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McDonough County (IL)


McDonough County Government

McDonough County Sheriff

*KD45054 - 460.2875/465.2875 - possible Mobile Extender  to 154.755/155.97
*5/13 add 453.15 Base/Mobile at Courthouse (NFM) ?? - Sheriff has Dive Operations Functional Group. 

All Sheriff portables operate on UHF.  Different PLs are used on 453.15 to the extenders in squad cars.

Sheriff NXDN Radio IDs

  • 1086 Central Dispatcher
  • 1135 MC-13 (sheriff unit)

Municipalities and Districts

Macomb (City)

  • WPND548 956.44375 for 12K Meter Data

Macomb/WIU Public Safety DMR usage notes

  • 2000 Macomb PD Dispatch 453.2500 TIME SLOT 1
  • 2001 Secondary Opts 460.1875 TIME SLOT 1
  • 2002 Unknown-Pending further investigation, exits but what purpose is unknown
  • 2003 Unknown-Pending further investigation, exist but what purpose is unknown
  • 2004 WIU OPS Dispatch 460.1875 TIME SLOT 1
  • 2005 WEMS Dispatch 460.1875 TIME SLOT 2
  • 2006 Unknown-Testing on 453.250 TS2 5/10/17, some encryption
  • 2009 Sheriff Dispatch w/ Bushnell & Colchester PDs 453.4375 TS 1

Ops and City Police can be on each others channels, however the mou/i is to coordinate activities through dispatch. Sheriffs office has access to TRBO as well as they advised they copy direct.

Macomb Radio IDs

  • 1022, 1039, 1047, 1086

Emmett-Chalmers (Township) Fire Protection District

Frequency 	 Input     	 License 	 Type 	 Tone 	 Alpha Tag 	 Description 	 Mode 	 Tag 
154.25000 	   	KMK743 	BM	100.0 PL	MCCD FD Grp1	Fire: Group 1 Dispatch - Indusrty, Adair, Litteleton, ECFPD, New Salem Fire [Ch ] 	FMN 	Fire Dispatch 
154.07000 	   	 	M	100.0 PL	MCCD FD Grp2	Fire: Group 2 Dispatch - Bushnell, Macomb, Colchester, Prarie City Fire [Ch 2] 	FMN 	Fire Dispatch 
154.38500 	   	 	M	127.3 PL	MCCD FD Blnd	{Link to} Blandinsviille Fire [Ch 3] 	FMN 	Fire-Tac 
153.77000 	   	KQW544 	M	100.0 PL	MCCD FD GHS	{Link to} Good Hope-Sciota Fire [Ch 4] 	FMN 	Fire-Tac 
155.34000 	   	 	M	100.0 PL	MERCI-1 1000	Ambulance-to-Hospital Comms [Ch 5] 	FMN 	Hospital 
155.05500 	   	 	M	CSQ	I-REACH	Statewide Interagency Mutual Aid [Ch 6] 	FMN 	Interop 
154.75500 	   	 	M	136.5 PL	McD SD OLD	{Link to} McDonough Sheriff [OLD] (RX Only) [Ch 7] 	FMN 	Law Dispatch 
147.06000 	147.76000  	 	RM	CSQ	LEAR VHF	{Link to} Macomb Amateur Radio Repeater [Ch 8] 	FM 	Ham 
154.26500 	   	 	M		IFERN	Fire: Statewide Mutual Aid/Training [Ch 9] 	FMN 	Fire-Talk 
159.04500 	   	KMK743 	BM	CSQ	ECFPD MX2	Fire: Mobile Extenders (Ch. 2) (to 154.25) [Ch 10] 	FMN 	Fire-Tac 

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

McDonough District Hospital (MDH)

By direction of OSF St Francis out of Peroria, IL)

  • EMS Units: 1W11, 1W12, 1W13, 1W17
  • WQET463 License for 72 MHz Wireless Clocks

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

Public Safety Unit Numbers

  • MC# - McDonough County Sheriff (MC-1 Sheriff, MC2-19 Deputies)
  • BV# - Blandinsville Police
  • CO# - Colchester Police
  • 14-# - State Police units. ISP troopers have direct access to MCSO frequencies

Fire/EMS Pager Tones

Schools and Colleges

Beck Bus Transportation

  • 151.5575 DMR CC=1 TG=1 RID=1 (seen on every unit)
  • RID=1 [S-85-1] seen on RID 11/13/17

Western Illinois University (Macomb)

WIU Concert Safety Corps use CP200s and are looking into upgrading their radios and possibility of getting a repeater for special events.

Western IL University Police have the ability to monitor McDonough Co. Sheriff, Local Goverment, Macomb Fire, etc with bordering municipalities in their car's and at their dispatch center.

Go West! (campus bus service) was taken over by First Student services in 5/07. Genral assumption is that they will remain on the same channel layout the exists already.

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