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Larimer County (CO)



DTRS Information


Southern County
Downtown Loveland
Estes Park Area
Big Thompson Canyon (34)
North Central
Northern County

DTRS Talkgroups used in County

TG        ALPHA TAG            DESCRIPTION

4054 LRMR CO MA-1 Larimer County Mutual Aid-1 

4055 LRMR CO MA-2 Larimer County Mutual Aid-2 

4056 LRMR CO MA-3 Larimer County Mutual Aid-3 

4057 LRMR CO MA-4 Larimer County Mutual Aid-4 

9150 LRMR CO SO Larimer County Sheriff Dispatch 

9151 LRMR SO DATA Larimer County Sheriff Data 

9152 LRMR SO TAC3 Larimer County Sheriff Tactical-3 

9153 LRMR SO TAC4 Larimer County Sheriff Tactical-4 

9154 LRMR SO INV Larimer County Sheriff Investigations 

9155 LRMR SO SWAT Larimer County Sheriff SWAT 

9156 LRMR TRAVEL Larimer County Travel Talk Group 

9166 LRMR CORONER Larimer County Coroner 

4024 CSU PD DISP Colorado State University Police Dispatch 

4082 CSU PD TAC-1 Colorado State University Police Tactical-1 

9462 CSU PD TAC-2 Colorado State University Police Tactical-2 

121 ESTES PK MD Estes Park Medical Center EMS Talk-In 

4084 EP PD CH-1 Estes Park Police Department Channel-1 (Dispatch) 

4085 EP PD CH-2 Estes Park Police Department Channel-2   9170 EP EMS DISP Estes Park Ambulance Dispatch 

9300 EP FIRE DISP Estes Park Fire Department Dispatch 

9302 EP EVENTS Estes Park Special Events 

4029 FC PD CH-1 Fort Collins Police Channel-1 (Dispatch) 

4030 FC PD CH-2 Fort Collins Police Channel-2 (Clearances) 

4031 FC PD CH-3 Fort Collins Police Channel-3 (Car to Car) 

4032 FC PD CH-4 Fort Collins Police Channel-4 (Car to Car) 

4033 FC PD CH-5 Fort Collins Police Channel-5 (Multi-use: SWAT) 

4034 FC PD CH-6 Fort Collins PD Channel-6 (Multi-use: SWAT, Investigations) 

4045 LVLND PD CH1 Loveland Police Channel-1 

4046 LVLND PD TC2 Loveland Police Tactical-2 

4047 LVLND PD TC3 Loveland Police Tactical-3 

4048 LVLND PD TC4 Loveland Police Tactical-4   4049 LVLND PD CH5 Loveland Police Channel-5 

4050 LVLND PD CH6 Loveland Police Channel-6 

4036 LVLND FD TG1 Loveland Fire & Berthoud Fire Talkgroup-1 (Dispatch)   4037 LVLND FD TG2 Loveland Fire Talkgroup-2 

4038 LVLND FD TG3 Loveland Fire & Berthoud Fire Talkgroup-3 

4039 LVLND FD TG4 Loveland Fire Talkgroup-4 

4040 LVLND FD TG5 Loveland Fire Talkgroup-5 

4041 LVLND FD TG6 Loveland Fire Talkgroup-6 

4042 LVLND FD TG7 Loveland Fire Talkgroup-7 

4043 LVLND FD TG8 Loveland Fire Talkgroup-8 

4044 LVLND FD ADM Loveland Fire Administration 

9157 LRMR CO FIRE Larimer County Fire Departments 

9167 LRMR CO SAR Larimer County Search & Rescue 

4083 BERTH PD Berthoud PD City Channel 

4021 BRTHD FD ADM Berthoud Fire Administration 

4063 PDR FD CH-1 Poudre Fire Authority Ch. 1 Dispatch   4064 PDR FD OPS-2 Poudre Fire Authority Operations-2 

4065 PDR FD OPS-3 Poudre Fire Authority Operations-3 

4066 PDR FD OPS-4 Poudre Fire Authority Operations-4 

4067 PDR FD ADM-6 Poudre Fire Authority Administration-6 

9169 PFA RIC Poudre Fire Authority - Rapid Intervention Crew 

4068 PVH HOSP T/I Poudre Valley Hospital Talk-In-7   4069 PDR FD MED-5 Poudre Fire Authority PVH Medical-5 

4070 PVH EMS TAC1 Poudre Valley Hospital (PVH) Ambulance Tactical-1 

4071 PVH EMS TAC2 Poudre Valley Hospital (PVH) Ambulance Tactical-2 

4062 PRPRA FIRE Platte River Power Authority Fire Department   4080 WELNGTN FD-1 Wellington Fire Channel-1   4081 WELNGTN FD-2 Wellington Fire Channel-2 

100 PDR SD N BUS Poudre School District North Bus Terminal 

101 PDR SD S BUS Poudre School District South Bus Terminal 

102 PDR SD TRANS Poudre School District Transportation   103 PDR SD GRNDS Poudre School District Grounds   104 PDR SD INFSY Poudre School District Information Systems 

105 PDR SCHOOLS Poudre School District 

106 PDR SD EMERG Poudre School District Emergency/Security   4025 FC DIAL A RD Fort Collins City Transit Dial-A-Ride 

4026 FC TRANSFORT Fort Collins City Transit - "Transfort" 

4027 FC TRNS ADM1 Fort Collins City Transit Administration-1 

4028 FC TRNS ADM2 Fort Collins City Transit Administration-2 

4051 LVLND POWER Loveland Power 

4052 LVLND POWER Loveland Power 

4053 LVLND WATER Loveland Water 

4058 NCWCD ADMIN Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District Administration 

4059 NCWCD DISP Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District Dispatch 

4060 NCWCD EAST Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District East OPS

4061 NCWCD WEST Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District West Operations   4075 TRNSFORT ATG TransFort All Call   4086 COLT DISP City of Loveland Transit (COLT) Dispatch 

