Pardeeville FD 389.0/368.5(retired 1/27/12 due to non-compatibly with narrow banding)
  • Pardeeville EMS 389.0/433.7 (retired 1/27/12 due to non-compatibly with narrow banding)

Trunked Radio Systems

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