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Pennington County (SD)


Rapid City Area Radio Traffic Guide

The Rapid City area mainly utilizes the South Dakota State Digital System for radio communications. Some departments still use analog frequencies, but they are few and far in between. Pennington County Dispatch is operated by Pennington County and located in downtown Rapid City. In May of 2015 Pennington County, along with state radio dispatch moved into a new multimillion dollar dispatch facility.

EMS and Fire dispatching to Rapid City and Volunteer Fire and EMS departments in the county is done over digital text paging at 154.43000. Along with text paging volunteer department members get text messages pages direct to their cell phones.

Pennington County maintains a large system of analog repeaters in the county. These repeaters are located in Hill City (155.41500) Rapid City (155.55000) Keystone (155.61000) Bear Mountain (155.67000) and Wall (158.79000). County Emergency Management also operates one analog repeater it is located in Rapid City (154.98000).

Rapid City Police

Rapid City police conduct their main radio traffic on RCPD 1 TG 13632.

They also use channel two in times of emergency for non-emergency traffic. If you hear "10-33", that means that there is emergency traffic only on RCPD's main channel, and all other traffic will be on RCPD 2. Listed below are the main RCPD groups. Groups 1-6 may be used, but the groups listed below are the main groups.

Rapid City Police Most used groups
Group Talk Group
RCPD 1 TG 13632
RCPD 2 TG 13648
RCPD 4 TG 14016

Pennington County Sheriff

The main dispatch channel for the sheriff's office is Pennington SO 1 TG 13696.

Units may use other channels such as Pennington SO 1-4 for car-car traffic, but this is rare. Pennington County also operates a statewide prisoner shuttle. This shuttle uses Pennington SO 2 TG 13712 for their communications across the state. Pennington County Jail operates on an analog repeater on the frequency of 453.1500.

Rapid City Fire and EMS

Rapid City Fire conducts their radio traffic on RCFD 1 TG 13440. RCFD TG 1 is used for dispatching and scene communication. RCFD may use talk groups 1-5, but they usually always stay on their main talk group. For heavy working structure fires they will take their traffic to a Rapid City Fire Ground 1 (154.1750), a simplex analog frequency.

Rapid City EMS to Rapid City Regional Hospital

Traffic occurs on  Rapid City EMS to Regional ED TG 31760.

Pennington County Volunteer Fire and EMS

Main radio dispatching for Pennington County Fire and EMS departments occurs on Pennington Co Fire 1 TG 13488. 

Fire 1 also is the channel used for scene traffic. During times of high call volume fire units may also respond on Pennington Co Fire 2 TG 13504

Pennington County has three back up analog repeaters that are available for use. Zone West (154.385) Zone Rapid (154.235) Zone East (154.340) Some departments such as Hill City use Zone West for their dispatching and traffic since they are usually unable to use their digital radios due to the terrain. For scene communications at fires departments use the analog fire ground channels 1-4 (See database). Each department uses a separate channel spaced out geologically.

Fire Dispatch does usually tie in a local analog repeater when the dispatch a call on digital. If the call is in Keystone they will tie 155.6100. If the call is in Hill City or Silver City they will tie in ZONE West.

Volunteer departments and county departments that Pennington Co dispatches:

Black Hawk VFD, Box Elder VFD, Doty VFD, Ellsworth AFB FD, Hayward VFD, Hermosa VFD, Hill City VFD, Hill City Ambulance, Johnson Siding VFD, Keystone VFD, Keystone Ambulance, North Haines VFD, New Underwood VFD, Piedmont VFD, Piedmont EMS, Quinn VFD, Rapid Valley VFD, Rochford VFD, Rockerville VFD, Scenic VFD, Silver City VFD, Wall VFD, Wall EMS, Whispering Pines VFD, Penn SAR, Penn Dive Team, Fire Admin 2FC1, Emerg Managment 2EM1

Pennington County Search and Rescue

Pennington County Search and Rescue units use Pennington Co Fire 1 for their dispatching and scene communication. Search and Rescue also uses Penn SAR OP's talk group for unit-unit communication. Search and Rescue also has an analog repeater atop Seth Bullock Hill This channel is not used often, or at all.

Highway Patrol/Interagency Channels

In the Rapid City area the Highway patrol will use SRC Rapid for their dispatching and scene communications. The troopers are dispatched from either here in Rapid,from Pierre SD, or even possibly Huron, SD. Interagency or INT channels are also listed. These are programmed into every radio in the state for interagency communication

User Talk Group Area
SRC Rapid City 688 Wyoming border to 20 miles East of Rapid City
HP Rapid City Car-car 3984 Wyoming border to 20 miles East of Rapid City
Rapid City INT 1456 Wyoming border to 20 miles East of Rapid City
SRC Northern Hills 752 Wyoming Border/Spearfish Area to 20 miles east of Sturgis.
HP Northern Hills car-car 4048 Wyoming Border/Spearfish Area to 20 miles east of Sturgis.
Northern Hills INT 1520 Wyoming Border/Spearfish Area to 20 miles east of Sturgis.

Black Hills National Forest

The Black Hills National Forest covers a large part Pennington County. Many Different Fire Suppression groups have radio systems throughout the area. Federal and state fire units are dispatched through Great Plains Fire Dispatch

The central Black Hills will use TG 4800 Black Hills Fire Central for their digital activities.

Black Hills National Forest Fire Analog
Name/Location Frequency Tone
Central Bear Mtn 170.5500 136.5 Hz
Central Seth Bullock 170.5500 203.5 Hz
Central Custer Mtn 170.5500 156.7 Hz
Central Mount Rushmore 170.5500 203.5 Hz
Central Portable repeater 170.5500 127.3 Hz
Scene of Action 169.9500 131.8 Hz
Forest Net 169.1750 103.5 Hz
Rapid City Tac 168.6750 CSQ
Fire TAC 168.7750 CSQ
Air to Ground 25 168.7500 CSQ
Air to Ground 26 169.8750 CSQ
SD Nat Guard 168.6250 110.9 Hz


Pennington County hosts a number of national parks and other areas. Below are the active Federal agencies and their respective TG's or agencies.

Mt Rushmore

Mt Rushmore RARELY uses their digital TG on the state system. They most always use 170.050. Their second listed frequency can be used, but their dispatch center has to activate it. It is also Rarely used. Mt Rushmore sometimes responds incidents in Pennington County if a deputy is far away. If they do they switch to Pennington County SO TG Channel.

Wind Cave and Jewel Cave

Both of the caves mainly use their analog channels listed below. Sometimes they talk to Custer Sheriffs office on 155.1300 or Custer SO TG 20592

Badlands Rangers

The Badlands rangers mainly use Pennington County SO Digital system to talk to dispatch. They also do use their analog frequency listed below.

Federal Users
User Frequency or TG
Mount Rushmore Rangers 170.0500
Mount Rushmore Rangers 2 172.6250
Mount Rushmore Rangers Digital TG 31840
Windcave Rangers 170.0500
Badlands Rangers 169.4000
Badlands Rangers Digital Penn CO SO TG 13696
FBI Rapid City TG 1150
US Marshals Rapid TG 25744
NWS Rapid Office 4480

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