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GA Department of Public Safety (GA)


Georgia State Patrol (GSP)

Current Listing in RRDB

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
458.48750        RM    GSP PAC-RT U GSP Mobile Extender UHF (Old)  FM  Law Talk 
154.68000  154.80000   KA5323   BM  CSQ  GSP 1 Disp Ch.1 GSP Dispatch  FM  Law Dispatch 
155.91000  155.19000   KIB671   RM  192.8 PL  GSP 9 C Rptr Ch.9 GSP Troop C Repeater  FM  Law Dispatch 
154.80000          GSP 7 Mobile Ch.7 GSP Mobile  FM  Law Talk 
154.11500      WQI348   BM    GSP Jekyll GSP Jekyll Island  FM  Law Dispatch 
765.43750        RM  156.7 PL  GSP PAC-RT 7 GSP Mobile Extender 700 MHz 1  FM  Law Talk 
156.22500        BM  192.8 PL  GSP 11 HOV Ch.11 GSP Atlanta HOV Lane Enforcement  FM  Law Tac 
773.03750        RM  156.7 PL  GSP PAC-RT 7 GSP Mobile Extender 700 MHz 2  FM  Law Talk 
155.46000      KNGG959   BM    Gov Mansion Governors Mansion Security  FMN  Law Dispatch 

Old RRDB Screenshot Showing GSP Channel Lineup with Duplicated Frequencies


Frequencies No Longer Listed in the GA DPS DB

Freq (mHz)     Current RRDB Listing(s)
----------     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
 154.9050      GA Common/Shared: Statewide Sheriff's Network
 154.9350      GA Common/Shared: Statewide Sheriff's Network Mobile
 155.4750      Interoperability: VLAW31, Public Safety: National Law Enforcement Common
 155.3700      Public Safety: Law Enforcement Intersystem
 155.7525      Interoperability: VCALL
 151.1375      Interoperability: VTAC11
 154.4525      Interoperability: VTAC12
 158.7375      Interoperability: VTAC13
 159.4725      Interoperability: VTAC14
 169.5375      Interoperability: National Calling / Operations 5

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