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Sangamon County (IL)

County Map

Sangamon County is a large county by Illinois standards having a total area of 877 square miles and a population of 188,951. Springfield the capitol city, is also the county seat of Sangamon County. Southern View, Grandview, Jerome, Leland Grove and Sherman are suburbs of Springfield.

Other Municipalities in Sangamon County include Williamsville, Riverton, Dawson, Lanesville, Buffalo, Illiopolis, Mechanicsburg, Rochester, Pawnee, Divernon, Auburn, Thayer, Chatham, Lowder, New Berlin, Loami, Pleasant Plains, Cantrall and New City. Most of the municipalities have their own Police Departments which the Sangamon County Sheriff's Office works with and closely supports.


Springfield (City)

Sangamon County Government

Sangamon County Sheriff's Office

  • 155.535R has input receive sites at Auburn, New Berlin, Illiopolis, downtown Hilton, County Building, I-55/Toronto Road (@ Cool 101.9 tower). Probably connected by Fiber optic/phone lines.
  • MDT tower locations: 1) ISP Tower @ D9 2) Buffalo 3) 911 Tower-Spfld 4) New Berlin 5) Hilton
  • Juvenile Facility license - FCC Link Dismissed by FCC, never licensed. (Still in use 12/08)
  • 453.0250 D146190 RM Juvenile Facility (Jail 9th Street) [Dismissed by FCC; never heard in use]
  • 4/22/05 - 74 deptuties. 74 is considered a full force.
  • Jail - 200 South 9th Street, County Building
  • Juvenile Division - 2201 South Dirksen Parkway
  • Detective Bureau - 200 South 9th Street, County Building
  • Animal Control - 2100 Shale Drive


  • Consists of the Patrol Section,Court Security and special units.


  • Cconsists of three (3) Lieutenants, six (6) Sergeants and forty-seven (47)? sworn officers. The section is divided into three (3) standard shifts and one (1) power shift.??


  • Consists of 12 full time officers including one (1) Lieutenants and two (2) Sergeants. These Officers provide security for the Sangamon County Court Complex. They are responsible for maintaining security at the entrance doors by utilizing x-ray equipment, providing security during court proceedings, protecting the Judges and employees of the Court Complex and providing escorts to?the jail after court hearings.
  • Consists of one (1) sworn officers that are assigned to the Power Shift. There were 184 DUI arrests in 1997.


  • Consists of two (2) sworn officers that are assigned to the Power Shift.


  • The Tactical Response Unit consists of 22 sworn officers and 4 paramedics. 19 from Sheriff?s Office & 3 from other Sang. Co. Police agencies. 1997--13 call-outs: 2 search warrant (drugs), 1 hostage situation,2 search for fugitive and six high-risk arrest warrants, 3 barricaded suspects.


  • The Detention Facility opened Oct 1991 after 4 years of planning/construction. It is a state of the art facility utilizing a podular indirect supervision design, with the capability of direct supervision in four of the major cellblocks. Can house up to 313 inmates. Inmates are housed, based on security level, from a dormitory type area for work release and trustees to single cells for maximum-security inmates.?? Ave Daily Pop. is 250 inmates, 10% female.?Staff of 72 correctional officers and 27 control room operators.
017 (11) Chatham851.212500 851.400000 851.575000 851.925000c 852.450000a 852.975000a 853.862500 855.187500

030 (1E) Springfield851.112500 851.487500 852.075000 852.325000a 852.675000 852.850000c 853.375000a 857.362500

