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Madison County (IL) Schools and Colleges


Schools - Public

First Student

  • (formerly Laidlaw Transit, Inc.) Based out of 17 Commercial Drive, Glen Carbon (Near IL-159) Serves School Districts: Edwardsville (w/Glen Carbon) & Collinsville (w/Maryville)
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.23500      WPWG898   BM  210.7 PL  FSBus Coll Collinsville Base: Buses/Unit-to-Unit  FMN  Schools 
155.20500        BM  136.5 PL  FSBus Col/Ed Collinsville Base/Edwardsville Base [No License]  FMN  Schools 
159.52500      WPTJ251   BM  151.4 PL  FSBus Edw1 Edwardsville CUSD  FMN  Schools 
155.17500      WPRR257   BM  162.2 PL  FSBus Edw2 Edwardsville CUSD Buses  FMN  Schools 
464.97500  469.97500   WNUD959   RM  162.2 PL  FS Bus Alton Buses (Alton)   FMN  Deprecated 
151.77500      WNZU280   BM  88.5 PL  FS Glen/GCty Buses (Glen Carbon, licensed in Granite City)  FMN  Schools 

Alton Community School District 11

  • Serves students in Alton and Godfrey
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
461.66250  466.66250   WQGT227   RM  032 DPL  AHS Mnt/Sec 1 High School: Maint/Security (D132?)  FMN  Schools 
451.35000  456.35000   WQGT227   RM  032 DPL  AHS Mnt/Sec 2 High School: Admin / Maintenance / Security (R/Simplex)   FMN  Schools 
155.17500      KNHM989   BM  100.0 PL  Alton SchOps Ops (License at 1854 E Broadway)  FMN  Schools 
155.23500        BM  100.0 PL  Alton SchSec Security Ops [No License?]  FMN  Security 
461.57500  466.57500   WNHI595   RM  183.5 PL  Alton Sch Bus 2 Buses (Datatronics License}  FMN  Schools 

  • In August 2010, Alton School District switched from First Student to ICSB.

Not in use or Not Identified

  • 461.57500 WNHI595 RM 183.5 PL Buses (Datatronics License} FMN

Bethalto Community Unit School District 8

  • CUSD #8, CUSD #10, Civic Memorial High School, Parkside Elementary, Meadowbrook
  • School Website
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.29500      KZC553   BM  731 DPL  BethSchOld2 Buses/Maintenance [Exp 12/00]  FMN  Schools 
152.39000  157.65000   WPPW739   RM  043 DPL  BethSch Ops Maintenance - Districtwide  FMN  Schools 
157.65000      WPPW739   BM  731 DPL  Beth SchOld1 Buses - Old  FMN  Schools 
151.55000      WPPW739   BM  731 DPL  Beth Sch Bus Buses (in use 9/17)  FMN  Schools 

Civic Memorial High School

  • WPPW739 5/15 add 80-4wt 467.1375, 467.4375, 467.925, 468.8375, 468.7375, 469.2625 (NFM)

Former Use

  • 155.29500 KZC553 BM 731 DPL Buses/Maintenance [Exp 12/00] FMN
  • 157.65000 WPPW739 BM 731 DPL Buses - Old FMN

Collinsville Community Unit School District 10

  • Serves: Maryville, Collinsville, Caseyville, State Park Bus service by Laidlaw Transit
  • Website
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
461.70000      WPQY683   BM    Col Sch Buses Buses (2 Bases; never heard in use)  FMN  Schools 
461.47500  466.47500     RM  100.0 PL  FS Bus Coll First Student Buses (Collinsville? used in Belleville)  FMN  Schools 
467.85000        94.8 PL  Doris School Dorris Intermediate School: Ops  FMN  Schools 

  • 6200 students, 90% ride buses in 72 routes (80 buses) (2010)
  • 461.7000 WPQY683 BM Buses (2 Bases; never heard in use) FMN

East Alton - Wood River CUSD 14 (Jr./Sr. High Schools)

