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FiRST Radio IDs


Unit Ids

The section that previously existed here identifying RID ranges for multiple Maryland, federal, county, and out-of-state agencies on multiple systems has been moved and merged here.

For all lists below: Agencies are listed alphabetically. Labels are organized by sequential numeric RID. This list will be drawn-down for agencies that do not carry vehicle-specific portable radios, as there tend to be no consistent unit IDs for those agencies (Maryland State agency IDs tend to be vehicle plate numbers). Sequence/badge IDs will not be included in the event they issue take-home radios. Please include in these categories all system-specific information for these agencies.

A list of all radio ID ranges in the State of Maryland can be found at the Maryland Statewide Trunking Interoperability Page.

Federal Agencies

Department of Homeland Security

Federal Protective Service
RID Unit Notes
1238014 3K-320


Federal Protective Service
RID Unit Notes
1238000 Federal 370
1238002 Federal RTMCTraffic Management Center?
1238004 Federal 375
1299993 Special Agent 4

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State of Maryland Departments

Department of the Environment (MDE)

Unknown MDE Units
RID Unit Notes
2157001 MDE UNK BASEPossibly ERD
2157004 MDE UNK BASEPossibly ERD
2153402 MDE UNK BASEPossibly ERD

Emergency Response Division

Emergency Response Division
RID Unit Notes
2153400 ERD 4 BASEPoss. MEMA
2153400 MEMA MJOC
2157000 ERD 4 DISPAt MEMA
2157001 ERD 4-1
2157002 ERD 4-2
2157003 ERD 4-3
2157004 "5600"
2157005 ERD 4-5
2157006 ERD 4-6 "5606"
2157007 "5607"
2157017 ERD 4-17
2157018 ERD 4-5600

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Department of General Services (DGS)

Maryland Capitol Police (MCP)

RID Unit Notes
2154000 MCP EO7Emerg. Ops
2154003 MCP EAGLE ONECommand Post
Patrol Division
RID Unit Notes
Annapolis Detachment (A)
2154002 MCP B UNIT 7Unknown
2154016 MCP A28
2154020 MCP A19
2154021 MCP Axx
2154024 MCP A11
2154025 MCP A17
2154026 MCP A51
2154027 MCP A55
2154029 MCP A40
2154060 MCP A20
2154063 MCP A31
2154063 MCP A31
2154069 MCP A16
2154073 MCP A44
2154111 MCP A31
Baltimore Detachment (B)
2154037 MCP B5
2154039 MCP B6
2154041 MCP B14
2154051 MCP B35
2154055 MCP B38
2154056 MCP B34
2154059 MCP B8

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Department of Information Technology (DoIT)

FiRST Project Management Office (PMO)

PMO Testing Teams
RID Unit Notes
2125678 TEST TEAM 1
2125691 Test UnitBWI
2125692 Test UnitPMO Shock Trauma
2125701 FIRST 2110/PMO 3
2125703 FIRST 2150
2125721 Test Unit
2125725 Test Unit 51
2125730 TEST TEAM 1
2125733 TEST TEAM 1
2125736 Test Unit
2125738 Test Unit
2125741 Test Unit
2199906 Test Unit
2199979 TEST TEAM 3
2199982 Test Unit
2199983 Test Unit
2199984 Test Unit
2199999 Test Unit

FiRST Radio Maintenance

RID Unit Notes
2113527FIRST RM

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Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation

DLLR Police
RID Unit Notes
2165001 PD 01 CAPT
2165004 PD 04
2165006 PD 06
2165012 PD 24/POST 5
2165013 PD 13
2165015 PD 15
2165020 PD 20
2165024 PD 24
2165025 PD 25

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Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Natural Resources Police

NRP Communications (TAWES)
RID Unit Notes
2135500NRP TAWES
2135501NRP TAWES
2135502NRP TAWES
2135503NRP TAWES
NRP Eastern Region
RID Unit Notes
2137522NRP 281
2137539NRP 120
2137541NRP 122
2137542NRP 140
2137543NRP 141
2137554NRP 124

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Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (Corrections)

Correctional Transportation Unit (CTU)
RID Unit Notes
2149514 CTU 2 OFC
2149518 CTU 2 SGT
2149571 CTU 2 SGT
2149579 CTU 2 LT
2149632 CTU 5 SupSupervisor
2149668 CTU 2 CPL
2149694 CTU 2 OFC
K9 Unit
RID Unit Notes
2149606 MCI Jessup K9 Unit
2149608 MCI Jessup K9 Unit
2149613 MCI Jessup K9 Unit
Warrant Apprehension Unit (WAU)
RID Unit Notes
2149826 WAU 115

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Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS)

RID Unit Notes

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Maryland Military Department

So far, RIDs 21510xx-21518xx have been identified as Maryland National Guard radios and are as yet uncategorized unless otherwise listed below.