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
4901  1325  SG Sheriff 1  Sheriff Dispatch - Primary [SCSO 1] 
4902  1326  SG Sheriff 4  Sheriff Dispatch - Secondary [SCSO 4] 
4903  1327  SG Sheriff 5  Sheriff Dispatch - Secondary [SCSO 5] 
4904  1328  SG Courts  Sheriff Court Security [COURT SECURITY] 
4905  1329  SG Shrf Aux2  Sheriff Auxillary 2 [AUX 2] 
4906  132a  Grndvw PDtac  Grandview Police:Tac 
4907  132b  SG Sheriff 3  Sheriff Car-to-Car / Talk-Around [SCSO 3 TA]  
4908  132c  SG Shrf 4908  Sheriff Special Units/Alcohol Stings/Traffic; POTUS (Enc) 
4909  132d  SG Jail Book  Sheriff Jail Booking [SCSO BOOKING] 
4910  132e  AuburnPolice  Auburn Police Dispatch [AUBURN] 
4911  132f  ChathmPolice  Chatham Police (Encryption Available) 
4912  1330  JerLG Police  Leland Grove/Jerome Police Tac 2 [LG/JEROME TAC 2] 
4913  1331  SG Law West  Police Car-to-Car - West [LOAMI/NB/PP] 
4914  1332  PawneePolice  Pawnee Police Dispatch [PAWNEE] 
4915  1333  RvSpld PDtac  Riverton / Spaulding Police Tac [RIVERTON] 
4916  1334  SG SD DetCO6  Sheriff Detectives Bureau 1 [DET. BUREAU 1] 
4917  1335  SG SD DetCO7  Sheriff Detectives Bureau 2 [DET. BUREAU 2] 
4918  1336  SG Shrf SDT1  Sheriff Special Detail 1 [SPEC DT 1] 
4919  1337  SG Shrf SDT2  Sheriff Special Detail 2 [SPEC DT 2] 
4920  1338  SG Shrf Ops1  Sheriff Operations 1 [OPS 1] 
4921  1339  SG Shrf Cmnd  Sheriff Command Unit [ADMIN CH-16] 
4922  133a  Roch Police  Rochester Police [ROCHESTER] 
4923  133b  Shmn/Wil PD  Sherman/Williamsville Police [SHRMN/WIL] 
4924  133c  Aubrn/Div PD  Auburn/Divernon Police [AUBURN/DIVERNON] 
4925  133d  SG RLaw 4925  Rural Law: Testing 
4926  133e  Rvrtn PD Tac  Riverton Police Tac [RIVERNTON TAC] 
4927  133f  Buff/Mech PD  Buffalo/Mechanicsburg Police [BUFF/MECH] 
4930  1342  SG Law 4930  Law: Testing 
4931  1343  Shrmn PD Tac  Sherman Police Tac [SHERMAN TAC] 
4932  1344  Wlmsv PD Tac  Williamsville Police Tac [WILLIAMSVILLE TAC] 
4933  1345  SG Law 4333  Sheriff: Testing 
4934  1346  SView Police  Southern View Police Local 
4935  1347  JeromePDtac6  Jerome Police Tac- 6 [JEROME TAC CH-6] 
4936  1348  SG SA Tac 1  Tac 1 [SANAGMON TAC 1] 
4937  1349  SG SA Tac 2  Tac 2 [SANAGMON TAC 2] 
4939  134b  SG Law 4939  Law: Testing (Chatham Tac ?) 
4940  134c  LLCC Securty  Lincoln Land Community College Security [LLCC PD] 
4941  134d  SG AnimCntrl  County Animal County [ANIMAL CONTROL] 
4944  1350  UIS Police   University Illinois Springfield Police Dispatch 
8381  20bd  SIU SoM PD  SIU School of Medicine Police (Springfield) 
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
854.66250  809.66250   WNWL220   RM  754 DPL  Sang Jail/Ct Jail / Court Security (w/ Phone Patch)  FMN  Corrections 
154.86000      KSC460   BM  146.2 PL  Sang AC/Prob Animal Control / Probation Officer [CO-4]  FMN  Deprecated 
155.53500  158.97000   KSC460   RM  146.2 PL  Sang Law CO1 Law: Tac [CO-1] Simplex [CO-2]  FMN  Deprecated 
155.65500      KSC460   BM  146.2 PL  Sang Sherif5 Sheriff: Unit-to-Unit [CO-5]  FM  Deprecated 
155.85000      KSC460   146.2 PL  SangSheriff7 Detectives [Ch 7]  FM  Deprecated 
156.15000      KSC460   146.2 PL  SangShrf Det Detectives  FM  Deprecated 
453.07500  458.07500     RM  411 DPL  Sang Juv Fac Juvenile Facility: Transportation/Ops [No license*]  FMN  Corrections 
453.32500  458.32500   WPYL782   RM  734 DPL  Sang SD TRU Sheriff: Tactical Response Unit   FMN  Law Tac 
856.01250  811.01250   WPHA756   RM    SangShrfMDT1 Sheriff: Mobile Data Terminals (Locations 1,2) (CSQ)  Telm  Data 
859.13750  814.13750   WPHA756   RM    SangShrfMDT3 Sheriff: Mobile Data Terminals (Locations 1,2,3,4) (CSQ)  Telm  Data 
858.13750  813.13750   WPHA756   RM    SangShrfMDT2 Sheriff: Mobile Data Terminals (Locations 1,2,5) (CSQ)  Telm  Data 
851.03750  806.03750   WQFQ707   RM    Sang Nextel1 NexTel Conventional w/Phone Patch (CSQ)  Telm  Data 
851.53750  806.53750   WQFQ707   RM    Sang Nextel2 NexTel Conventional w/Phone Patch (CSQ)NexTel Conventional
w/Phone Patch (CSQ) 
Telm  Data 
851.93750  806.93750   WQFQ707   RM    Sang Nextel3 NexTel Conventional w/Phone Patch (CSQ)  Telm  Data 

