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NEXEDGE is a digital radio brand from Kenwood which uses the NXDN Common Air Interface. The NXDN CAI was developed jointly by Icom and Kenwood and has a following of several companies, known collectively as the NXDN Forum. The NXDN CAI uses Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA), employing a 4-level FSK modulation scheme.

Kenwood's brand for NXDN equipment is "NEXEDGE", while Icom's brand for NXDN equipment is "IDAS", or Icom Digital Advanced System.

No scanner can monitor this digital format by itself but it can be monitored using software decoders DSDPlus or DSD - Digital Speech Decoder.

Emission Designators

The following emission designators are used with NEXEDGE:

  • 8K30F1E 12.5 kHz single channel digital voice
  • 8K30F1D 12.5 kHz single channel digital data
  • 8K30F1W 12.5 kHz single channel digital voice and data
  • 4K00F1E 6.25 kHz single channel digital voice
  • 4K00F1D 6.25 kHz single channel digital data
  • 4K00F1W 6.25 kHz single channel digital voice and data
  • 4K00F2D 6.25 kHz single channel analog CW ID

Licensed NEXEDGE Systems

(This is only a partial list of businesses that are licensed to use NEXEDGE. This list includes United States licenses only. Also, see Category:NXDN NEXEDGE.)

  • ACS Associates LLC (CO) (WQBQ701)
  • Adrian & Blissfield Railroad Company (WPZX522)
  • BAE Systems (WQJT245)
  • Baycomm (PA) (WPRJ752)
  • Business Radio (WA) (WNYB759)
  • Chichester School District (PA) (WQJH444)
  • Christian Broadcasting Network (WQOA963)
  • Cougar Communications (WQJR807)
  • Detroit Connecting Railroad Company (WQNB902)
  • Dillard University (LA) (WNNI722)
  • Discovery 2000 (WQJW704)
  • Festival Fun Parks (WQNS288)
  • Florida Atlantic University (WQOE763)
  • Hochunk Casino (WQJP715)
  • Hopkinsville-Christian Co EOC (KY) (WQDP576)
  • Industrial Communications (WA) (WQPC838)
  • Jackson & Lansing Railroad Company (WQNB802)
  • Kenwood (WQNW947)
  • Kickappo Area Schools (WI) (WQIP220)
  • Mesa Unified School District (AZ) (WQKT608)
  • Peninsula Town Center (VA) (WQKX584)
  • Premcor Refining Group (WQKA640)
  • Resorts World New York (WQNV901)
  • River City Casino (WQKK459)
  • Saint Catharine College (WQNR605)
  • Sheridan County (WY) (WPKV925)
  • Subaru of Indiana (WQNZ541)
  • Sugarhouse Casino (WQLW301)
  • Tiffany & Company (WQNW854)
  • Trans Pacific Container Service (CA) (WPPT584)
  • University of Kansas Hospital (WQKT435)
  • Valero Refining (WQJV313)
  • Valley Rural Electric Co-Op (PA) (WQAB236)
  • Viera Hospital (WQNH228)
  • West Virginia University (WQNH639)
  • Mobile Relay Associates (CA) Wide Area Business Network

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