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McLeod County (MN)

McLeod County, Minnesota
FIPS County Number 085
County Seat Glencoe
MSP District 2240
MSP HQ City Mankato
MSP CVI District 4720
Mn/DOT District X
DNR Enforcement District X
ARMER Zone 3
EMS Region South West
FBI Division Minneapolis
FBI Resident Agency Minneapolis
McLeod County database
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Welcome to the McLeod County, Minnesota collaboration article. This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for your area.


Law Enforcement Agencies

  • McLeod County Sheriffs Office
    • [McLeod County Sheriffs Office Website]
  • Glencoe Police Department
  • Winsted Police Department
  • Lester Prairie Police Department
  • Brownton Police Department
  • Stewart Police Department
  • Silver Lake Police Department
  • Hutchinson Police Department

Fire Departments


  • Glencoe Fire
  • Winsted Fire
  • Lester Prairie Fire
  • Brownton Fire
  • Stewart Fire
  • Silver Lake Fire
  • Hutchinson Fire

Fire Radio Paging Tones

  • Paging tones on 154.41500 are 1 second/3 second timing
  • 12-31-2013 - Reconfirmed Hutch Fire, need to confirm other county departments, as the paging system was upgraded this year
AgencyPaging Freq.Tone ATone B
Hutchinson Fire154.41500688.3651.9
Hutchinson Fire Officer154.41500688.3726.8
Brownton Fire/First Responders154.41500496.8445.7
Glencoe Fire/First Responders154.41500358.6321.7
Glencoe Fire Chief154.41500358.6339.6
Lester Prairie Fire/First Responders154.41500524.6445.7
Plato Fire/First Responders154.41500378.6321.7
Silver Lake Fire/First Responders154.41500321.7496.8
Stewart Fire/First Responders154.41500445.7321.7
Winsted Fire/First Responders154.41500321.7524.6

Emergency Medical Services


  • Ridgeview Ambulance (ALS)
  • Glencoe Ambulance
  • Hutchinson Ambulance (ALS)

EMS Radio Paging Tones

  • Paging tones on 154.41500 are 1 second/3 second timing
  • Hutchinson Ambulance & Fire use 8 second timing. A tone of 349 is simulcast on 155.760 for law enforcement officers.
AgencyPaging Freq.Tone ATone B
Silver Lake Ambulance154.41500524.6496.8
Waconia Ambulance154.41500445.7524.6

ARMER Migration


  • Status - Migrated to ARMER November 2012
  • Sites and Status:
Site IDSite NameStatusLat.Long.
3-045McLeod SimulcastARMEROA.jpg44:49:58.094:16:50.7

Trunked Radio Systems

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