Sangamon County Rural Fire Radio System

Frequency Input License Type Tone/PL Channel Name Alpha Tag Tag
158.8200 KSI628 RM 225.7 HZ RF1 Fire*RF1 Fire Dispatch (repeats 154.8600)
155.8950 KSI628 RM 146.2 HZ RF2 Fire*RF2 Fire Talk (repeats 153.9950)
155.5350 KSI628 RM 146.2 HZ RF3 Fire*RF3 Fire Talk(repeats 158.9700)
158.7450 KSI628 BM 225.7 HZ RF4 Fire*RF4 Fire talk
158.8800 KSI628 M 225.7 HZ RF5 Fire*RF5 Fire Talk
154.2650 WQFG754 BM 210.7 HZ IFERN Fire*IFERN Fire Talk
154.3025 WQFG754 M 67.0 HZ IFERN 2 Fire*IFERN2 Fire Talk
155.0550 KSI628 BM D-165 IREACH Fire*IREACH Interop
158.8200 KSI628 M 225.7 HZ RF1 CTC Fire*RF1*CTC Fire Talk
155.8950 KSI628 M 146.2 HZ RF2 CTC Fire*RF2*CTC Fire Talk
155.5350 KSI628 M 146.2 HZ RF3 CTC Fire*RF3*CTC Fire Talk
153.8300 WQAG579 M 69.3 HZ MABAS RED Fire*RED Fire - Tac
154.2800 WQAG579 M 74.4 HZ MABAS White Fire*WHITE Fire - Tac
154.2950 WQAG579 M 85.4 HZ MABAS BLUE Fire*BLUE Fire - Tac
153.8375 WQAG579 M 91.5 HZ MABAS GOLD Fire*GOLD Fire - Tac
154.2725 WQAG579 M 94.8 HZ MABAS BLACK Fire*BLACK Fire - Tac
154.2875 WQAG579 M 136.5 HZ MABAS GREY Fire*GREY Fire - Tac

Sangamon County Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

2 Full-Time, 45 Volunteers, 18 Search & Rescue K-9s, Dive Team, Weather Spotters. Responds to traffic accidents and water emergencies when needed to search for a missing boater. Also assists county fire depts by filling air tanks and providing emergency medical care at large fires.