4087 COLT TAC City of Loveland Transit (COLT) Tac 

4088 COLT ADMIN City of Loveland Transit (COLT) Admin 

9158 LRMR CO PKS1 Larimer County Parks Channel-1 

9159 LRMR CO PKS2 Larimer County Parks Channel-2 

9160 LRMR CO RB S Larimer County Road & Bridge South 

9161 LRMR CO RB W Larimer County Road & Bridge West   9162 LRMR CO RB N Larimer County Road & Bridge North 

9163 LRMR COM COR Larimer County Community Corrections 

9164 LRMR ANCTRL Larimer County Humane Society 

9165 LRMR FAIRGND Larimer County Fairgrounds 

9168 LRMR CO FUT Larimer County Future Use 

9171 LRMR CO FUT Larimer County Future Use 

9172 LRMR CO FUT Larimer County Future Use 

9173 LRMR CO FUT Larimer County Future Use 

9174 LRMR CO FUT Larimer County Future Use 

Online Audio

State Agencies

Larimer County Law

Law Enforcement Unit IDs

Unit designators follow this format [STA ID] [Letter Designator] [Individual/Officer Number] Example: 1 Adam 999 1 indicates that it is a Fort Collins officer Adam indicates dayshift 999 is the officer number Letter designators for Fort Collins Police Services

100 - Poudre Emergency Communications Center (FCPS/PFA)
  • ADAM - Patrol Services ? Dayshift
  • BRAVO - Patrol Services ? Swing Shift
  • CHARLIE - Patrol Services ? Midnight Shift
  • DAVID - Investigative Services ? Detectives
  • EDWARD - Special Operations/Old Town Foot Patrol
  • FRANK - Trainee Officers IDA - School Resource Officers (Part of Investagative Services)
  • JOHN - Community Services Officers
  • KING - Canine Unit
  • LINCOLN - Lieutenant
  • PAUL - Patrol Services ? Power Shift
  • ROBERT - Natural Areas & Trails Rangers
  • SAM - Sergeant
  • TOM - Traffic Enforcement & Accident Investigation
  • VICTOR - Command Staff/Administration
  • YOUNG - Explorers Officer - Off-Duty Officer Letter designators for CSU PD
200 - Loveland Police Department - Communications Section (LPD/LFD)
400 - Berthoud Police Department

500 - Colorado State University Police Department
  • ADAM - Corporal
  • BRAVO - Patrol Division (All Shifts)
  • CHARLIE - Support and Events Unit
  • DAVID - Dispatcher
  • IDA - Investigations Division ? Detectives
  • KING - Canine Unit
  • LINCOLN - Lieutenant
  • PAUL - University Parking Services
  • SAM - Sergeant
  • TOM - Trainee Officers
  • VICTOR - Command Staff
  • X-RAY - Administrative Staff
  • ZEBRA - Interns Letter deignators for the Larimer County Sheriff's Office
700 - Estes Park Police Department

800 - Larimer County Detention Center

900 - Larimer County Sheriff's Office
  • ADAM - Patrol ? Dayshift
  • BRAVO - Patrol ? Swing Shift
  • CHARLIE - Patrol ? Midnight Shift
  • EDWARD - Patrol - Mountain/Town Deputies
  • FRANK - Coroner?s Office Investigators
  • IDA - Investigations
  • KING - Canine Unit
  • LINCOLN - Lieutenants
  • NORA - Corporal
  • OCEAN - Emergency Services
  • ROBERT - Reserve Deputies
  • SAM - Sergeant
  • VICTOR - Command Staff/Administration
  • X-RAY - Civil Section
  • ZEBRA - Traffic Enforcement Larimer
  • Larimer County Search & Rescue Parks
  • Larimer County Parks & Open Lands Rangers ComTech
  • Larimer County Communications Technicians Boyd
  • Boyd Lake State Park Rangers Airborne
  • CSP/DOW Fixed Wing Aircraft Wildlife
  • DOW Law Enforcement Forest Service
  • US Forest Service Law Enforcement
  • 88 - LCDC Transport Deputies

Sheriff Office Patrol Districts

  • District 1 - Wellington Area
  • District 2 - Bellvue Area
  • District 3 - Loveland Area
  • District 4 - Berthoud Area
  • District 5 - Unincorporated Areas between Fort Collins and Loveland
  • District 6 - Estes Park Area
  • District 7 - Poudre Canyon Area

Larimer County EMS Medical Response

Larimer County Fire and Rescue Data

Search and Rescue

CALLSIGNS "Larimer" L-1 Primary Duty SAR Manager L-2 Secondary Duty SAR Manager L-10 Primary Rescue Truck L-11 Secondary Rescue Truck L-20 and higher are individual SAR members ITC = In Town Coordinator "Diamond XX" =Diamond Peaks Ski Patrol

Fire Departments

Map of Fire Response areas

Rist Canyon VFD Apparatus
  • Station 1 Engine 14 (E14) Rist Canyon Engine 15 (E15) Engine 412 (E412) Engine 611 (E611) Engine 613 (E613)
  • Station 2 None
  • Station 3 Engine 433 (E433) Stove Prairie Engine 534 (E534) Engine 631 (E631)
  • Station 4 Engine 641 (E641) Whale Rock Station 5 Engine 651 (E651) Buckhorn Notes: Engines from Station 1 responds on all calls. RCVFD on has 4 Stations.

Parks and Forest Data (National, State, County)


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