East Alton Community Unit School District 13

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
152.95250  WQJR983   BM  179.9 PL  EA Sch Ops 1 Maintenance/Transportation/Security  FMN  Schools 
152.32250  WQJR983     EA Sch Ops 2 Maintenance/Transportation/Security  FMN  Schools 

Edwardsville Community Unit School District 7

  • Security officers at each of its eight elementary schools.
  • School District Website
  • High School Website
  • Over 7000 students from Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Hamel, Prairietown, Dorsey, Midway & Worden Lincoln Middle School, Liberty Middle School
  • 1/31/08 - The board accepted the bid by First Student, formerly Laidlaw Transit Inc., for the districts student transportation services contract for FY 2008/2009 through FY 2010/2011, with the option to renew for two additional years. First Student has been providing student transportation services to District 7 under the present contract for the past five years.
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
451.18750      WQEP562     ESD7 Ops15 Operations  FMN  Schools 
451.33750      WQEP562   662 DPL  ESD7 Ops7 Operations  FMN  Schools 
451.41250      WQEP562     ESD7 Ops8 Operations  FMN  Schools 
451.56250      WQEP562   351 DPL  ESD7 Ops16 Operations  FMN  Schools 
452.03750      WQEP562   243 DPL  ESD MS Ops1 MIddle School Ops (IL-157)  FMN  Schools 
452.08750      WQEP562   156 DPL  ESD7 Ops6 Operations (also D654?, D411 maintenance?)  FMN  Schools 
452.13750      WQEP562   351 DPL  ESD7 Ops5 Operations  FMN  Schools 
452.18750      WQEP562     ESD7 Ops4 Operations  FMN  Schools 
452.51250      WQEP562   606 DPL  ESD MS Ops2 Middle School Ops (Boys Restroom)  FMN  Schools 
452.63750      WQEP562     ESD7 Ops2 Operations  FMN  Schools 
452.66250  457.66250   WQEP562   RM  162.2 PL  ESD7 HS Ops1 High School: Admin/Custodial (Low Power Repeater, no license for
FMN  Schools 
452.78750      WQEP562     ESD7 Ops18 Operations  FMN  Schools 
457.08750      WQEP562     ESD7 Ops1 Operations  FMN  Schools 
461.41250      WQEP562   506 DPL  ESD7 Ops19 Glen Carbon Elementary: Ops  FMN  Schools 
463.72500      WQEP562   054 DPL  ESD7 Ops13 Operations (*pos tone)  FMN  Schools 
463.78750      WQEP562     ESD7 Ops14 Operations  FMN  Schools 
464.27500      WQEP562     ESD7 Ops12 Operations (71.9 hrd IL-159; 5/12)  FMN  Schools 
464.82500      WQEP562     ESD7 HSOps2 High School: Admin/Custodial  FMN  Schools 
466.41250      WQEP562     ESD7 Ops21 Operations  FMN  Schools 
468.78750      WQEP562   606 DPL  ESD7 Ops20 Operations  FMN  Schools 
154.57000      WPBI552     ESD7 Ops9 Operations (145 West St) [Expired]  FMN  Schools 
151.95500      WPOA810     ESD7 Ops11 Operations [Expired]  FMN  Schools 
154.60000      WPOA810     ESD7 Ops10 Operations [Expired]  FMN  Schools 
462.88750      WPPE225     ESD7 Worden3 Alternative School (Worden) [Expired]  FMN  Schools 
467.88750      WPPE225     ESD7 Worden2 Alternative School (Worden) [Expired]  FMN  Schools 
462.78750      WPQH932     ESD7 Worden1 Alternative School (Worden) [Expired]  FMN  Schools 
462.63750      FRS11   67.0 PL  GCES Ops 1 Glen Carbon Elementary School  FMN  Schools 
462.71250      FRS   CSQ  GCES Ops 2 Glen Carbon Elementary School  FMN  Schools 
464.55000        127.3 PL  ESD MS Ops3 Middle School: Admin (2016)  FMN  Schools 

