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Ocean County (NJ) (Project 25) Fire Radio IDs

Existing radios from the 500 MHz system will be used on the system,new radio IDs will be listed in the section below


Fire Marshals and Fire Coordinators

Radio ID User/Unit
1525001Fire Coordinator Car 13 Portable 2
1552500Fire Marshal 1901 Portable
1552501Fire Marshal 1902 Portable
1552502Fire Marshal 1940 Portable
1552503Fire Marshal 1941 Portable
1552504Fire Marshal 1942 Portable
1552505Fire Marshal 1943 Portable
1552506Fire Marshal 1945 Portable
1552507Fire Marshal 1946 Portable
1552508Fire Marshal 1947 Portable
1552509Fire Marshal 1948 Portable
1552510Fire Marshal 1949 Portable
1552511Fire Marshal 1950 Portable
1552512Fire Marshal Portable
1552514Fire Marshal Portable
1552515Fire Coordinator Car 11 Portable
1552516Fire Coordinator Car 12 Portable
1552517Fire Coordinator Car 13 Portable 1
1552518Fire Coordinator Car 14 Portable
1552519Fire Coordinator Car 15 Portable
1552520Fire Coordinator Car 16 Portable
1552521Fire Coordinator Car 11 Mobile
1552522Fire Marshal 1948 Mobile
1552523Fire Marshal 1941 Mobile
1552524Fire Marshal 1940 Mobile
1552525Fire Marshal 1943 Mobile
1552526Fire Marshal 1949 Mobile
1552527Fire Marshal 1944 Mobile
1552528Fire Marshal 1942 Mobile
1552529Fire Marshal 1946 Mobile
1552530Fire Marshal 1947 Mobile
1552531Fire Marshal 1950 Mobile
1552532Fire Marshal 1902 Mobile
1552534Fire Marshal 1901 Mobile
1552535Fire Marshal 1945 Mobile
1552536Fire Marshal Office Base Radio
1552537Fire Marshal 1907 Mobile
1552538Fire Marshal Mobile
1552539Fire Coordinator Car 15
1552540Fire Marshal Mobile
1552541Fire Marshal Mobile
1552542Fire Marshal Mobile

Beach Haven Fire Company

Radio ID User/Unit
15030011500 Mobile
1503002??? Sta. 15
1503003??? Sta. 15
1503004??? Sta. 15

High Point Fire Company (Harvey Cedars)

Radio ID User/Unit
1509001??? Sta. 51

Ship Bottom Fire Company

Radio ID User/Unit
1528001??? Sta. 46

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