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Railroads (MN)


AAR Frequency List

Burlington Northern Santa Fe RR Co. (BNSF)

Regional Channels

CH #Usage
15Road Authority Channel West Hump
17Yard, LaCrosse Yard
20Yard 35th Tower, Dilworth Yard, East Grand Forks, input Northtown Yard (output is 82)
33Duluth Yard Master, Yard Rices Point
36Yard, Willmar, Midway Intermodel, Northtown Industries
48Engineering, MOW
54Road Willmar Dispatcher
60CTC Signal Data Link? ARES Data
61Midway Yard (St. Paul)
70Road West Hump Dispatcher, St. Cloud Yard, Road Jobs in Northtown Yard, Yard East Winona
90Remote Control Locomotives Duluth
76Road Authority Channel East Hump,Superior Terminal, Dilworth Terminal Dispatcher
82Yard, Remote Control Switching Output Northtown Yard (input is 20)
87Road Staples Dispatcher
96Yard St. Paul Midway Intermodal, Duluth Yard
37MRAS Ch # 3 (Red) {input is 161.5050}
34MRAS Ch # 4 (Blue) {input is 161.5650}
68MRAS Ch # 5 (Green) {input is 160.5450}
13MRAS Ch # 6 (Orange) {input is 160.2900}
92MRAS Ch # 7 (Yellow) {input is 160.2450}
21MRAS Ch # 8 (White) {input is 160.9350}
32MRAS Allouez Dock, WI {input is 161.5650}
20Taconite # 1
40Taconite # 2, ARES Data
26Signal Department
27Ship Loader
33Wisconsin Section, Duluth Terminal
32Car Department
60ARES digital LINK
452.950 Hump locomotive remote control digital
457.950 Hump locomotive remote control digital
15Authority Channel West Hump Dispatcher, Minneapolis Jct to Wayzata
36Road Minneapolis Junction to Dale Street
39North La Crosse to St. Croix (St. Croix Sub.)
  • AAR Ch 54
    • Wayzata to CP. 98 (Wayzata Sub.)
    • CP. 98 (Willmar) to E. Breckenridge (Morris Sub.)
    • Morris to Beardsley (Browns Valley Sub.)
    • South Moorhead to Breckenridge (Moorhead Sub.)
  • AAR Ch 66
    • Superior to Chub Lake (Lakes Sub.)
    • Boylston to Coon Creek (Hinckley Sub.)
    • La Crosse to Savanna (Aurora Sub.)
    • Garretson to Sioux Falls (Corson Sub.)
    • Benson to State Line (Appleton Sub.)
    • Appleton to La Bolt (Watertown Sub.)
  • AAR Ch 70
    • Hanley Falls to Madison (Hanley Falls Sub.)
    • St. Cloud (Staples Sub.)
    • Lyndale Jct. to Monticello (Monticello Sub.)
    • Mpls Jct. to Wayzata (Wayzata Sub.)
    • St. Croix to University (St. Paul Sub.)
    • Seventh St. to University (Midway Sub.)
    • Doon to Willmar (Marshall Sub.)
    • Chub Lake to Staples (Brainerd Sub.)
    • East Dilworth to Fargo (K O Sub.)
    • S. Moorhead to Fargo (Prosper Sub.)
    • Coon Creek to University (Staples Sub)
  • AAR Ch 76
    • Superior Terminal (Lakes Sub.)
    • Authority Channel East Hump Dispatcher
    • Saunders to Allouez (Allouez Sub.)
    • Road Dale Street to St. Croix
    • Road Midway to St. Croix
  • AAR Ch 85
    • Cass Lake to DL Switch (Grand Forks Sub.)
    • Warroad to St. Hilaire (Warroad Sub.)
    • Coon Creek to Staples (Staples Sub.)
    • North Crookston Jct. to Noyes (Noyes Sub.)
    • Brookston to Gunn (Casco Sub.)
    • Ada to Crookston Jct. (Ada Sub.)
    • Chub Lake to Cass Lake (Lakes Sub.)
    • Redland Jct. to Fertile (Fertile Sub.)
    • Kelly Lake to Clay Track (Hib Tac Sub.)
    • Moorhead to Perley (P Line Sub.)
    • Superior Dispatcher
  • AAR Ch 87
    • Staples to East Dilworth (Staples Sub.)
    • Lyndale Jct. to Monticello (Monticello Sub)

BNSF Base Station locations/ Dispatcher call

BNSF Base Station LocationsDispatcher Call
Bay City, WI47
Cass Lake93
Chub Lake79
DMIR Iron Jct.95
DMIR Steelton96
Elk River80, 26
Garretson, ND65
Genoa, WI48
Grafton, ND48
Grand Forks96,73
Grand Forks Yard35
Grand Rapids92
Granite Falls62
Grove City46
Kelly Lake98
LaCrosse, WI45
M N Jct.75
Nelson, WI46
Nolan, ND23
North Crookston75
St. Cloud27
St. Croix49
N. Sioux City53
Sioux Center, IA67
Summit, SD54
Tilden Jct75
Willmar52, 73