Unknown Maryland National Guard
RID Unit Notes
2151085 MNGUnk on 7736
2151088 MNGUnk on 7736

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Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)

MEMA Administration
RID Unit Notes
2152500 MEMA UNK
2152501 MEMA 22
2152501 MEMA 16
2152502 MEMA 16
2152504 MEMA 20
2152506 MEMA 15
2152545 MEMA 16
2152546 MEMA 13
2152547 MEMA 14
2152548 MEMA 15
2152549 MEMA 12
2152553 MEMA 1
2153400 MEMA 15
2153401 MEMA MJOC

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Department of State Police (MSP)

Office of the Superintendent

Criminal Intelligence Section
RID Unit Notes
2125653MSP CI116OC Bike Week

Unknown Category Units
RID Unit Notes
2124694 MSP CAR 173Unk/on BK S

Criminal Investigation Bureau

Maryland State Apprehension Team (MSAT)
RID Unit Notes
2125047 MSAT UNKUnknown poss. MSAT

Field Operations Bureau

MSP Field Operations trooper radio IDs are the same as their assigned vehicle plates: therefore portables are ID-specific and are listed here.

  • Consoles: 2127000 - 2127399
  • Portables: 2124600 - 2125999
  • Mobiles: 2128000 - 2128299

Northern Troop (NO)

Note: Barrack M patrols I-95 from the Baltimore City line (mile 60.5) to the Delaware line (mile 109) on lease from the Maryland Transportation Authority, which owns and administers the roadway.

Barrack M (JFK Highway)
RID Unit Notes
Communications ("HIGHWAY")
2127006 MSP M HWY
2127101 MSP M HWY
2127102 MSP M HWY
2124724 MSP M2
2124725 MSP M3
2124726 MSP M4
2124727 MSP M5
2124732 MSP M12/ M72?
2124735 MSP M15
2124736 MSP M SGT
2124741 MSP M22
2124742 MSP M23
2124743 MSP M24
2124748 MSP M30
2124752 MSP M34MFF 2 SL
2124753 MSP M50
2124756 MSP M38
2124758 MSP M40
2124768 MSP M40Duplicate
2124770 MSP M50
2124771 MSP M51
2124779 MSP M46/M708
2124788 MSP M7
2124827 MSP M38
2128001 MSP M1
2128003 MSP M3
2128004 MSP M4
2128005 MSP M5
2128007 MSP M7
2128011 MSP M13
2128013 MSP M15
2128014 MSP M16
2128015 MSP M17
2128018 MSP M21
2128019 MSP M22
2128020 MSP M23
2128027 MSP M31
2128029 MSP M33
2128030 MSP M34
2128031 MSP M31Duplicate
2128033 MSP M37
2128036 MSP M40
2128038 MSP M42
2128039 MSP M43
2128041 MSP M46
2128043 MSP M49
2128044 MSP M50
2128047 MSP M42Duplicate
2128059 MSP M11
2118099MDTA/MSP CP2Unknown JFK User

Central Troop (CE)

Barrack A (Waterloo)
RID Unit Notes
2125487MSP A LT

Eastern Troop (EA)

