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Horry County Data

This article is about the Horry County Public Safety Trunked Radio System. For information about other systems active in Horry County, please see the Horry County (SC) wiki article.

The Horry County system is an six-site simulcast, analog, county-wide, 800 MHz trunked radio system. Primary users of the system are Horry County Fire/Rescue, Horry County Police Department, as well as other cities' fire and police departments within the county. Use of this system by the SC Highway Patrol is common during special events. Police and fire departments in adjacent counties also use the system during mutual aid and emergencies inside Horry County.

The Horry County system has five simulcast towers located along the coastal regions for improved building penetration in more urban areas. However, on the western half of the county, there is only one tower located outside of Loris. This results in some areas, especially wooded areas along the Little Pee Dee having poorer portable reception. Extremely rural areas may have no indoor reception. If you are in rural Horry County and experience issues receiving indoors, it's suggested to try an outdoor 800mhz antenna.

The county is committed to maintaining and upgrading the radio system. The budget has been approved for upgrades to the system beginning in 2011, lasting several years, including making the change to Project 25 (APCO "P-25") digital. Most police departments already have mobile and portable radios which are capable of using P25 digital. It is not expected that the transition to digital is imminent, but it will surely be taking place slowly over the course of the next few years. Therefore, please take the transition to digital into consideration when planning your next long-term scanner purchase(s).

Until then, the county's system will remain exclusively analog.



Horry County Fire/Rescue

Horry County Fire Rescue is toned and dispatched on the primary dispatch talkgroup (talkgroup 48016). This dispatch talkgroup is simulcast (in analog, standard FM) on 154.40000 MHz. The dispatch talkgroup is used only for station/personnel alerting. Responding units contact dispatch as described below to go enroute.

HCFR Battalion Map

Three tac talkgroups are used by units to acknowledge calls and contact dispatch. Each tac talkgroup correspond to their respective battalion assignment.

Primary tac talkgroups are as follows:

  • Tac 1 (48080) - Battalion 1: Northern section of the county, including the North Myrtle Beach, Little River, and Loris areas.
  • Tac 2 (48112) - Battalion 2: Southern section of the county, including the Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Socastee, and Garden City areas, as well as eastern portions of Conway and Carolina Forest.
  • Tac 3 (48144) - Battalion 3: Northern section of the county, including much of the city of Conway and the Aynor/Galivants Ferry areas.

A fireground/incident tac talkgroup will be assigned for certain operations which generally require coordination among a large number of responding units. For example, units responding to a structure fire will be assigned what's usually referred to as a "tac channel" (properly called a fireground/incident talkgroup.) Fireground operations will take place on the assigned tac channel. Dispatch does not generally monitor incident tac channels, and any time a unit needs to contact dispatch, their respective dispatch channel (tac 1-3) will be used. Other communications (coordinating attack, water shuttles, etc.) will be done on the tac channel.

Incident/Fireground tac talkgroups are as follows:

  • Tac 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: General fireground operations.
  • Tac 9: Generally reserved for wildfire and brush fire operations. May be used for some fireground operations.
  • Tac 10: Reserved solely for helicopter operations.
  • Tac 11: Generally reserved for HAZMAT and technical operations. May be used for some fireground operations.

Note: In August 2011, HCFR switched from several talkgroups in the 7xxx to 9xxx range to new talkgroups in the 48xxx range. The old 7-9xxx talkgroups are no longer used for any purpose. These new talkgroups are listed here. Old talkgroups can still be found in the database, however, these never see regular use.

The Horry County Fire/Rescue Website contains lots of information about HCFR. A list of all Horry County Fire/Rescue stations, with pictures, can be found on their website's station list.

Other Local Fire/Rescue Departments

Myrtle Beach Fire Department is dispatched on talkgroup 12816 and fireground and incident coordination is on Fireground 1 or 2 (12880 and 12912 respectively). The units number are in the 600 series and Horry County Medics also cover the City of Myrtle Beach (Medic 30 and 36) and are toned out on HCFR's dispatch. Most incidents are toned out on both county and city channels due to mutual aid protocols.