  • 216.4375 CSQ is in use in the area of the middle school, sounds like a monitor of some source
  • 172.925, 172.95 or 172.975 (151.4 PL) appears to be in use at high school & middle school during bus drop-offs (UHF channel?
  • 456.8125 D223 heard in use around Edwardsville High School (11/2/11)
  • 464.275 71.9 PL heard portables? on IL-159 in Edwardsville (5/12)

Expired Licenses

  • 151.95500 WPOA810 M Operations [Expired] FMN
  • 154.57000 WPBI552 M Operations (145 West St) [Expired] FMN
  • 154.60000 WPOA810 M Operations [Expired] FMN
  • 462.78750 WPQH932 M Alternative School (Worden) [Expired] FMN
  • 462.88750 WPPE225 M Alternative School (Worden) [Expired] FMN
  • 467.88750 WPPE225 M Alternative School (Worden) [Expired] FMN

Granite City Community Unit School District #9

Former Frequencies

  • 461.20000 466.20000 WPRA518 RM 162.2 PL FS Bus GrCty First Student: Buses [No longer active? 5/12]
  • 461.80000 466.80000 WPGA437 RM 210.7 PL GCSD Buses2 Buses [Old? Expired 11/14]
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
159.52500      WPPC718   BM  151.4 PL  GRSD Buses1 First Student Buses (also Edwardsville)  FMN  Schools 
157.69500      WPPC718   218.1 PL  GRSD Ops1 Operations (heard talk about bus drivers)  FMN  Schools 
159.78000      WPPC718   127.3 PL  GRSD Ops2 Operations (possible tone, heard 159)  FMN  Schools 
160.00500      WPPC718     GRSD Ops3 Operations  FMN  Schools 
160.12500      WPPC718     GRSD Ops4 Operations  FMN  Schools 
160.20000      WPPC718   162.2 PL  GRSD Ops5 Operations (possible tone)  FMN  Schools 
152.43500  157.69500   WPPC718   RM  77.0 PL  GCSD Ops Operations  FMN  Schools 
151.74500      WPLJ638     GCSD Prather Prather Elementary [Exp 2/03]  FMN  Schools 
461.80000  466.80000   WPGA437   RM  210.7 PL  GCSD Buses2 Buses [Old? Expired 11/14]  FMN  Deprecated 
461.20000  466.20000   WPRA518   RM  162.2 PL  FS Bus GrCty First Student: Buses [No longer active? 5/12]  FMN  Schools 
464.56250      WQFJ526     GRSD Ops6 Operations  FMN  Schools 
452.72500  457.72500   WQHU720   RM  123.0 PL  GCSD D-Wide Districtwide Operations  FMN  Schools 
451.46250      WQHU720     GRSD Ops11 Operations  FMN  Schools 
451.58750      WQHU720   516 DPL  GCSD Buses Bus Operations  FMN  Schools 
456.38750      WQHU720     GRSD Ops8 Operations  FMN  Schools 
456.41250      WQHU720     GRSD Ops9 Operations   FMN  Schools 
456.46250      WQHU720     GRSD Ops10 Operations  FMN  Schools 
456.58750      WQHU720     GRSD Ops7 Operations   FMN  Schools 

Highland Community Unit School District #5

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
152.28500  157.54500   WPQJ474   BM  612 DPL  HSD5 HS Ops High School: Security/Grounds/Maintenance/Admin  FMN  Schools 
152.31500  157.57500   WPQJ474   RM  624 DPL  HSD5 ES Ops Elementary Schools: Buses / Admin / Maintenance/Security/Grounds  FMN  Transportation 
154.60000      WPQJ474     HSD5 VHF1 Statewide Events  FMN  Schools 
154.51500      WPOC539   BM    HSD5 VHF2 Operations (1800 Lindenthal)  FMN  Schools 

