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Frederick County (MD) Fire


Station Listing

Station Number Department Apparatus
1 Independent Hose Co. RE11, E12, TWR1, T1, B16, A18, A19, ATRSUP1, CAN1, U1, U1-1
2 Junior FC E22, E23, RS2, A28, A29, BS2, BT2, M2, U2, C2, C2-1
3 United Steam Engine FC E31, ET34, RS3, B35, A38, A39, ATV3, U3, D3, C3, C3-1
4 Citizens Truck Co. TR41, TR42, AU4, U4, C4
5 Brunswick VFD E51, RE52, TR5, T5, B55, U5, C5, C5-1, C5-2, C5-3
6 Vigilant Hose Co. E63, ET64, TWR6, RS6, B65, A68, A69, U6, C6
7 Middletown VFD E72, RE74, T7, B75, A78, A79, WILDLAND7, U7, C7
8 Myersville VFD E82, RE83, B85, A89, U8, C8
9 New Midway VFD E94, T9, B96, U9
10 Guardian Hose Co. RE101, E102, ET104, RS10, B105, B106, AU10, U10
11 Walkersville VFD E111, ET114, Q11, B116, U11, C11, C11-1
12 Braddock Heights VFD E121, E122, B125, A129, U12, C12, MCSU12, MASCAS12
13 Rocky Ridge VFD E132, E133, ET134, B135, B136, SU13, U13
14 Carroll Manor VFD E141, Q14, RS14, B145, A148, BT14, BS14, U14, C14, C14-1
15 New Market District VFD E152, RE153, B156, RS15, A159, BT15, U15, C15, C15-1, C15-2, C15-3
16 Woodsboro VFD E161, E162, RS16, A169, DIVE16, BT16, U16
17 Libertytown VFD RE171, E172, T17, B175, B176, A179, M17, U17
18 Graceham VFD E183, ET184, B185, SU18
19 Brunswick Vol. Ambulance & Rescue Co. RS19, A197, A198, A199, BT19, BT19-1, SUP19, U19, ATV19
20 Jefferson VFD E201, ET204, RS20, B205, A209, M20
21 Wolfsville VFD RE211, ET212, B215, B216, SU21, U21, C21
22 Lewistown VFD E221, ET224, T22, B225, B226, A229, SU22, U22, WILDLAND22, BAT902
23 Urbana VFD E231, E232, ET233, TWR23, B235, B236, A238, A239, M23, U23, U23-1, C23
24 Walkersvile Vol. Rescue Co. RS24, A247, A248, A249, U24, ATV24
25 New Market District VFD Green Valley Sub-Station ET254, B255, A259
28 Carroll Manor VFD Point of Rocks Sub-Station E281, B285, A289, ABT28
30 Lewistown VFD A307, A308, A309, M30, U30, ATV30
31 United Steam Engine FC Westview Sub-Station E311, A319, U31, ATV31, M31, SFT901
33 United Steam Engine FC Spring Ridge Sub-Station E331, A339, HIRT33, DECON33, SUP33, BAT901
50 Fort Detrick FD E501, E502, TR50, A509, SOPS50, HIRT50, ATV50, U50
51 Camp David FD E511, E512, B515, A518, A519, C51
100 ALS Headquarters M1, EMS901
DFRS DFRS Headquarters FD1, FD2, FD100, FD101, FD102, FD103, FD104, FD105, FD106, FD107, FD108, FD109, FD110, FD126, FD127, FD128, FD236, FD237, FD238, FD239, FD240, FM901, FM902, FM903, FM904


Abbreviation Definition
A Ambulance
ABT Air Boat
AU Air Unit
ATRSUP Advanced Techinical Rescue Support Unit
ATV All-Terrain Vehicle
B Brush
BAT Battalion Chief
BT Boat
C Chief
CAN Canteen
D Duty Officer
DIVE Dive Support Unit
E Engine
EMS EMS Duty Officer
ET Engine Tanker
HIRT Hazmat Unit
MASCAS Mass Casualty Unit
MCSU Mass Casualty Support Unit
M Medic
Q Quint
RE Rescue Engine
RS Rescue Squad
SFT Safety Officer
SOPS Special Ops
SU Special Unit
SUP Support Unit
T Tanker
TR Truck
TWR Tower
U Utility
WILDLAND Wildland Support Unit


Abbreviation Definition
FDx 1 represents the Director of Fire rescue, 2 represents the Director of Volunteer Fire Rescue
FD10x Battalion Chief
FD11x-12x EMS Lieutenant
FD23x-FD240 Training
FM90x Fire Marshal

Station Tones

Station A Tone B Tone
Co. 12 Fire 348hz 1295hz
Co. 22 EMS 495hz 847hz
ALS 20 495hz 2063hz
ALS 30 495hz 1976hz

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