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Newaygo County (MI)



Gerber Memorial Health Services (Fremont)

  • WPSJ490 Mobiles on 152.945, 159.84, 159.87, 160.08 (11K)

Fire Station Designation

Station 11:  Fremont City *
Station 12:  Home Twp.
Station 13:  Grant-Ashland Township Fire *
Station 14:  Croton Twp. *
Station 15:  Big Prairie-Goodwell Township Fire *
Station 17:  Lilley Township Fire
Station 18:  White Cloud
Station 19:  Hesperia Area Fire
Station 21:  Newaygo Medical First Responders
Station 22:  Lilley Township Medical First Responders

* Fire station also serves as medical first responder base.


Newaygo County Regional Educational Service Agency

White Cloud Public Schools


Gerber Memorial Health Services (Freemont) (Spectrum Health)

  • WPSJ490 Mobiles on 152.945, 159.84, 159.87, 159.975, 160.08 (11K)

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