Site Name              
012 (C) Highland (Identified LCN)01 N/A 02 N/A 03 N/A 04 N/A 05 N/A 06 859.137500 07 N/A 
    08 N/A 09 N/A 10 N/A 11 N/A 12 N/A 13 N/A 14 858.137500 
    15 N/A 16 N/A 17 N/A 18 857.137500      
DEC Mode Alpha Tag Description
0-01-048  1stStdnt1048  First Student School Buses 
0-01-123  Laidlaw 1123  School Buses [G&P R08,LD01] 
0-01-148  Laidlaw 1148  School Buses [G&P R06,R14,R18,R20;LD01] 
0-02-118  Durham 2118  Durham School Services: School Buses ("Morganford") [G&P ? 859.0125 R02] 
0-02-148  Durham 2148  Durham School Services: School Buses (Morganford Dispatch "Frequency 21", Oakville, Mehlville) [G&P R02] 
0-06-230  Highland Sch  Highland School Operations/Buses  
0-18-236  school 18236  unid School Operations/Buses/Maintenance/Grounds [Shil] 

Livingston Community Consolidated School District #4

  • Grade Schools; High School students go to Staunton.

Madison Community Unit School District #12

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
467.76250      WPKG677   MCUSD12 Sec Security (Mid/High School) [Expired 2/12]  FMN  Schools 
451.93750  456.93750   WQZW778   RM  Madison Sch Bus Buses (all RIDs are 1, M# units)  DMR  Schools 

Roxana Community Unit School District #1

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.54000  KZI223   BM  151.4 PL  RoxSD Buses1 Buses (not 103.5)  FMN  Schools 
158.34000  KZI223     RoxSD Ops1 On-Campus Ops  FMN  Schools 
159.58500  KZI223   141.3 PL  RoxSD Ops2 On-Campus Ops   FMN  Schools 

Triad Community Unit School District #2

  • Serves: Highland, Marine, Troy
Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.22000  WPYD364   BM  179.9 PL  Triad School Buses / Security  FMN  Schools 

Venice Community Unit School District #3

  • Venice Lincoln Technical Center (Venice)
  • Students go to Granite City Schools

Venice Lincoln Technical Center (Venice)

Wood River-Hartford Elementary School District 15

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.17500  KZC468   BM  141.3 PL  WRHSD Buses Buses [Expired 9/12, still in use 2/16]  FMN  Schools 

Worden Public School District #16

  • Worden was absorbed into Edwardsville School District and these are expired and appear to not be in use
  • 155.17500 KQF815 BM Word Sch Op1 School Ops/Buses [Expired]
  • 462.78750 WPQH932 M Word Sch Op2 Elementary School (Portables) [Expired 1/06]

Parochial Schools

Westminster Christian Academy Edwardsville

  • Will be relocating for 2007-08 schoo year at the modern facilities of Center Grove Presbyterian Church. (Currently Westminster Christian Academy-River Bend in Alton)
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
161.28000        BM  CSQ  Union Pac Union Pacific: Road Operations  FMN  Railroad 
161.80000        BM  CSQ  NS Road OPS Norfolk Southern: Road Operations (formerly Conrail)  FMN  Railroad 
160.65000        BM  CSQ  BNSF Ops BNSF: Road Operations (former ATSF)  FMN  Railroad 
161.40000        BM  CSQ  TPW Road TPW: Road Operations (Chatsworth, Fairbury, Forrest)  FMN  Railroad 
161.35500        BM  CSQ  Bloomer Ops Bloomer Line: Operations (Chatsworth, Strawn, Cullom)  FMN  Railroad 
160.50000  161.43000   WQJY706   RM    BlmrLine RR The Bloomer Line (Chatsworth)  FMN  Railroad 

Father McGivney Catholic High School (Glen Carbon)

  • New School will open in the fall of 2011 at an as yet undisclosed location in the Glen Carbon/Maryville area, the Diocese of Springfield announced this morning. News Link
Frequency  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
462.71250  031 DPL  Mv Chr Acad Maryville Christian Academy  FMN  Schools 