North Myrtle Beach Public Safety is a hybrid agency of police and fire units. The fire units are dispatched on talkgroup 33616 by "Firecom" and coordinate incident and fireground operations on one of their 7 fireground tac channels. Most incidents are toned out on both county and city channels due to mutual aid protocols.

North Myrtle Beach Public Safety also has a list of stations (also with pictures) on their website as well.

Conway Fire Department seems to be primarily dispatched by the county and operate on the county's tac channels. However, they do have three talkgroups that are used infrequently.

Several volunteer rescue sqauds exist in Horry County. They supplement regular Fire/Rescue operations and are generally dispatched on the HCFR talkgroups. They are usually dispatched as "basic" units, rather than "medic" units, as the county's ambulances are. The following is a list of these agencies:

  • Basic 81 - Myrtle Beach Rescue
  • Basic 82 - Horry Rescue (Conway)
  • Basic 84 - Surfside Beach Rescue
  • Basic 85 - Aynor Rescue
  • Basic 86 - Mt. Olive Rescue
  • Basic 87 - North Horry Rescue (Loris)
  • Basic 88 - North Myrtle Beach Rescue

Horry County Fire/Rescue Station List

A list of all Horry County Fire/Rescue stations, with pictures, can be found on their website's station list.

North Myrtle Beach Public Safety also has a list of stations (also with pictures) on their website as well.

A Google-maps based map, which lists all city and county stations, has also been contributed.

Station Department Location Station Department Location
1 HCFR Socastee 2 HCFR Little River
3 HCFR Bucksport 4 HCFR Forestbrook
5 HCFR Wampee 6 HCFR Finklea
7 HCFR Lake Arrowhead 8 HCFR Juniper Bay
9 HCFR Antioch 10 HCFR Ketchuptown
12 HCFR Nixonville 13 HCFR Longs
14 HCFR Shell 15 HCFR Bayboro
16 HCFR Cates Bay 17 HCFR Mt. Vernon
18 HCFR Stephens Crossroads 19 HCFR Cherry Hill
20 HCFR Scipio 21 HCFR Maple
23 HCFR University 24 HCFR Aynor
25 HCFR Mt. Olive 26 HCFR Goretown
27 HCFR Allens 28 HCFR Joyner
29 HCFR Conway HQ 30 HCFR Myrtle Beach - North
31 HCFR Surfside Beach 32 HCFR North Myrtle Beach
34 HCFR Red Bluff 35 HCFR Loris
36 HCFR Myrtle Beach - South 38 HCFR Floyds
39 HCFR Carolina Forest 40 HCFR Hickory Grove
41 HCFR Iron Springs 42 Surfside FD Surfside Beach
43 HCFR Lee's Landing 45 HCFR Carolina Bays
46 HCFR Pitch Landing 51 Conway FD Conway
52 Conway FD Conway 53 Conway FD Conway
61 Myrtle Beach FD Sta 1 - Mr. Joe White Ave 62 Myrtle Beach FD Sta 2 - N Kings Hwy
63 Myrtle Beach FD Sta 3 - S Kings Hwy 64 Myrtle Beach FD Sta 4 - Howard Pkway
65 Myrtle Beach FD Sta 5 - 79th Ave N 66 Myrtle Beach FD Sta 6 - 38th Ave N
68 Fairbluff FD Fairbluff, NC 69 Tabor City FD Tabor City, NC
71 N Myrtle Beach Sta 1 - 2nd Ave S 72 N Myrtle Beach Sta 2 - Sea Mountain Hwy
73 N Myrtle Beach Sta 3 - 33rd Ave S 74 N Myrtle Beach Sta 4 - Little River Neck Rd
75 N Myrtle Beach Sta 5 - Barefoot Resort Rd 76 MI-GC FD Murrells Inlet-Garden City
77 MI-GC FD Murrells Inlet-Garden City



The county is generally divided into four separate precincts as defined by Horry County Police. Each department may have their own separate zones as they choose. The precinct system divides the county into several areas that each have a set of dedicated talkgroups.

