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Livingston County (IL)


Livingston County Government

LivCom 911

Law Enforcement Sheriff: Patrols Campus, Chatsworth, Cornell, Emington, Flanagan, Forrest, Long Point, Odell, Saunemin, Strawn

Townships and Water Districts

Dana/Long Point/Reading/Ancona Public Water District

  • WQJF824 456.4 Mobiles (NFM Digital at Streator-Livingston, Dana-Lasalle)
156.135  159.04500   KNIM466  RM  LvstTS Road2  Livingston Township Road District
151.130      WPML765  BM  OdellTwp Rds  Odell Township Road Mainteance 
153.7475      0003814374  M  InGrvTS Road  Indian Grove Township: Roads (Rodds/Fairvbury)  FMN
154.025      WPFZ494  BM  AmityTwpRds  Amity Township Road Maintenance
156.135      WNFP294  BM  LvstTS Road2  Chatsworth Township Road Maitenance 
156.135      WPVC469  M  LvstTS Road2  Belle Prairie Township Road Maintenance
453.400  458.40000   WQCM665  RMF  NewtnTwpRds  Newtown Township Road Maintenance

Municipalities and Districts

Dwight (Village)

  • 154.10000 KTP343 BM Dwight Public Works

Dwight Fire Protection District

  • 154.40000 KNBJ842 M Fire: Local Alternate
  • 154.29500 KNBJ842 BM MABAS: Fireground (may not be 85.4 PL Blue)

Fairbury (City)

  • 154.755 KNHH956 BM Frbry Police Police: Local Alternate
  • 151.895 M Frbry Fair Fairbury Fair Association

Odell (Village)

Pontiac (City)

  • 460.225 465.225 WPGW541 RM 146.2 PL Pontiac PD Police: Dispatch (DB: LivCom)
  • 155.25 156.03 KSC671 RMF 114.8 PL Pont Police Police: Old Dispatch FM Deprecated
  • 154.340 KBV770 BM Pont EMA-VHF ESDA / Police: Local Alternate FM Multi-Tac
  • 154.995 WNWA393 BM Pont PubWrks Public Works
  • 451.125 456.12500 WPUP766 RM Pont PbWrkU1 Public Works/Utilities
  • 451.475 WPUP766 BM Pont PbWrkU2 Public Works/Utilities FM Public Works

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

County Unit IDs

Law Enforcement
"LV" - Livingston County Sheriff's Department
"Dwight" - Dwight PD
"Fairbury" - Fairbury PD
"P-Paul" - Pontiac PD

Chatsworth FPD 1500's
Cornell FD 450's
Cullom FPD 1700's
Duffy EMS 3Mary 11, 3Mary12, 3Mary14, 3Mary18
Dwight FD/EMS 1800's
Fairbury FD 240's
Flanigan-Graymont 420's
Forrest-Strawn 280's
Long Point FPD 1600's
Odell FPD 1300's
Saunemin FD 1400's
Strawn Station 280's

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