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.89500  153.99500   KSI628   RM  131.8 PL  Sang RS Tac1 Rescue Squad Tac 1 (146.2 PL input)  FMN  Emergency Ops 
452.80000  457.80000   KSI628   RM  203.5 PL  Sang ESDA PP ESDA: Phone Patch (still in use?)  FMN  Emergency Ops 
158.74500      WNAH639   BM  225.7 PL  Sang 911 CD2 Fireground / ESDA Ch 2 [CD-2]  FMN  Emergency Ops 
158.88000      WNAH639   CSQ  Sang 911 CD3 ESDA: Operations/Tac/Fireground [Ch 3][CD-3]  FMN  Emergency Ops 
156.22500      KSI628   BM    SangESDA*Fut ESDA: Future Ops (173.8?)  FMN  Emergency Ops 


Sangamon County Rescue Squad

Sangamon Co. Fire/Rescue

Sangamon County (IL) Fire/Rescue

Sangamon County ETSD/911

  • 12/9/08 - CD-2, 158.7450 is now using a 225.7 PL tone, at least on dispatch, if mobiles are not using it yet, will probably be programmed in the future.
  • 158.82: Dispatches all Fire/EMS agencies in Sangamon County except the city of Springfield. (Many can be dispatched locally PD too.)

New bases added on 158.8200. Identifies as "OEM"

Also added 156.2250 BM at 2020 Shale Road All Springfield Fire is dispatched on TRS. 
  • 800 N Rutledge-SIUE School of Medicine
  • 2801 N Fifth-Springfield City Building/OEM
  • 2020 Shale Road-911 Tower
  • 2020 Shale Road-OEM Bldg
  • I-55 & Toronto Road-backup tower

All 3 EMS agencies dispatched on C-MED, 155.2200. All Springfield City dispatchers are in the same center as the county.

  • 10/1/07 - Heard on 158.8200 "All units use ESDA Ch. 2 on this call"
  • 2 Ambulances from all 3 companies cover all of Sangamon County
  • Riverton FD has ALS non-transport, everyone else in county is ILS or BLS

Fire/EMS: Pawnee, Auburn, Chatham -- Page their own fire departments.

MABAS Primary Division 52 (tower located at Sangamon County 911/EMA-- 2020 Shale Road-Springfield) CHTM Chatham Fire Protection District LOAM Loami Fire Protection District WMSV Williamsville Fire Protection District BUFF Buffalo Fire Protection District MECH Mechanicsburg Fire Department RAFP Riverton Area Fire Protection District VDFD Dawson Fire Department SHRM Sherman Fire Protection District DIVY Divernon Fire Department District PAWN Pawnee Fire Protection District NBIG New Berlin - Island Grove Fire Protection District RFPD Rochester Fire Protection District SPFD Springfield Fire Department Riverton Fire and EMS

9/18/07 - Mutual Aid Agreements between the Springfield-based 183rd Fighter Wing's firefighters and the departments of Athens, Pleasant Plains, Springfield and Sherman. The agreements took effect in late June. The community fire agencies are still called first.

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.05500      WNAH639   146.2 PL  I-REACH 1462 Statewide Mutual Aid (Base) [Ch 3]  FMN  Interop 
154.26500      WQFG754   210.7 PL  IFERN 210.7 Fire: Statewide Mutual Aid [Secondary FG w/Dispatch]  FMN  Fire-Talk 
158.82000  154.86000   KSI628   RM  225.7 PL  SangRurFire1 Fire: Rural Fire Paging/Dispatch [RF1] (also simplex for Car-Car)  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
155.89500  153.99500   KSI628   RM  146.2 PL  SangRurFire2 Fire: Rural Fire: Response [RF2] (also simplex for Car-Car)  FMN  Fire-Tac 
155.53500  158.97000   KSI628   RM  146.2 PL  SangRurFire3 Fire: Rural Fire: Response [RF3] (also simplex for Car-Car)  FMN  Fire-Tac 
158.74500      KSI628   BM  225.7 PL  SangRurFire4 Fire: Rural Fire [RF4]  FMN  Fire-Tac 
158.88000      KSI628   225.7 PL  SangRurFire5 Fire: Rural Fire [RF5]  FMN  Fire-Tac 
155.05500      WNAH639   156 DPL  I-REACH D156 Statewide Mutual Aid: Air Evac Landing Zone Ops  FMN  Interop 