  • 3/1/08 (From Edwardsville Intelligencer) An effort to establish a Catholic high school in southern Madison County continues to gain steam as a series of town hall-style meetings has been scheduled. Area high school students currently have their choice of three Catholic high schools: Marquette in Alton, Althoff in Belleville and Mater Dei in Breese. None of those options are ideal, particularly with southern Madison County growing at such a rapid pace. The study, conducted by Stewardship for Life of St. Lucie, Fla., indicates that a school should be built near Maryville and cost between $12 million and $15 million. The school could serve between 400 and 600 students from Bethalto, Edwardsville, Collinsville, Glen Carbon, Granite City, Maryville, Highland and Troy. Initial estimates have annual tuition set at $6,000 per year per student, which is comparable to other Catholic Schools in the area. Initial projections, if donations are collected according to plan, have the school opening in 2011 or 2012.
  • Is scheduled to open in 2011 in the Catholic of Springfield Diocese
  • Website


Lewis and Clark Community College

Edwardsville Campus

  • See Frequencies on Alton Page

Godfrey Campus

  • 463.25/464.0 heard: "open dark room","check lobby for alarm" Units; J1, J3, J5 "10-19 Security" "Dispatch","Custodial"
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
463.25000  468.25000   WQCX944   RM  LCCC God Sec Security (Godfrey)  DMR  Security 
464.40000  469.90000   WQCX944   RM  LCCC Edw Sec Security (Edwardsville)  DMR  Security 
463.92500      WQCX944   LCCC SecMnt3 Unit-to-Unit (Godfrey/Edwardsville)  FMN  Schools 
464.32500      WPHT633   BM  LCCC Sec 4 Security (107.2 ?, not D263)  FMN  Schools 
166.25000      KA74803   LCCC WLCA RP WLCA: Remote Pickup for FM Station #37167  FM  Media 
464.80000  469.80000   WQCX944   RM  LCCC EA Sec Security (E. Alton)  DMR  Security 
461.40000  466.50000   WQCX944   RM  LCCC Alt Sec Security (Alton)  DMR  Security 
463.25000  468.25000   WQCX944   RM  LCCC God Mnt Maintenance (Godfrey)  DMR  Schools 
464.40000  469.90000   WQCX944   RM  LCCC Edw Mnt Maintenance (Edwardsville)  DMR  Schools 
464.80000  469.80000   WQCX944   RM  LCCC EA Mnt Maintenance (E. Alton)  DMR  Schools 
461.40000  466.50000   WQCX944   RM  LCCC Alt Mnt Maintenance (Alton)  DMR  Schools 
464.80000  469.80000   WQCX944   RM  LCCC EA Ops Ops(E. Alton)  DMR  Schools 

  • 166.25 KA74803 B WLCA: Remote Pickup for FM Station #37167 FM

SouthWestern Illinois College (SWIC)

  • See St Clair County for the Belleville Campus information
Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
462.12500  WNWY282   131 DPL  SWIC Ops 1 Operations (bases in Granite City / Red Bud)   FMN  Schools 
461.13750      SWIC Ops 2 Operations  FMN  Schools 
463.81250  WQKR340     SWIC Ops 3 Operations (in use)  DMR  Schools 
463.86250  WQKR340     SWIC Ops 4 Operations  DMR  Schools 
464.88750  WQKR340     SWIC Ops 5 Operations  DMR  Schools 
464.91250  WQKR340     SWIC Ops 6 Operations  DMR  Schools 
154.51500  WNWY282   BM  265 DPL  SWIC DPS Department of Public Safety   FMN  Schools 

Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville (SIUE)

SIUE Police Department

  • Police now using Starcom21 for their disptach & operations
  • Dispatch is "Southern" and Units are numbered
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
453.90000  458.90000   KRA569   RM  203.5 PL  SIUE Police (OLD) Police: Dispatch  FMN  Deprecated 

Athletics Department

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
451.33750  456.33750   WPXF818   RM    SIUE AthCpx2 Athletic Complex - Portables [Expired, still in use?]  FMN  Schools 
451.31250  456.31250   WPXF818   RM  662 DPL  SIUE AthCpx1 Athletic Complex - Portables (LP R) [Expired, on air 6/13]  FMN  Schools 