Bases LocationChannel
Allouez, WI7
Beauty Lake4
Fargo, ND3
Garretson, ND4
Holland (Pipestone)5
La Bolt, SD4
La Crosse, WI8
North Benton3
Pugh Lake (Staples)4
Richdale (Wadena)5
St. Paul3
Stockholm (Cokato)7
Superior, WI5
Thief River Falls5
Nelson, WI4
Wolverton (Dilworth)7

Canadian National Railway (CN)

Warroad to Baudette

Ch #Usage
87Ch #1
55Ch #3 Dispatcher
23Ch #32

Cedar River R. R. Co. (CRAR)

Albert Lea to Lyle and south

Ch #Usage

Duluth Missabe & Iron Range Ry. Co. (DMIR)

Ch #Usage
46Ch #1 Road
16Ch #2 Road
8Ch #3 Yard
78Ch #5 Two Harbors Dock Workers, Duluth Docks
38Ch #6 Maintenance
12Ch #7 Duluth Dock Workers
82MOW Repeater {Input is 160.3200}
  • Ch #1 Proctor to Duluth Docks,
  • MP 51 to Shelton Jct.,

Two Harbors to Minntac (and all other ex-DMIR Range Lines)

  • Ch #2 Road Pokegama to to MP 51, Proctor to MP 51
  • Ch #3 Yard
  • Ch #5 Car unloading crew on the Two Harbors dock.
  • Ch #7 Car unloading crew on the Duluth dock.
  • Automated talking scales at Highland, Proctor, and EVTAC.

Duluth Winnipeg & Pacific Ry. (DWP)

International Falls to Superior

Ch #Usage
87Ch #1 Yard Pokegama
55Ch #3 Yard
79Pokegama Yard South.
50Nopeming Jct. to Rainer

Wisconsin Central Ltd. (WC)

Ch #Usage
10Ch #2 Road
79Ch #3 Road

Ch. # 3 Withrow to Stevens Point, Superior to Stevens Point, Withrow to Dresser, East Winona to Wisconsin Rapids

Canadian Pacific (CP)

Ch #Usage
84Ch #1 Road, Yard Duluth
94Ch #2 Road, Humbolt Yard, Superior Yard, Shoreham House Job
65Ch #3 Road, Engineering St. Paul, Humbolt, Shoreham
44Ch #4 Road, Duluth
88Ch #5 Yard, Mpls, St. Paul Yard
41Ch #6 Yard, St. Paul Hump
10PBX (Glenwood) {Input is 161.4000}
58Shoreham Intermodal Yard
08Car Dept. Repeater Output, {Input is 161.4000}
13General Electric Service St. Paul Roundhouse
  • Ch #1 Glenwood to CP University, Central Ave. to Withrow,
  • Ch #2 Glenwood to Emerson, LaCrosse to Milwaukee,

MN&S Jct. to Northfield

  • Ch #3 Dakota lines west of Glenwood and Thief River Falls
  • Ch #4 St. Paul to River Jct. West

Dakota Minnesota & Eastern Railroad Corp. (DME)

  • Winona (Goodview) to Elkton, Waseca to Mason City

Winona to Elkton

Ch #Usage
19Ch #2
57Ch #1
52Winona Yard (UP Channel)
62Mankato Yard (UP Channel)
  • Ch #1 Road Winona to Waseca, Waseca to Tracy, Waseca to Mason City
  • Ch #2 Yard Winona, Tracy, Road Tracy to Huron
  • DM&E Base Stations - Lewiston, Byron, Meriden, Eagle Lake, New Ulm, Sanborn, Tracy, Lake Benton

Iowa Chicago & Eastern (ICE)

  • (ex Soo Line, ex Milwaukee, ex IMRL)

New Albin, IA to La Cresent Mason City, IA to Comus Austin to Jackson

Ch #Usage
84Ch #1 Sabula - River Jct., Marquette - Mason City
65Ch #3
44Ch #4 Mason City - Austin, Austin - Wells, Austin to Comus
88Ch #5 All Yards
28Ch #6 Yard

Cliffs Northshore Mining Co. (NSMX)

Babbitt to Silver Bay

  • (formerly Cyprus Northshore, formerly Reserve Mining)
451.9000456.9000 Railroad Operations
451.7250456.7250 Railroad Operations
451.8250 Mine Maintenance
460.0750465.0750 Railroad Operations

Cloquet Terminal Railroad Co. (CTRR)

  • Formerly DNE
Ch #Usage
53Road / Yard
92Road / Yard (old DNE)

Lake Superior & Mississippi RR Co. (LSMR)

West Duluth

Ch #Usage
18Road / Yard

Minnesota Commercial Ry. Co. (MNNR)

St. Paul to Minneapolis, Hugo, Stillwater, South Minneapolis, Union Yard

Ch #Usage
30Ch. # 1, Yard
42Ch. # 2, Road

Minnesota Dakota & Western Ry. Co. (MDW)

International Falls Terminal

Ch #Usage
28General Operations
20General Operations
38General Operations
  • Each switch crew uses a different frequency.

