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Roscommon County (MI)

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Roscommon County Government

Municipalities and Districts

Gerrish Township

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

Fire Department Numbering

  • 100-Denton Fire
  • 200-Gerrish Fire EMS
  • 300-Richfield Twp Department Of Public Safety Fire and EMS Divisions
  • 400-Higgins Fire EMS
  • 500-Roscommon Fire
  • 600-Lyon Fire EMS
  • 700-Markey Fire EMS
  • 800-Lake Fire
  • 900-Nester Fire Rescue
  • 1100-Houghton Lake EMS
  • 1200-Hazmat Team (All Fire Departments contribute to Hazmat Team)

Above is the Fire Department Station Number When you hear Station 700 it is the Markey Twp Fire Station Other Numbering of Units

  • #01, #02 , #03 are the Department Chiefs or Officers of the Department
  • #20 thru #29 are the Fire Units (Engines, Water Tankers etc)
  • #30 thru #39 are EMS Units, both Basic EMS sometimes called Bravo and
  • Advance Life Support (ALS) sometimes called Alpha

Law Enforcement Numbering

  • R-xx Sheriff Dept (R-01, R-02, R-03, etc)
  • K-xx Kirkland Community College Public Safety Department
  • 39-xx Denton Township PD
  • 14-xx or South 14-xx Park Ranger at Higgins Lake South State Park
  • 17-xx Gerrish Twp PD
  • 65-xx Richfield Twp Department Of Public Safety Police Division
  • 72-xx Michigan State Police Houghton Lake Post 72 patrols this county
  • 5-xxx DNR Conservation Officers, District 5, Northcentral

Schools and Colleges

Houghton Lake Community Schools


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