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Parker County (TX)


Unidentified/Unconfirmed Frequencies

The following frequencies are not listed in the database. If you can confirm any of them please submit the information and remove them from this list.

153.9650 - Parker County Sheriff unknown use.
155.1375 - La Junta/NE Parker Co. Fire
155.6550 - Parker County Sheriff unknown use.
155.7225 PL 100.0 - Weatherford FD analog backup repeater?
158.7600 - Springtown/NE Parker Co. Fire tone-out. Unconfirmed PL 162.2.

Parker County Unit IDs

For radio IDs on the P25 trunked system see Parker County (P25) Radio IDs.

New Unit IDs Effective 10/01/2009

A4xx  PCSO Aledo Deputies (may be AISD Police?)
C3xx  PCSO Supervisors
D5xx  PC Animal Control
Exxx  PCSO ?
Fxxx  PCSO ?
Hxxx  PCSO ?
Ixxx  PCSO ?
Mxxx  PC Fire Marshal
Oxxx  PCSO Task Force
P4xx  PCSO Patrol
Rxxx  PCSO ?
Cxxx Weatherford PD Supervisors 
P1xx Weatherford PD Patrol
P3xx Weatherford PD Patrol
Txxx Weatherford PD Traffic
 2xx  Hudson Oaks PD
 4xx  Willow Park PD
11xx  Reno PD
33xx  Parker County Emergency Management?

County Fire Departments

  • Unit IDs are in the fllowing format
    • [Apparatus type]+[station number] for example Brush 99.
    • [Apparatus type]+[number]+[station number] for example Brush 299 would be Station 99's second brush truck.
    • Individuals use [station number]+[2 digit ID number] for example 9901.
Station No.Department
30Cresson VFD
34Aledo VFD
35Willow Park VFD
36Hudson Oaks VFD
39Brock-Dennis VFD
41Greenwood VFD
42Millsap VFD
43Cool-Garner VFD
44Spring Creek VFD
45Adel-Whitt VFD
46Peaster VFD
47Poolville VFD
48Springtown VFD
49Reno VFD
51La Junta VFD
52Azle FD
54Silver Creek VFD
55Central Community VFD
57Mountain River VFD

Life Care EMS

  • Station 1 Weatherford
Medic 11
Medic 12
Medic 13
  • Station 2 Springtown
Medic 21
Medic 22
  • Station 3 Willow Park
Medic 30
Medic 31

Old Unit IDs

No longer used.

 100  Weatherford College PD, Weatherford PD (Part-Time)
 300  Weatherford PD
6100  Parker County Sheriffs Dept

Parker County 10-Codes

Parker County 10-Codes
Code Description Code Description
10-1Signal Poor10-28Vehicle Reg Info
10-2Signal Good10-29Wanted/Stolen Check
10-3Stop Transmitting10-30Danger/Cancel
10-4Message Received10-31Pick Up
10-5Relay Message10-32______ Units Needed
10-6Busy10-33Emergency Traffic
10-7Out of Service10-34Time
10-8In Service10-40Detaining Subject/Expedite
10-9Repeat10-41Beginning Tour of Duty
10-10Negative10-42Ending Tour of Duty
10-12Stand By10-43Criminal History Check
10-13Road/Weather Info10-50Accident/Major-Minor
10-14Message Information10-51Wrecker
10-15Message Delivered10-52Ambulance
10-16Reply to Message10-55Intoxicated Driver
10-17Enroute10-71Officer Needs Help
10-18Urgent10-72Check Welfare At ________
10-19Return to Station10-73Advise Current Status
10-20What is your location10-81Breathalyzer Operator
10-21Public Service10-86Officer On Duty
10-22Disregard/Cancel10-95Arrest/Subject In Custody
10-23On the Scene10-96Mental Subject
10-24Assignment Completed10-97Known Offender
10-26What is your ETA10-98Criminal History Indicated
10-27Driver's License Info10-99Wanted/Stolen Indicated

Parker County / Weatherford Signals

Parker County / Weatherford Signals
1Minor Accident34Fire/Specify67Parking Violation
2Major Accident35Fire/Vehicle68Bomb Threat
3Hit And Run36Robbery69Information
4Assault37Shooting70In Suspect Presence
5Assault-Rape38Open Building71Meet Ambulance
6Assist Officer39Escort72Security Check
7Alarm40Theft73Animal Call
8Criminal Mischief41Missing Person74On Stakeout
9Burglary In Progress42Medical Emergency75Pursuit
10Burglary Investigation43Animal Bite76Breath Test
11Cutting/Stabbing44Warrant Service77Traffic Control
12Homicide45Motorist Assist78Traffic Violation
13Suicide46Traffic Hazard79Necessity Break
14Disturbance47Meet Officer80Prisoner Walk-Away
15Disturbance/Domestic48Abandoned Property81Jail Escape
16Disturbance/Civil49Abandoned Vehicle82Come to Jail-Code 3
17Coffee Break50Vehicle Inspection83Hostage Situation
18Lunch Break51Investigation84Obscenity - Person/Sign
19Disaster/Specify52Loose Livestock85Supervisory Check
20Drunk53Phone Calls86Fireworks
21Drunk In Car54Drugs87Out of Service
22Drunk Driving55Stolen Vehicle88Child Abuse
23Fight56Prisoner Transfer89Shots Fired
24Fight/Gang57Prowler90Vehicle Change-Mid Shift
25Deceased Person58Deliver Message91Beginning Duty Tour
26Mental Subject59Criminal Tresspass92Ending Duty Tour
27Hospital Call60Other93Property Impound Report
28Reckless Driving61Request Patrol94Vehicle Imound Report
29Meet Complaintant62School Crossing95Arrest/Person In Custody
30Suspicious Person63Vehicle Maintenance96Court Duty/Sign Complaint
31Suspicious Vehicle64Write Reports99Wanted/Stolen Indicated
32Person With A Gun65Local Record Check
33Officer In Trouble 66Local Warrant Check

Fort Wolters Training Center Texas Army National Guard

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