Each precinct (with the exception of the West precinct - see below) has a dispatch talkgroup, an alternate talkgroup, and a talkaround talkgroup.

  • Dispatch: The dispatch talkgroup is monitored by a separate radio dispatcher assigned to each precinct's set of talkgroups. By far, the vast majority of all calls are sent over the dispatch talkgroup. All HCPD officers, and most other agencies are equipped with MDCs or mobile computers in their cars. Communications is well aware that their talkgroups are not secure, and will, at times, use the officers MDCs or cell phones to dispatch very high-risk calls.
  • Alternate: During in-progress calls or situations where an officer's safety is compromised, a dispatcher will declare "10-3" and instruct all officers to move their traffic from dispatch to the alternate channel. This serves many purposes to the officers in the field and to the dispatcher. After the situation has been stabilized or found not to be an emergency, the dispatcher will lift the 10-3 and officers will move back to the precinct's dispatch channel.
  • Talkaround: Talkaround channels are not monitored by dispatch. They are used by officers to communicate between themselves in order to keep the dispatch channel free from excessive traffic. Officers are aware that the radio system is not encrypted, therefore, they will generally use cell phones or MDCs for anything sensitive if possible.

HCPD Precinct Map

The following are the geographic police precincts:

  • North: Includes the municipalities of Atlantic Beach, Little River, Longs, and North Myrtle Beach. Located along the northern coast. North Myrtle Beach PD has their own separate set of talkgroups listed in the database.
  • South: Includes the municipalities of Carolina Forest, Myrtle Beach, Socastee, and Surfside Beach. Located along the southern coast. Myrtle Beach PD has their own separate set of talkgroups listed in the database.
  • Central: Includes the city of Conway. Located in the central portion of Horry County and includes central areas around Conway as far south to the county line, and north to Hwy 22. Conway PD is dispatched on the Central talkgroup, see below.
  • West: Dispatched on North talkgroup. Includes the municipalities of Aynor, Galivants Ferry, and Loris. The west precinct is the largest by total land area. Aynor PD, Atlantic Beach PD, and Loris PD are dispatched on the North talkgroup - See below.

Notes about the West talkgroups: Officers in the West precinct use the North talkgroups as their routine dispatch. The West talkgroups are no longer used as a dispatch channel for any precinct. They are, however, used during special events. The west talkgroups (primarily West Dispatch and West Talk) may be used by officers in any part of the county, not just the West precinct. The database does not specify this and the labeling may make it unclear. Several agencies, including Highway Patrol, have been noted to use the West talkgroups for special event usage.

Atlantic Beach Police Department

Atlantic Beach Department is a very small department that serves the Town of Atlantic Beach. Atlantic Beach is located in the North precinct. ABPD units are dispatched on the HCPD North talkgroups (64528) using unit numbers from 925 (chief) to 929.

Atlantic Beach PD has its own set of talkgroups listed in the database, however, given the very small size of the town (about 0.2 sq. mi. or four blocks), it's not expected that they ever see any use, even during special events.

Atlantic Beach has recently seen very drastic changes to the town's governing structure, including its police department, and additional changes are likely due to the state of the town, so changes to unit numbers, hours of operation, etc. are to be expected.

Aynor Police Department

Aynor Police Department is a small department for the Town of Aynor, located in the West precinct. As with the rest of the West precinct, Aynor is dispatched on the North set of talkgroups (64528). Aynor Police uses standard unit call numbers that range from 900 (chief) to 909.

Aynor PD has its own set of talkgroups listed in the database, however are not used. It is reported that they are used during the annual Aynor Harvest Hoedown, however during the 2011 festival, no use was noted on any of the dedicated Aynor Talkgroups. Rather, the communications during the festival took place on the West talkgroups, as noted above.

Aynor PD is a 24/7 full service police department which answers calls for service inside town limits. The Aynor officers very frequently assist HCPD officers around the West precinct, and vice versa, as needed.

