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George County (MS)

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Welcome to the George County, Mississippi collaboration article. This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for your area.


General Information

  • All law enforcement use the Mississippi Wireless Integrated Network (MSWIN) for primary communications. They also use VHF analog for backup.
  • Primary Fire/EMS communications is VHF, but there are at least a few personnel with MSWIN radios as well.

Mississippi Wireless Integrated Network (MSWIN)

019 (13) Lucedale 770.206250 770.456250a 770.706250a 770.956250c 772.831250

020 (14) Benndale773.581250 773.831250 774.081250a 774.331250a 774.581250a 774.831250c

018 (12) Vancleave769.168750 769.418750 769.668750 769.918750 770.168750a 770.418750a 770.668750a 770.918750c

George County Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
31705  7bd9  20 SO 1  Sheriff 1 
31707  7bdb  20 SO 2  Sheriff 2 
31709  7bdd  20 SO 3  Sheriff 3 
31711  7bdf  20 SO 4  Sheriff 4 
31725  7bed  20 SDPD  School District Campus Police 
31805  7c3d  20 LPD 1  Lucedale Police Department 1 
31807  7c3f  20 LPD 2  Lucedale Police Department 2 
31851  7c6b  20 LFD/EMS  Lucedale Fire/EMS 

Trunked Radio Systems

Public Safety / Services

Codes and Signals

  • J1 - Enroute to...
  • 10-2 - Officer/Situation is Okay (same as 10-43 in most other agencies)

Mailing Lists

Wiki Articles

External Links

George County Sheriff's Department


Mississippi Counties

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