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Naval Air Station Meridian/McCain Field (KNMM) Lauderdale County (MS)

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NAS Meridian


General Information

Just 15 miles northeast of downtown Meridian lies Naval Air Station Meridian jet training facility. NAS Meridian hosts Training Wing One and training squadrons VT-7 and VT-9. The main base of NAS Meridian occupies more than 8,000 acres, with an additional 4,000 acres at Joe Williams Field and the target facility SEARAY. The size of NAS Meridian may be compared to that of other major naval air stations such as NAS Pensacola, FL, which has about 5,000 acres. More than 4,000 military, civilians and dependents work and/or live at the air station.


  • Commander, Training Air Wing ONE (COMTRAWING ONE)
Training Squadron SEVEN (VT-7)
Training Squadron NINE (VT-9)
Reserve Component
  • Naval Technical Training Center (NTTC)
  • Marine Aviation Training Support Squadron One (MATSS-1)

Training Air Wing One (TW1)

  • Tail Code - A

Training Air Wing ONE was commissioned on August 2nd, 1971. The mission of Training Air Wing ONE is to provide newly designated aviators to the fleet for further training in operational combat aircraft and is conveyed in the wing motto, "Readiness for Victory at Sea Through Training." The Wing Commander's specific mission is to supervise, coordinate, and administer the student pilot academic and flight-training program. The instructor pilot cadre at Training Air Wing ONE is comprised of men and women from almost every Navy and Marine Corps aviation community as well as several international military exchange pilots, bringing an enormous array of fleet experience to the training command. Training Air Wing ONE is also tasked with training international military aviators from countries including France, Italy, and Spain.

Training Squadron SEVEN (VT-7)

  • Callsign - TALON
  • Aircraft - T-45 Goshawk
  • Nickname - "Eagles"

The "Eagles" of Training Squadron SEVEN (VT-7) have the mission of safely and effectively training the world's finest Naval Aviators and preparing them for service and success in the Fleet. Student Naval Aviators train for approximately twelve months in the fundamentals of strike aviation. Initial flights and simulators are devoted to Instrument Flight Rules, culminating in an instrument rating. In the Familiarization stage, students learn basic aircraft maneuvering, aerobatics, and landing skills foundational to the aircraft carrier environment. Numerous multi-aircraft flights provide requisite skills in two-plane, four-plane, and night formation flying. The second phase of flight training exposes students to manual air-to-ground bombing, Tactical Formation, Air Combat Maneuvering, and Operational Navigation at low altitude. Finally, students perform Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLP) in preparation for their Carrier Qualifications (CQ). In order to become "tailhookers" and earn their Wings of Gold, students must safely complete four touch-and-go’s and ten arrested landings aboard a carrier at sea.

Training Squadron NINE (VT-9)

  • Callsign - TIGER, BOBCAT
  • Aircraft - T-45 Goshawk
  • Nickname - "Tigers"

Training Squadron NINE (VT-9)is the third naval squadron to be designated VT-9. The first VT-9 was commissioned in 1927 as a torpedo squadron, flying the Curtis T-3M Convertible Land/Seaplane. The second VT-9 was commissioned on December 15, 1961 at McCain Field, U.S. Naval Air Station, Meridian, Mississippi. On August 2, 1971, the VT-9 "Tigers" branched off to form its "sister" squadron, designated VT-19 "Frogs", and both squadrons then assumed the intermediate jet training role at Meridian. Training Squadron NINE was disestablished in July 1987 and consolidated with Training Squadron NINETEEN. On October 1, 1998, Training Squadron NINETEEN was re-designated as Training Squadron NINE and the "Tigers" were again reborn. In June 2004, the squadron completed the last Student Naval Aviator flight in the T-2C "Buckeye".

Radio Communications

Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

Primary land mobile communications uses site 2-08 of this system.

United States Department of Defense (BEE00-14C)

008 (8) Naval Air Station - Meridian380.575000a 381.012500c 381.312500 381.737500 381.925000

NAS Meridian Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
28830  709e  MER Fuel Sup  Fuel Support 
28840  70a8  MER Sec Net  Security Net 
28845  70ad  MER Pub Wks  Public Works 
28846  70ae  MER VIP Net  VIP Net 
28847  70af  MER Trans  Transportation 
28849  70b1  MER MWR/PAO  Morale, Welfare, & Rec./Public Affairs Office 
28851  70b3  MER Expert  Expert 
28857  70b9  MER Tower 3  McCain Tower 3 
28870  70c6  MER Vol Net  Volunteer Net 
28871  70c7  MER Safety  Safety 

Naval Air Station Meridian Unknown Talkgroups

TRAWING 1 Aircraft Operations

Comm Card

Common Frequencies/Local Channels (as of July 2, 2013)
01301.000NMM Clearance285.400MEM CTR -FCF
02336.400NMM Ground336.400NMM Ground
03360.200NMM TWR-Launch360.200NMM TWR-Launch
04343.700MEI Departure343.700MEI Departure
05350.250Memphis Center350.250Memphis Center
06289.900Area 1289.900Area 1
07285.200Area 2/3285.200Area 2/3
08282.100Area 4282.100Area 4
09279.200NJW Tower279.200NJW Tower
10355.800NJW Ground355.800NJW Ground
12340.200NMM Tower-Land340.200NMM Tower-Land
13328.400GCA - BTN 13328.400GCA - BTN 13
14310.800GCA - BTN 14310.800GCA - BTN 14
15323.225GCA - BTN 15323.225GCA - BTN 15
16266.800GCA - BTN 16291.675MEI ATIS
17121.900MEI Ground265.900TAC 17 - VT9
18119.800MEI Tower261.350TAC 18 - VT9
19269.600MEI App/Dep264.350TAC 19 - VT9
20351.700MEI 2 MOA271.700TAC 20 - VT9
21348.700APP - BHM & PH MOA's225.800TAC 21 - VT9
22327.075ATL CTR - PH MOA345.250TAC 22 - VT7
23280.100Pine Hill MOA371.750TAC 23 - VT7
24263.025ATL CTR - BHM MOA279.450TAC 24 - VT7
25252.900Birmingham MOA299.250TAC 25 - VT7
26362.600IR-044316.400TAC 26 - VT7
27227.825R4404342.800Maintenance Control
28308.200Tiger Base308.200Tiger Base
29342.600Eagle Base342.600Eagle Base
30290.525NMM ATIS290.525NMM ATIS

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