Barrack S (Centreville)
RID Unit Notes
2127356MSP S DISP
2127363MSP S PATCH
2127384MSP S DISP
2124676MSP S25
2124677MSP S38
2124680MSP S2
2124683MSP S31
2124688MSP S13
2124690MSP S20
2124691MSP S44
2124692MSP S32/S64
2124693MSP S3
2124695MSP S9/S17
2124696MSP S5/S15
2124701MSP S22
2124706MSP S19
2124709MSP S40
2124711MSP S28/S27
2124780MSP S8
2124815MSP S9
2124838MSP S40
2124863MSP S6
2124871MSP S11/S16
2124876MSP S31
2124886MSP S5
2124887MSP S25/S16
2125053MSP S15
2125054MSP S18
2125056MSP S16/S23
2125057MSP S32
2125058MSP S10
2125113MSP S13
2125196MSP S21
2125315MSP S28/S7/S18
2125348MSP S29/S39
2125414MSP S27
2125831MSP S17
2125832MSP S23
2125832MSP S10
2128128MSP S15
2128138MSP S1
2128139MSP S2
2128141MSP S4
2128144MSP S8
2128145MSP S9
2128149MSP S14
2128153MSP S18
2128155MSP S20
2128156MSP S21
2128157MSP S22
2128159MSP S25
2128161MSP S29
2128162MSP S30
2128164MSP S32
2128165MSP S33
2128166MSP S38
2128167MSP S39
2128168MSP S40
2128443MSP S27
Barrack I (Easton)
RID Unit Notes
2127357MSP I DISP
2127382MSP I DISP
2124698MSP I18
2124712MSP I20
2124713MSP I14
2124715MSP I52
2124722MSP I25
2124787MSP I9
2124792MSP I42
2124794MSP I31/I43
2124795MSP I22
2124796MSP I7
2124800MSP I10
2124802MSP I44
2124803MSP I13
2124806MSP I25
2124807MSP I30
2124808MSP I12
2124809MSP I33
2124816MSP I35
2124818MSP I24
2124820MSP I46
2124826MSP I16
2124933MSP I36
2124936MSP I17
2125084MSP I21
2125096MSP I41
2125168MSP I17
2125185MSP I5
2125317MSP I48
2125555MSP I49
2125859MSP I33
2128174MSP I3
2128179MSP I9
2128192MSP I23
Barrack E (Salisbury)
RID Unit Notes
2127360MSP E DISP
2127381MSP E DISP
2124819MSP E25
2124879MSP E33
2124930MSP E54
2124931MSP E13
2124934MSP E25
2124940MSP E53
2124945MSP E42
2124947MSP E16
2124953MSP E30
2124954MSP E55
2124956MSP E5
2124960MSP E14
2124961MSP E21
2124964MSP E27
2124966MSP E6
2124969MSP E11
2124972MSP E7
2125109MSP E21
2125316MSP E22
2125340MSP E35
2125601MSP E2
2125843MSP E21
2125844MSP E62
2125845MSP E28
2125846MSP E61?
2125847MSP E22
2125848MSP E55A
2128226MSP E8
2128232MSP E14
2128242MSP E24
2128247MSP E21
2128251MSP E41
Barrack V (Berlin)
RID Unit Notes
2127342MSP V PATCH
2127348MSP V DISP
2127378MSP V DISP
2127378MSP V DISP
2124941MSP V15
2124971MSP V5
2125144MSP V12
2125177MSP V12
2125588MSP V33
2125599MSP V15
2125600MSP V30
2125602MSP V24
2125603MSP V4
2125604MSP V33
2125605MSP V11
2125606MSP V13
2125608MSP V7
2125609MSP V22
2125611MSP V34
2125612MSP V26
2125613MSP V17
2125614MSP V29
2125615MSP V21
2125616MSP V32
2125618MSP V18Duty Officer
2125619MSP V31
2125620MSP V10
2125621MSP V20
2125624MSP V34
2125625MSP V25
2125626MSP V14
2128063MSP V3
2128066MSP V1
2128067MSP V4
2128070MSP V5
2128072MSP V10
2128073MSP V11
2128074MSP V12
2128076MSP V14
2128077MSP V15
2128080MSP V20
2128081MSP V21
2128082MSP V29
2128083MSP V24
2128084MSP V25
2128085MSP V26
2128086MSP V28
2128087MSP V29
2128088MSP V30
2128089MSP V31
2128090MSP V24?Unsure
2128091MSP V33
2128092MSP V34
2128262MSP V2
Barrack X (Princess Anne)
RID Unit Notes
2127380MSP X DISP
2127386MSP X DISP
2125570MSP X12
2125579MSP X14
2125580MSP X10
2125581MSP X22
2125594MSP X17
2128282MSP X5
2128283MSP X6
2128287MSP X11
2128289MSP X26
2128290MSP X14
2128291MSP X15
2128293MSP X17
2128295MSP X19
2128299MSP X23
2128301MSP X30

Special Operations Bureau

Command Units / Unknown
RID Unit Notes
2124702MSP MFF UNK
2124775MSP MFF UNK
2124895MSP SO LTSO Lieutenant (Balt Riots)
2124955MSP MFF UNK
2124985MSP CS4/CS1Either (Balt Riots)
2124994MSP MFF 1A SLSquad 1 SL
2125171MSP MFF UNK
2125186MSP SO LTSO Lieutenant (Balt Riots)
2125262MSP MFF 4 SLSquad 4 SL
2125333MSP MFF 3 SLSquad 3 SL
2125411MSP TRUCK 3/CS3 (Balt Riots)
2125551MSP SOD11
2125655MSP SO 1stSgtSO First Sergeant (Balt Riots)
2125771MSP MFF UNK
2125855MSP 1stSgtUnknown 1stSgt (Balt Riots)
2125933MSP MFF UNK
2125995MSP MFF UNK SLSquad SL
2130743MSP Tpr UNKUnk Trooper (Balt Riots)
2130746MSP CAPTUnk Captain (Balt Riots)
2130750MSP MFF UNK
2130752MSP 'Squad 2'Unk (Balt Riots)
2130754MSP MFF UNK
2130764MSP MFF UNK
2130770UNK SOD 1SOD 1- Poss MSP (Balt Riots)
2130772MSP MFF UNK
2130784MSP MFF CMDMobile Field Force Commander (Balt Riots)
Aviation Command
RID Unit Notes
384TROOPER 3Frederick
388TROOPER 4Salisbury
2130504TROOPER 1Baltimore /fm BCo TRS
2140541MSP TROOPER 4Salisbury- SYSCOM TG
2124763MSP AV9/AV27Easton?
Commercial Vehicles Enforcement Division
RID Unit Notes
2124939 MSP CS1 LTCVED Operations Lieutenant
2125037 MSP V CV88Barrack V
2125345 MSP CV121
K9 Unit
RID Unit Notes
2124699 MSP K918
2124762 MSP M K945Barrack M
2124825 MSP I K98Barrack I
2125591 MSP X K928Barrack X
2125597 MSP X K915Barrack X
2125617MSP V K96Barrack V
2128048 MSP M K943Barrack M
2128050 MSP M K930Barrack M
Motor Unit
RID Unit Notes
2124850 MSP S MTR1Barrack S
2124851MSP S MTR3/1Barrack S- 3 or 1
2124854MSP S MTR 3Barrack S
2124855 MSP S MTR2Barrack S