Briarcliffe Acres Police Department

Briarcliffe Acres is a tiny, primarily retirement-oriented, community located between North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach along the coast. The police department is very small, consisting only of the Chief. Due to the size, it is impractical that radios be used. Accordingly, the Briarcliffe Acres talkgroups have remained silent.

Conway Police Department

Conway Police Department is a medium sized department that serves areas inside city limits of the City of Conway.

In July 2011, Conway PD consolidated their dispatch with Horry County. They are now dispatched on the HCPD Central Dispatch talkgroup (64016) alongside county units. Conway's unit numbers begin with "C" in the format of Cxxx, where xxx is the officer's badge number. For example: C900, read over the air as "Conway 900" or "C900".

Conway also has its own wiki page here.

Loris Police Department

Loris Police Department is a small department for the Town of Loris, located in the West precinct near the North precinct's western border. As with the rest of the West precinct, Loris is dispatched on the North set of talkgroups (64528).

Loris officers' unit numbers begin with "L" in the format of Lxx, where xx is the officer's badge number. Unit numbers in the L50 to L60 range have been noted. Loris is a smaller department and only has a handful of officers. Example: L51, read over the air as "Loris 51" or "L51".

Loris PD has its own set of talkgroups listed in the database, however are no longer used as of Summer 2012. It's unclear if these will be used for special events or other purposes.

Other Local Police Departments

For information on Aynor, Atlantic Beach, Briarcliffe Acres, Loris, or Conway PDs, please see above. Other departments, including Coastal Carolina University DPS, Myrtle Beach Police Department, North Myrtle Beach Public Safety, Surfside Beach, and possibly others operate on their own set of talkgroups. Please see the database page for a full listing of each department's set of talkgroups.

Police Unit Numbers

The following is a summary of badge numbers used by HCPD and several other area agencies. HCPD badge numbers are not confirmed. If you have corrections to be made, feel free to edit this page or post to the South Carolina forum.

  • 100-350: HCPD Supervisors
  • 350-699: HCPD Patrol Officers
  • 900-909: Aynor Police - Dispatched on HCPD North talkgroup. See above.
  • 925-929: Atlantic Beach Police - Dispatched on HCPD North talkgroup. See above.
  • B xx: Briarcliffe Acres Police - Units beginning with the letter B are Briarcliffe Acres Police units. See above.
  • C xxx: Conway Police - Units beginning with the letter C are Conway Police units. Conway PD is dispatched on the HCPD Central talkgroup. See above.
  • L xx: Loris Police - Units beginning with the letter L are Loris Police units. Loris PD is dispatched on the HCPD North talkgroup. See above.

Radio ID's

Radio ID's for the HCPD generally match up with the unit callsign, so Unit 652, his Radio ID would 50652, and most Admin on the HCPD Admin TG can have a 2- digit or 3- digit Radio Id, EX. 25,59 etc.

Horry County Sheriff's Office

Horry County Sheriff's Office's (HCSO) operations are unique to the area. HCSO is not the primary call-responsive agency in the unincorporated areas of the county. This is a unique situation in the state. Horry County is the only county which has a county-wide police department and Sheriff's Office. Horry County Police Department is tasked with answering the vast majority of calls for service. HCSO deputies may, however, respond to calls for service, perform proactive policing, etc. at their discretion.

HCSO is responsible for all criminal warrants in unincorporated areas of the county, and routinely serves all warrants from minor offenses to high-risk searches and arrests. Deputies are also assigned to serve civil or family court papers. HCSO also operates the J. Reuben Long Detention Center (which has its own dedicated talkgroup - 304 - for internal operations) and the Horry County Government & Justice Center.

Deputies that are serving warrants or papers or patrolling use the HCPD talkgroup for the area they are assigned. Deputies assigned in the South precinct will use the South talkgroups, deputies assigned to the Central precinct will use the Central talkgroups, and those assigned to the North or West precinct will use the North talkgroup. Deputies that are performing in-county or in-state inmate transport have their own talkgroup on the statewide Palmetto 800 system - analog talkgroup 50864 - which sees regular use as the prisoner transport van makes rounds multiple times a day to smaller jails in the county.

