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RP-Bellwood Sub

  • CSX Bellwood Subdivision operates on 160.5900 mhz
  • Controlled by the FB Dispatcher on 161.5200 mhz
  • Located between Richmond,VA and Bellwood,VA (14.4 miles)
  • Single Track Subdivision between Brown St. & South Richmond and Falling Creek & SE Bellwood
  • Double Track Subdivision between Richmond Terminal Sub & Brown St. and South Richmond & Falling Creek
  • There are 2 Hi/Wide Defect Detectors
  • Coordinates are exact location

  • Begin of CSX Bellwood Sub/End of CSX Richmond Terminal Sub
  • Hermitage Rd. (Richmond,VA) - Milepost SRN3.5
  • Amtrak Junction (Richmond,VA) - Milepost SRN0.7 (Connection w/Buckingham Branch RR (BBRR) Piedmont Sub & CSX Peninsula Sub)
  • Brown St. (Richmond,VA) Hi/Wide Defect Detector - Milepost SRN0.39 (KBA440) (37.539570/-77.425663)
  • Rockets (VA) - Milepost S0.7
  • South Yard (Richmond,VA) - Milepost S1.7
  • South Richmond (VA) - Milepost S2.9
  • Ruffin Rd. (Richmond,VA) Hi/Wide Defect Detector - Milepost S4.0 (KBA440) (37.479139/-77.438513)
  • Fanshaw Yard (VA)
  • Falling Creek (VA) - Milepost S7.2
  • Bellwood,VA - Milepost S7.6
  • Bellwood Yard - Milepost S8.0 (Connection w/CSX Hopewell Sub)
  • Southeast Bellwood (VA) - Milepost S8.9
  • End of CSX Bellwood Sub/Begin of CSX North End Sub - Milepost S10.9

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