Support Services Bureau

Motor Vehicle Division
RID Unit Notes
2117304 MSP M MV50Barrack M
2124784 MSP M MV50?Barrack M
2128058 MSP M MV50?Barrack M

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Department of Transportation


MDOT Administration
RID Unit Notes
2120005MDOT 5
2120007MDOT UNK
2120031MDOT 16

Maryland Port Authority

  • DMT = Dundalk Marine Terminal
  • FMT = Fairfield Marine Terminal
  • SMT = Seagirt Marine Terminal
  • LPT = Locust Point Terminal
Dundalk Marine Terminal
RID Unit Notes
2120550 MPA DMT SCREENScreening
2120555 MPA DMT INBOUNDScreening
2120556 MPA DMT INBOUNDScreening
2120557 MPA DMT INBOUNDScreening
Environmental Safety and Health
RID Unit Notes
2120501 MPA ESH202 DMT
2120503 MPA ESH DMT
2120504 MPA ESH205 DMT

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Maryland Transit Administration (MTA)

MTA is responsible for operation, maintenance, and security of the MTA Light Rail, Subway, and Bus services.

MTA Communications

Formerly reporting as "KTL", MTA Communications' new callsign over the air is "TSD".

RID Unit Notes
2159455MTA CON 55
2159456MTA CON 56

MTA Police

RID Unit Notes
2159177MTAP 9N30
2159203MTAP 9N34
2159355MTAP 9S83
2159367MTAP 9N83
2159132MTAP tbd
2159142MTAP tbd
2159173MTAP tbd
2159181MTAP tbd
2159200MTAP tbd
2159216MTAP tbd
2159237MTAP tbd
2159239MTAP tbd
2159264MTAP tbd
2159269MTAP tbd
2159301MTAP tbd
2159307MTAP tbd
2159316MTAP tbd
2159333MTAP tbd
2159355MTAP tbd
2159359MTAP tbd
2159367MTAP tbd
2159368MTAP tbd
2159384MTAP tbd
2159407MTAP tbd
2159414MTAP tbd
2159422MTAP tbd
2159424MTAP tbd
2159430MTAP tbd

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Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA)

MdTAP Patrol Division issues take-home portables (2116600-2117251): these are being drawn down as they are confirmed. MdTAP mobile radios have been recorded in the 2117600-2117900 series. MdTAP Special Operations units (SOD, K9, CV) appear to have assigned/take-home vehicles. Thus, portable IDs will match vehicle/post numbers.

MdTA Unit Prefixes are:

  • B = BWI Airport Detachment
  • H = HATEM Bridge Detachment
  • I = ICC Detachment (MD 200)
  • K = KEY Bridge Detachment
  • P = PORT of Baltimore Detachment
  • T = FMT McHenry and Harbor Tunnel Detachment
  • L = WP Lane BAY Bridge Detachment
  • CV = Commercial Vehicles Unit
  • TC = Tunnel Command (Vehicle Plate Designations for FMT)
  • HQ = Headquarters
  • K9[#] = K9 Units
  • SOD = Special Operations Division
  • MRN = Marine Unit
  • MTR = Motor(cycle) Unit
  • VRT = Vehicle Removal Technician

MdTA Authority Operations Center [AOC]

AOC is MdTA's Traffic Management Center, responsible for managing all MdTA roadway traffic flows, maintenance traffic, and signboard operation. They also monitor many MdTA roadways with remote cameras.