Housing / Maintenance / Parking

  • "Housing" Dispatch, units are single numbers "Southern" dispatch
  • 453.6 units: (portables) 1a,5,12,18,21,24,26,30,67 talking about clicic, library, campus, baseball field, gym bleachers, room 2207
  • 463.275 units: "TSA's" 92,95,96,103 talking about lots & cones "don't think about talking a "D"David until after the 16th"
  • 453.4875 D051 also heard "loud music in dorm xxx"
  • 151.775 heard unit "155" (5/08)

(464.4625 MUC Units: 7, 8, 9, 12 (8/27/08)

  • 5/11/08 - heard 451.325R D143 (Alton) simulcast/patch with 453.6R 127.3 PL (Edwardsville)
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
453.60000  458.60000   WRD893   RM  127.3 PL  SIUE Mnt/Pk1 Maintenance / Parking  FMN  Schools 
453.48750  458.48750   WPOX254   RM  051 DPL  SIUE Housing Housing Maintenance (Cougar/Prairie Hall)  FMN  Schools 
464.32500      WPGU616     SIUE FcMgmt1 Facilities Management (D263 is LCCC)  FMN  Schools 
151.77500      KNAY295   BM  146.2 PL  SIUE CmpCntr Campus Center (Cafeteria, etc)  FMN  Schools 
151.80500      WNUJ810   BM    SIUE TwrLkAp Tower Lakes Apartments [Expired 12/00] (D074 is MO school)  FMN  Schools 
453.65000  458.65000   WRD893   RM  127.3 PL  SIUE Grnd/Hs Physical Plant Maintenance (still on air?)  FMN  Schools 
464.46250  459.46250   WPZL556   631 DPL  SIUE MUC Ops Morris University Center: Operations/Maintenance ("MUC"
FMN  Schools 
466.71250      WPZL556     SIUE Mnt/Pk3 Maintenance / Parking  FMN  Schools 
463.27500  468.27500   WQAM346   RM  162.2 PL  SIUE Mnt/Pk2 Maintenance / Parking ("VIP"/Graduation)  FMN  Schools 
462.85000      WNDZ504     SIUE Paging Paging (University Center) (CSQ)  Telm  Data 
464.02500      WPGU616     SIUE FcMgmt2 Facilities Management (156.7 is StClairCo)  FMN  Schools 
464.12500      WPGU616   127.3 PL  SIUE FcMgmt3 Facilities Management  FMN  Schools 
464.22500      WPGU616     SIUE FcMgmt4 Facilities Management (other is 110.9)  FMN  Schools 

SIUE School of Dentistry (Alton)

  • Website
  • Heard on 451.325R D143 -- Portables 1,5,12,30,31,33
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
453.90000  458.90000   KGN515   RM    SADS Ops1 SIUE - Alton Dental School  FMN  Schools 
463.65000  468.65000   WQAM346   RM    SADS Ops5 Maintenance / Parking   FMN  Schools 
451.32500  456.32500   WQCH790   RM  143 DPL  SADS Ops2 Maintenance*/Security  FMN  Schools 
451.40000  456.40000   WQCH790   RM    SADS Ops3 Maintenance/Security  FMN  Schools 
452.22500  457.22500   WQCH790   RM    SADS Ops4 Maintenance/Security  FMN  Schools 
462.23750      WQAX777   131.8 PL  SADS Ops6 Maintenance/Security  FMN  Schools 
462.41250      WQAX777     SADS Ops7 Maintenance/Security (R on D065)  FMN  Schools 
464.98750      WQAX777     SADS Ops8 Maintenance/Security  FMN  Schools 

Unknown/not heard in use

  • 451.40000 WQCH790 RM Maintenance/Security FMN ( 8/18)
  • 452.22500 WQCH790 M Maintenance/Security FMN
  • 453.90000 KGN515 RM SIUE - Alton Dental School FMN ( 8/18)
  • 462.41250 WQAX777 M Maintenance/Security (R on D065) FMN
  • 463.65000 WQAM346 RM Maintenance / Parking FMN ( 8/18)
  • 464.98750 WQAX777 M Maintenance/Security FMN

SIUE East St. Louis Center

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
464.10000  469.10000   WQAM346   RM  SIUE E StL Maintenance / Parking (East St. Louis)  FMN  Schools 

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