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Popular Software for GRE Scanners

When you are a newcomer, and want to use software to program and/or back up the contents of your scanner, the natural question is 'which is the best'? While it's always true that the 'best' software is in the eye of the user, generally speaking there are some packages that are much more popular than others.

Scancat Lite Plus has been visible for awhile now, and supports the new GRE scanners. However, as documented on several occasions in the various RR forums, it's not the best choice, in most cases. This article lists the most popular packages, by scanner, in use by RR members.
These packages support connecting to the RadioReference database and downloading data directly. To enable this function you must have a premium subscription which you can read about in the link.

GRE Scanner Whistler Scanner Software
PSR-100 WS1010 ARC-404 PSREdit100
PSR-200 WS1025 ARC-404 PSREdit100


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