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Kewaunee County (WI)

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Welcome to the Kewaunee County Wisconsin collaboration article. This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for your area.


EMS Tones

Department A Tone B Tone
Kewaunee Rescue 726.8 553.9
Algoma Rescue 600.9 617.4
Luxemburg Rescue 617.4 767.4
Casco First Responders 553.9 1092.4
Carlton First Responders 651.9 584.8

Fire Tones

Department A Tone B Tone
Kewaunee Fire 1092.4 569.1

Unit Numbering

1xx  County Sheriff Deputies
2xx  Algoma Police
3xx  Kewaunee Police
4xx  Luxemburg Police
45x  Casco Fire
5xx  County Sheriff's Auxiliary
6xx  Algoma Fire
7xx  Carlton Fire
8xx  Kewaunee Fire
9xx  Luxemburg / Viking / Denmark Fire

"State 3xx" Wisconsin State Patrol District 3

WISCOM Information


Sites in Kewaunee County:
Algoma:  150.87500  154.80750  155.19000  155.83500  others?
Kewaunee:  154.82250  155.07000 155.31750  155.52750  155.73750
Luxemberg:  151.04000  151.37000  154.31000  154.92000  155.67000
West Kewaunee:  139.21250  139.73750  139.81250  151.23500  155.25000

Nearby sites in adjacent counties:
Brussels (Door County):	 139.16250  139.76250  151.29500  151.41500  152.00000  154.69500
De Pere	(Brown County):  139.08750  139.91250  151.07000  154.90500  155.50500

31001 KWLAW1  Kewaunee County Sheriff/Police Depts Dispatch
31002 KWLAW2  Kewaunee County Sheriff/Police Depts Ch. 2
31003 KWLAW2  Kewaunee County Sheriff/Police Depts Ch. 3
31005 KWPAGE  Kewaunee County Paging
31007 KWFIRE1 Kewaunee County Fire Dispatch
31008 KWFIRE2 Kewaunee County Fire 2
31009 KWEVENT Kewaunee County Event Channel
31011 KWCOM   Kewaunee County Common Channel
31016 KWHWY   Kewaunee County Highway Department
31022 KW?     unknown use
31025 KW?     unknown use

Conversion from Conventional to WISCOM

155.19031001Kewaunee County Sheriff 1
155.67031002Kewaunee County Sheriff 2
N/A31003Kewaunee County Sheriff 3
155.71531005Kewaunee County Paging
154.31031007Kewaunee County Fire Dispatch
154.14531008Kewaunee County Fireground
155.115?Kewaunee County Emergency Management
151.08531016Kewaunee County Highway Department
155.895?Algoma DPW
155.820?Algoma Utilities
154.860?Kewaunee DPW
453.900?Luxemberg DPW

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