Minnesota Northern Railroad, Inc.

  • St. Hilaire to Warroad
  • Tilden Junction to Strata
  • Crookston to Beltrami
  • Crookston to Shelly
  • Trackage rights on the CP from Thief River Falls to Erskine, BNSF from Erskine to Crookston
Ch #Usage

Minnesota Northstar Metro Transit (MNRX)

Big Lake to Minneapolis

  • Uses BNSF Line
  • May Possibly have Talkgroups on ARMER, but that is unconfirmed
Ch #Usage
85Coon Creek to Big Lake
70Coon Creek to Minneapolis

Minnesota Prairie Line, Inc.

  • Operated by TCW (Formerly MCTA, MNVA, CNW, MStL)

Hanley Falls to Norwood

Ch #Usage
77Ch. # 1 Road / Yard, Morton Repeater Output
13Ch. # 2 Morton Repeater Input

Minnesota Southern

  • Formally Nobles Rock RR (NRR)

Worthington to Manley, MN

Output Ch #Input Ch #Usage

Minnesota Transportation Museum, Inc. (MNTX)

  • St. Paul, Osceloa & Special Trains
Ch #Usage
83Road / Yard
79WC Ch. # 3 Road

Northern Plains Railroad

Thief River Falls to Oslo (ex Soo)

Ch #Usage

Northern Lines Railway

  • Owned by Anacostia & Pacific

St. Cloud to Cold Spring, St. Cloud to St. Joseph (ex-BNSF, ex-BN, ex-GN)

Ch #Usage

National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTK)

(Amtrak) La Cresent to Moorhead

Ch #Usage
15BNSF West Hump west of Midway Station & East of Coon Creek
85BNSF Coon Creek to Staples
87BNSF Staples to Dilworth
70St. Croix to St. Paul
44CP St. Croix to La Crosse
13Midwest Division Train Service
30Yard (Midway Station)

North Shore Scenic Railroad (NSSR)

Duluth to Two Harbors (ex DMIR), and Special Trains

Ch #Usage
54Road / Yard

Ottertail Valley (OTVR)

  • Owned by Railamerica (ex BN, ex GN)

Fergus Falls to Fargo Fergus Falls to Foxhome

Ch #Usage
21Road / Yard

Progressive Rail

  • Lakeville (Airlake Industrial Park) (Auto club to 60th St. (Mpls) (ex SOO, ex MNS)
  • Randolph Industrial Park (ex-UP,ex-CNW)
Ch #Usage
  • High Line Serving Bloomington, Richfield, and south Minneapolis on the branch off the CP.
  • Begins at Auto Club Jct in Bloomington and ends near 58th St S. and Lyndale in Minneapolis
  • Lakeville to Airlake Industrial Park
  • Northfield to Lakeville Brings traffic to the Lakeville
  • Northfield to Faribault Runs from the Northfield yard south to Faribault
  • Northfield to Cannon Falls with the Randolph Industrial Park
  • Eagandale Runs from Eagan to Rosemount

Red River Valley & Western (RRVW)

  • Breckenridge terminal and North Dakota branchlines (ex GN, ex NP)
Ch #Usage
79Ch #1 Yard
22Ch #2 Yard
17Ch #3 Road
89Ch #4 Road Repeater Input is 08 160.2300
28Ch #7 MOW

St. Croix Valley Railroad Company (SCXY)

  • (ex BN, ex NP)
  • 60-mile rail line, Hinckley to North Branch
Ch #Usage

Twin Cities & Western RR (TCW)

Tower E-14 (Minnetonka) to Appleton (ex Soo, ex Milw)

  • Affiliated with the Red River Valley & Western
Ch #Usage
51Ch. #1 Yard
90Ch. # 2 Road
50Ch. # 3 MOW

Union Pacific Railroad (UP)

  • Formerly Chicago & North Western Transportation Co.
Ch #Usage
52Ch. # 1 Road, Winona Yard
23Ch. # 2 Utility, MOW
62Ch. # 3 Road,
71Ch. # 4 Road, S. St. Paul Yard, Mason City, Valley Park Yard, Mankato Yard, Branchlines
14Ch. # 5 Yard
25Ch. # 6 MoW
31Bricelyn to Esterville, Butterfield to Mason City
49Road, Hoffman Ave to Mason City, Hartland to Curtis
10Yard Repeater input Mason City
75PBX?, Yard Repeater output Mason City
  • Ch. # 1 Altoona to East Mpls, Stillwater Sub., Itasca, Roseport Sub., Valley Park to St. Paul, Merriam to Montgomery,
  • Ch. # 3 Valley Park to Sioux City, MP 36 to Mankato, St James to Bigelow

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