RID Unit Notes
2116500MDTA AOC
2116586MDTA AOC
2117257MDTA AOC
2117258MDTA AOC
2117371MDTA AOC
2117372MDTA AOC
2117375MDTA AOC

MdTA Central Communications

'Communications' is universally referred to by that word, but often called "PORT" by PORT/FSK units on their TG and "STATION" by BAY units on their TG.

RID Unit Notes
2116501MDTA CON 01Hatem Bridge
2116502MDTA CON 02Port of Baltimore/Key Bridge
2116503MDTA CON 03
2116504MDTA CON 04Tunnel Command
2116505MDTA CON 05
2116506MDTA CON 06
2116507MDTA CON 07
2116508MDTA CON 08
2116510MDTA CON 10
2116511MDTA CON 11
2116514MDTA CON 14Bay Bridge
2116515MDTA CON 15

MdTA Facilities

RID Unit Notes
2116516MDTAP BAY STNBay Bridge Detachment Station
2116571MDTAP BWI SIMULCASTfrom MAA P25 system
2116582MDTA FRFLD 895Fairfield Toll, I-895 South End
2116583MDTA KEYBR 695Key Bridge, I-695
2116587MDTA BAY E SCALEBay Bridge East Weight Scales
2116939MDTA POST 3
2117285MDTA DRWBGECurtis Bay Drawbridge
2117286MDTA DRWBGECurtis Bay Drawbridge
2117708MDTA FMT POST 4
2118110MDTA BAY 309Toll Supervisor

MdTA Maintenance

RID Unit Notes
RID Unit Notes
2117286MDTA MAINT 163
2117287MDTA MAINT 161
2117288MDTA MAINT 103
2117302MDTA MAINT 106
2117304MDTA MAINT 107
2117305MDTA MAINT 118
2117306MDTA MAINT 136
2117308MDTA MAINT 141
2117309MDTA MAINT 130
2117311MDTA BHT 115/131
2117312MDTA MAINT 128
2117324MDTA 703 FMT SNWFMT Snowplow
2117328MDTA 762
2117333MDTA 702 FMT SNW
2117334MDTA 703
2117335MDTA 703 FMT SNW
2117359MDTA MAINT 302
2117360MDTA MAINT 303
2117361MDTA MAINT 309
2117363MDTA MAINT 310
2117364MDTA MAINT 306
2117366MDTA MAINT 306
2117367MDTA MAINT 309
2117368MDTA MAINT 399
2117369MDTA MAINT 300
2117370MDTA MAINT 301
2117420MDTA 408
2117437MDTA 118 BHT SNW
2117892MDTA MAINT 103
2117897MDTA MAINT 212
2117899MDTA MAINT 167
2117903MDTA 172 KEY SNW
2117904MDTA MAINT 173
2117905MDTA 174 KEY SNW
2117906MDTA MAINT 175
2117907MDTA 176 KEY SNW
2117908MDTA 177 KEY SNW
2117910MDTA 179 KEY SNW
2117934MDTA 103 BHT SNW
2117937MDTA 106 BHT
2117939MDTA 108 BHT
2117944MDTA 113 BHT SNW
2117945MDTA 114 BHT SNW
2117946MDTA 150 FMT
2117947MDTA 116/118 BHT SNW
2117948MDTA 113/117 BHT SNW
2117950MDTA 119 BHT
2117957MDTA 128 BHT SNW
2117958MDTA 129/132 BHT SNW
2117959MDTA 106/150 BHT SNW
2117961MDTA 132 BHT SNW
2117962MDTA MAINT 133
2117963MDTA 134 BHT SNW
2117964MDTA 135 BHT SNW
2117965MDTA MAINT 136
2117967MDTA 138 BHT SNW
2117968MDTA 139 BHT SNW
2118016MDTA 303
2118034MDTA 702 FMT SNW
2118035MDTA 703
2118047MDTA 723
2118051MDTA 730
2118056MDTA 735
2118057MDTA 736 FMT SNW
2118058MDTA 737 FMT SNW
2118061MDTA 740
2118064MDTA 743 FMT SNW
2118068MDTA 747
2118105MDTA 304
2118114MDTA BAY 304
2118116MDTA BAY 317
2118124MDTA BAY 829
2118197MDTA 405
2118199MDTA 403
2118212MDTA 427
2118219MDTA 465
2118222MDTA 468
2118225MDTA 471
2118233MDTA 479
2118257MDTA 427
2118258MDTA 420
2118259MDTA 523
2118261MDTA 423
2118270MDTA 432
2118274MDTA 436/466 JFK
2128052MDTA 707 JFK
2128053MDTA 708 JFK
Vehicle Removal Technicians
RID Unit Notes
2116620MDTA VRT 822 P
2116999MDTA VRT 800
2117350MDTA VRT 844
2117352MDTA VRT 820/826
2117353MDTA VRT 3 821
2117354MDTA VRT 828
2117360MDTA VRT 303
2117372MDTA VRT 829
2117373MDTA VRT 807/803
2117374MDTA VRT 829/803
2117379MDTA VRT 805
2117918MDTA VRT 803 BAY
2117920MDTA VRT 814 BAY
2117978MDTA VRT 815
2118082MDTA VRT 813
2118084MDTA VRT 817
2118085MDTA VRT 819
2118086MDTA VRT 821
2118087MDTA VRT 823
2118088MDTA VRT 824
2118089MDTA VRT 826
2118090MDTA VRT 828
2118091MDTA VRT 834
2118092MDTA VRT 836
2118093MDTA VRT 837
2118094MDTA VRT 838
2118095MDTA VRT JFK SUPJFK VRT Supervisor
2118097MDTA VRT 849
2118098MDTA VRT 822
2118127MDTA VRT 807 BAY
2118188MDTA VRT 839

