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Marshall County (IL)


Marshall County Government

Marshall County Sheriff's Office handles dispatch for all departments in the county including police, fire, and EMS. Also, they patrol Varna, Hopewell Estates, LaRose, Camp Grove, Lawn Ridge and Sparland, as they do not have their own departments.

Municipalities and Districts

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Varna ambulance (1-T-15) is strictly a volunteer service. EMC EMS will cover that area in the event that Varna does not have personnel available.

ALL ambulance crews will respond "mutual aid" to another area if said area is out of service or on another call.

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

Sheriff Dept and municipality units (ML-x units): Sheriff's Dept --> 1-9. Henry --> 10-14. Lacon --> 15-19. Toluca --> 21 & 22. Wenona --> 23 & 24.

Ambulance Unit list: EMC(Eastern Marshall County) EMS covering Wenona and Toluca --> 1-T-11, 1-T-12, & 1-T-17. Varna Ambulance --> 1-T-15. Lacon/Sparland Ambulance --> 1-T-14. Henry Ambulance --> 1-T-13 & 1-T-16


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