Deputies generally appear to be assigned lower badge numbers (in the 1xx range). Deputies will occasionally identify as "Sheriff 1xx" or "Horry County 1xx".

The county jail (J. Reuben Long Detention Center - known as J. Reuben, JRL, HCDC, Horry County Detention Center, etc. on the radio) has its own talkgroup for their internal corrections operations - talkgroup 304. Horry County Government & Justice Center (courthouse) likely separate radio system for their own internal use.

Police 10-Codes

The following 10-codes are used by police departments across the county. Highway Patrol uses a separate set of 10-codes.

Code Description Code Description
10-0 Use caution 10-1 Signal weak
10-2 Signal good 10-3 Stop transmitting
10-4 Message received 10-5 Relay
10-6 Busy 10-7 Out of service
10-8 In service 10-9 Repeat
10-10 Fight in progress 10-11 Animal
10-12 Stand by 10-13 Weather report
10-14 Prowler 10-15 Disturbance
10-16 Domestic disturbance 10-17 Complainant
10-18 Complete ASAP 10-19 Return to __________
10-20 Advise location 10-21 Call by phone, Phone number
10-22 Disregard 10-23 Arrived at scene
10-24 Assignment complete 10-25 Meet up at _______
10-26 Larceny 10-27 Driver's license information
10-28 Vehicle registration information 10-29 Check warrants
10-30 Unauthorized use of radio 10-31 Crime in progress
10-32 Person with gun 10-33 Officer Emergency
10-34 Riot 10-35 Shots fired
10-36 Correct time 10-37 Suspicious vehicle/person
10-38 Traffic stop 10-39 Attempt to locate
10-41 Begin shift 10-42 End shift
10-43 Information 10-45 Dead animal
10-46 Assist motorist 10-50 Traffic accident
10-51 Tow truck 10-52 Ambulance
10-55 Intoxicated driver 10-56 Intoxicated person
10-57 Hit and run accident 10-58 Direct traffic
10-59 Escort 10-65 Drug activity
10-67 Kidnapping 10-68 Missing person
10-70 Fire-related call 10-74 Negative
10-75 Indecent exposure 10-76 Unit en route
10-77 Estimated time of arrival 10-79 Notify coroner
10-80 Pursuit in progress 10-81 Breathalyzer operator needed
10-82 Rape 10-84 Assault
10-85 Armed assault 10-89 Bomb threat
10-90 Alarm 10-91 Transport prisoner
10-92 Improperly parked vehicle 10-93 Blocked roadway
10-94 Drag racing 10-95 Suspect in custody
10-96 Mental subject 10-97 Breech of trust
10-99 Stolen vehicle

Police Signal/Codes

Horry County Police dispatch will provide suspension codes to officers making traffic stops or requesting a records check. HCPD, as well as many other departments in the state, uses the highway patrol suspension codes.

Signal Description Code Description
Signal 3 Driving Under Suspension Code D Detective referral
Signal 4 Armed robbery, business or person Code G Gone upon arrival
Signal 12 No information Code N No report
Signal 15 Out of car, radio on Code R Report made
Signal 17 Radio check Code T Ticket issued
Signal 28 Visitors present, or is radio secure to copy information Code W Warrant
Code WT Warning ticket issued Signal 31 Meal break
Code Z Unfounded


Submitting Additional Information

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  • - Official website for Horry County Fire/Rescue. This website has a list of stations, with pictures and assigned units, and other information.
  • - Official website for Horry County Police Department. This website has a map of sectors and precincts and other information.
  • - North Myrtle Beach Public Safety's official website. Contains information on NMB's police and fire/rescue department. The fire/rescue station also has a list of stations, with pictures.
  • - Myrtle Beach Fire Department's official website. Has some general information about their fire department, and the locations of each station.
  • - Myrtle Beach Police's official website.
  • - Official information, directly from the county, regarding Horry Co's trunked radio system, and other communications.
  • - Also has some good information about the Horry Co system. - Link broken. This website has either been taken down, or moved to another address. If the author of this website wishes to contribute their wonderful information to this article, it is welcome!

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