MdTA Police

MdTA Police, especially Patrol, issues portables in the range 2116600-2117300. These portables are assigned to individual officers. As showing them here would require tagging them with officers' badge numbers, these will not be individually included in the wiki.

RID Unit Notes
2117620MDTAP HQ11
2117622MDTAP HQ53
2117634MDTAP HQ63
2117635MDTAP HQ19
2117649MDTAP HQ54
2117664MDTAP HQ47
2117655MDTAP HQ20
2117717MDTAP OPS6
2117735MDTAP HQ61
2117736MDTAP OPS15
2117737MDTAP OPS17
2117751MDTAP OPS12
Patrol Division
RID Unit Notes
BWI Airport Detachment
2116600-2117300 ALL PORTABLES
2117840MDTAP B7
2117846MDTAP B13
Hatem Bridge Detachment (US40)
2116600-2117300 ALL PORTABLES
2117872MDTAP H2
2117873MDTAP H3
2117875MDTAP H5
2117876MDTAP H6
2117877MDTAP H7
Inter-County Connector Detachment (MD200)
2116600-2117300 ALL PORTABLES
2117850MDTAP I1
2117851MDTAP I3
Key Bridge Detachment (I695)
2116600-2117300 ALL PORTABLES
2117601MDTAP K2
2117602MDTAP K4
2117603MDTAP K1
2117604MDTAP K3
2117605MDTAP K5
2117606MDTAP K7
2117607MDTAP K10
2117608MDTAP K11
2117609MDTAP K12
2117610MDTAP K13
2117612MDTAP K15
2117678MDTAP K14
Lane Bay Bridge Detachment (US50)
2116600-2117300 ALL PORTABLES
2117813MDTAP L5
2117814MDTAP L6
2117815MDTAP L7
2117816MDTAP L8
2117817MDTAP L9
2117818MDTAP L11
2117819MDTAP L12
2117820MDTAP L15
2117821MDTAP L16
2117822MDTAP L17
2117823MDTAP L18
2117824MDTAP L20
Port of Baltimore Detachment
2116600-2117300 ALL PORTABLES
2116752-2116755MDTAP PORT
2116757-2116783MDTAP PORT
2116816-2116822MDTAP PORT
2117667MDTAP P1
2117669MDTAP P4
2117670MDTAP P5
2117671MDTAP P6
2117672MDTAP P7
2117673MDTAP P8
2117674MDTAP P9
2117675MDTAP P10
2117676MDTAP P11
2117678MDTAP P14
2117679MDTAP P15
2117680MDTAP P16
2117681MDTAP P17
2117682MDTAP P18
2117779MDTAP P4?
Tunnel Command Detachment (I95/I895)
2116600-2117300 ALL PORTABLES
2117688MDTAP TC10
2117692MDTAP TC42
2117778MDTAP TC2
2117779MDTAP TC1
2117780MDTAP TC6
2117781MDTAP TC7
2117782MDTAP TC8
2117785MDTAP TC11
2117786MDTAP TC12
2117787MDTAP TC14
2117788MDTAP TC15
2117789MDTAP TC16
2117790MDTAP TC17
2117791MDTAP TC18
2117792MDTAP TC19
2117793MDTAP TC20
2117794MDTAP TC21
2117795MDTAP TC29
2117797MDTAP TC34
2117798MDTAP TC35
2117799MDTAP TC36
2117800MDTAP TC37
2117801MDTAP TC38
2117802MDTAP TC39
2117803MDTAP TC40
2117804MDTAP TC41
2117805MDTAP TC42
2117806MDTAP TC43
2117807MDTAP TC44
2117808MDTAP TC45
2117809MDTAP TC46
Special Operations Divison
RID Unit Notes
2117716MDTAP SOD29
2117717MDTAP SOD36
2117719MDTAP SOD5
2117720MDTAP SOD43
2117722MDTAP SOD7
2117723MDTAP SOD2
2117724MDTAP SOD11
2117725MDTAP SOD13
2117726MDTAP SOD28
2117728MDTAP SOD46
2117729MDTAP SOD30
2117731MDTAP SOD8
2117733MDTAP SOD21
2117736MDTAP SOD9
2117744MDTAP SOD26
2117746MDTAP SOD35
2117748MDTAP SOD32
2117752MDTAP SOD42
2117760MDTAP SOD52
2117764MDTAP SOD56
2117777MDTAP SOD37
Commercial Vehicles Unit
2117415MDTAP CV1
2117695MDTAP CV18
2117698MDTAP CV8
2117699MDTAP CV5
2117700MDTAP CV29
2117701MDTAP CV7
2117704MDTAP CV3
2117705MDTAP CV6
2117706MDTAP CV19
2117707MDTAP CV20
2117708MDTAP CV22
2117710MDTAP CV24
2117711MDTAP CV25
2117712MDTAP CV30
2117825MDTAP CV21
K9 Unit
2117769MDTAP K915
2117770MDTAP K913
2117771MDTAP K94
2117772MDTAP K914
2117773MDTAP K916
2117775MDTAP K912
2117776MDTAP K91
2117777MDTAP K917
2117827MDTAP K98
2117830MDTAP K918
2117833MDTAP K96
2117836MDTAP K92
Marine Unit
2117887MDTAP MRN1Vessel Radio
2117889MDTAP MRN3Vessel Radio
2117890MDTAP MRN4Vessel Radio
Motor Unit
2117639MDTAP MTR5
2117725MDTAP MTR1
2117745MDTAP MTR3
2117749MDTAP MTR5
2117750MDTAP MTR7
Training Division
RID Unit Notes
2116809MDTAP TRN 1H

