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Grundy County (MO)


Grundy County

Grundy County Code Locations

  • 401 Emergency Services Complex (Fire Dept Bldg)
  • 405 - Wright Memorial Hospital
  • LEC Law Enforcement Center

Unit IDs

100 Trenton Police Chief
100's Trenton Police
100's Galt Fire Department
235 Trenton Fire Chief
220 Grundy Rural Fire Chief
299 Grundy County EMA Director
200's Trenton and Grundy Rural Firefighters
300's Spickard Fire
500's Laredo Fire
891-899 Grundy County S.O.
  • Note 1: Some departments reshare Numbers, example, Galt fire chief is "Galt 101"
  • Note 2: Rural departments typically ID as "Rural Pumper 1" or "Spickard Brush Truck 1"
  • Grundy County Roads and Bridges - WQPU355 - 453.15 Mobiles (NFM at Trenton)
  • Sullivan County Public Water Supply District #1 - 457.4 Fixed Data (at Trenton)


  • please move to statewide RID page
1036423 Grundy County Health Department Base Unit
1049111 Grundy County 911 PSAP Dispatch
1176002 Grundy County EMA Portable
Grundy County EMA P2 Portable
Grundy County EMA P3 Portable
Grundy County SO Mobile

911 Repeaters

  • Grundy County 911 consists of two repeaters on 154.235.
  • West Repeater is on a tower in Trenton, with an east and west remote recievers voted.
  • East Repeater is on a tower near Galt as a stand alone system.
  • Both Repeaters output 154.235 with a 186.2 PL; each use different PL tones on the input.
  • Galt Fire is dispatched by both Grundy and Sullivan Counties over Galt Repeater

Tac Channels

  • TAC1 = VFIRE21
  • TAC2 = VFIRE22
  • TAC3 = VFIRE23
  • TAC4 = VFIRE24

154.2800 [VFIRE21] GC FG1 Fireground 1 154.2650 [VFIRE22] GC FG2 Fireground 2 154.2950 [VFIRE23] GC FG3 Fireground 3 154.2725 [VFIRE24] GC FG4 Fireground 4 154.2875 [VFIRE25] GC FG5 Fireground 5 154.3025 [VFIRE26] GC FG6 Fireground 6


  • Trenton School District R9 - KB64828 - 154.515 Mobiles


  • George Farms 151.580 Base/Mobile (S Pickard) KIP415
  • Ulrich Farms 150.935 Base/Mobile (11K at Laredo) WPNT541

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