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State Highways Administration

Headquarters/Communications: The Statewide Operations Center (SOC) located in Hanover, MD, provides communications services for CHART and other district-level dispatched units statewide. Various Traffic Operations Centers (TOCs) for different events and high-congestion areas are set up permanently or temporarily as needed in communications centers around the state.

Statewide Operations Center
RID Unit Notes
2119981SHA SOC
2119984SHA SOCDistrict 4
2119985SHA SOCDistrict 4
2119986SHA SOCDistrict 4
2119991SHA SOCDistrict 4
2119992SHA SOCDistrict 4
Traffic Operations Centers
RID Unit Notes
2118546SHA CHART TOCDistrict 4
2119988SHA D5 TOCDistrict 5
2119996SHA D3 TOCDistrict 3
2119997SHA D3 TOCDistrict 3
2119998SHA D4 TOCDistrict 4
2119999SHA D4 TOCDistrict 4
Headquarters/Statewide Units
RID Unit Notes
2199996SHA 6on 8129
2121098SHA HQ 9004
2121103SHA HQ 9005

District 1

District 1 covers Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester Counties.

District Units (CHART, etc)
RID Unit Notes
2120782SHA 9103
2120820SHA 9102
2120862SHA 9101
2120864SHA 9103
2120865SHA 9101
Shop Units (Construction, Maintenance)
RID Unit Notes
2119919SHA 1401Snow Hill
2119920SHA 1401Snow Hill
2120810SHA 1320Cambridge
2120814SHA 1324Cambridge
2120832SHA 1434Snow Hill
2120833SHA 1437Snow Hill
2120837SHA 1431Snow Hill
2120839SHA 1430Snow Hill
2120842SHA 1416Snow Hill
2120843SHA 1422Snow Hill
2120844SHA 1426Snow Hill
2120869SHA 1305Cambridge
2120870SHA 1307Cambridge
2120874SHA 1407Snow Hill
2120879SHA 1410Snow Hill
2121451SHA 1406Snow Hill

District 2

District 2 covers Caroline, Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne's, and Talbot Counties.

District Units (CHART, etc)
RID Unit Notes
2120887SHA 9201
2120944SHA 9203
2121006SHA 9203
Shop Units (Construction, Maintenance)
RID Unit Notes
2119908SHA 2201Centreville
2120896SHA 2204Centreville
2120897SHA 2209Centreville
2120898SHA 2210Centreville
2120900SHA 2230Centreville
2120938SHA 2037D2 Unk Unit
2120972SHA 2224Centreville
2120973SHA 2226Centreville
2120978SHA 2236Centreville
2120979SHA 2241Centreville
2120985SHA 2250Centreville
2120988SHA 2253Centreville
2120989SHA 22 CVLCentreville Shop
2120998SHA 2320Easton
2121010SHA 23 ESTEaston Shop
2121457SHA 22 CVLCentreville Shop

District 3

District 3 covers Montgomery and Prince George's Counties.

District Units (CHART, etc)
RID Unit Notes
2119834SHA 9309
2119858SHA 9316
2119863SHA 9305
2121106SHA 9302
2121109SHA 9305
2121112SHA 9308
Shop Units (Construction, Maintenance)
RID Unit Notes

District 4

District 4 covers Baltimore and Harford Counties.

District Units (CHART, etc)
RID Unit Notes
2118588SHA 9410
2118588SHA 9415
2119841SHA 9403
2119843SHA 9409
2119846SHA 9402
2119847SHA 9410
2119854SHA 9411
2119861SHA 9413
2119862SHA 9406
2119873SHA 9407
2119875SHA 9416
2119876SHA 9414
2119877SHA 9439
2119881SHA 9408
2119886SHA 9415
2119888SHA 9401
2121123SHA 9400
2121124SHA 9401
2121125SHA 9402
2121126SHA 9403
2121127SHA 9404
2121130SHA 9407
2121132SHA 9409
2121133SHA 9410
2121134SHA 9411
2121135SHA 9412
2121136SHA 9413
2121137SHA 9413Duplicate, Poss 9414
2121138SHA 9415
2121139SHA 9416
2121140SHA 9439
Shop Units (Construction, Maintenance)
RID Unit Notes

District 5

District 5 covers Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary's Counties.

District Units (CHART, etc)
RID Unit Notes
2121097SHA 5665Unknown C/S Type
2121142SHA 9500
2121143SHA 9501
2121144SHA 9502
2121145SHA 9503
Shop Units (Construction, Maintenance)
RID Unit Notes

District 6

District 6 covers Allegany, Garrett, and Washington Counties.

District Units (CHART, etc)
RID Unit Notes
Shop Units (Construction, Maintenance)
RID Unit Notes

District 7

District 7 covers Carroll, Frederick, and Howard Counties.

District Units (CHART, etc)
RID Unit Notes
2118600SHA 9701
2119833SHA 9703
2119860SHA 9711
2121150SHA 9703
2121153SHA 9706
Shop Units (Construction, Maintenance)
RID Unit Notes

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University System of Maryland

University of Baltimore
RID Unit Notes
Police Department
2114514UBPD 14
2114515UBPD 39
2114518UBPD 39

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Maryland Counties

Kent County

RID Unit Notes
2490001KC COMM
2490002KC COMM
2490008KC COMM
Fire Department
RID Unit Notes
2480175KCFD REP 3 Rescue Pumper
2480200KCFD TNK 3 Tanker
2480421KCFD AMB 7
2480424KCFD AMB 71
Sheriff's Office
RID Unit Notes
2480565 KCSO K8
2480571 KCSO K10
2480572 KCSO K11
2480579 KCSO K15
2480581 KCSO K916
2480585 KCSO K17
2480596 KCSO K23
2480599 KCSO P12
2480634 KCSO C62
2480640 KCSO C56
2480646 KCSO C62
2480679 KCSO R73
  • 24807xx = KCSO Detention Center Units [which ones?]

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Queen Anne's County

Emergency Services
RID Unit Notes
2542608QACO 911Comm Center
Emergency Services
2542585QACO ESSelf ID as "Emergency Service"

Talbot County

Emergency Services
RID Unit Notes
2600212 Chief 61
2600264 Tanker 74
2600265 Tanker 74 Portable
2600324 Brush 56
2600326 Engine 52
2600345 Utility 57
2600347 Engine 51
2600357 Rescue 61
2600363 Tanker 74
2600367 Paramedic
2600368 EMS 2
2600377 Paramedic

Worcester County

Ocean City

Emergency Services
RID Unit Notes
2681203OCEAN CITYConsole 03
Police Department
RID Unit Notes
2688843SHOP 843Vehicle 843

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General Pool/Loan Radios

RID Unit Notes
2170228PSP LTBalt Riots
2170282PSP TprBalt Riots
2170288PSP 3 SQD3rd Squad - Balt Riots

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Talkgroup ID Ranges

Just as with the radio indentifier ranges, a pattern is beginning to emerge for a statewide talkgroup identification (TGID) strategy. Clearly, some (Prince George, St. Mary's) will need to change at some point to fit the statewide plan.

Range Start (Range End) Agency/User System Notes
19003 Prince George County PG Co headed for a change?
10016010 St. Mary's County St. Mary's Co headed for a change?
54015672 Frederick County Fred Co
7101 8591State of Maryland FiRST
9001 9323Baltimore City BC P25
94109865 Baltimore County BCo P25
1030110370 Carroll County Carroll
1050110858 Harford County CMARC
1280112821 Kent County FiRST
1332813580 Washington County Wash Co

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