EMS Agencies/Ambulance Companies

C-MED - Central Medical Emergency Dispatch

  • Dispatches 911 calls (non-private) for all 3 Springfield companies.
  • Responds to Springfield and surrounding cities (including New Berlin, Riverton, Rochester, Divernon, Glenarm, Pleasant Plains). Also ALS transports for other communities (Virden)


  • 10-88 In service, in house, call by telephone for a call
  • Signal 1 - Emergency: lights and siren
  • Signal 2 - Emergency: No lights or siren
  • Signal 3 - Non Emergency, no lights or no sirens (small cuts, etc.)

(In the city of Springfield, if you are running lights, you must also use sirens)

All vehicles have Automatic Vehicle Locator/GPS and MDC's. Some units may be heard on Spfld TRS TG 00496 as needed.

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.22000  KGE686   BM  103.5 PL  Spfld C-MED EMS: Dispatch  FMN  EMS Dispatch 
155.34000    103.5 PL  SpfldEMS U2U EMS: Unit-to-Unit   FMN  Hospital 

America Ambulance

  • Units: 3F8 3F9 3F10 3F11 3F12
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
461.70000  466.70000   KJT824   RM  48 RAN  America EMS EMS: Dispatch (voice decodeable*)   NXDN  EMS Dispatch 

Lifestar EMS

  • Units: 3F16 3F17 3F18 3F21 3F22 3F23
Site Name              
001 (1) Springfield01 N/A 02 N/A 03 N/A 04 N/A 05 N/A 06 N/A 07 N/A 
    08 N/A 09 N/A 10 860.012500 11 N/A 12 N/A 13 N/A 14 859.012500 
    15 N/A 16 N/A 17 N/A 18 858.012500      
DEC Mode Alpha Tag Description
0-14-120  Lifestar 1  Dispatch: Main [Spfld] 
0-14-121  Lifestar 2a  Dispatch: Secondary [Spfld] 
0-14-122  Lifestar 2b  Dispatch: Secondary [Spfld] 
0-14-140  Lifestar 2c  Dispatch: Secondary?/Jacksonville? [Spfld] 
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
860.01250  815.01250   WNGC296   RM  411 DPL  Lifestar A EMS: Dispatch (Backup to TRS?)  FM  EMS Dispatch 
859.01250  814.01250   WNGC296   RM    Lifestar B EMS (107.2 hrd Chatham)  FM  EMS Dispatch 

  • Provides ALS transport service as well as hospital to hospital and hospital to nursing home transports. 3 ambulances are on regular rotation on a daily basis.
  • Provides an ambulance (3F22) for St. Johns Children's Hospital which provides transports from hospital to hospital statewide for pediatric emergencies.

Medics First (formerly Springfield Area Ambulance)

  • 2008-Operates 5 ambulances with 43 employee
  • Station 1: 3219 E. Carpenter St
  • Station 2: 15th & Ash streets (24 hrs w/ living quarters)
  • Units: 3F90 3F91 3F92 3F93 3F94 3F95
  • OLD 155.2950R/150.7750 WPCA368 156.7 PL Dispatch: Old (No longer in use) [Expired]
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
153.32000  158.16000   WQLB293   RM  411 DPL  Medics First EMS: Dispatch/Operations  FMN  EMS Dispatch 

Medics First, which is based in Springfield, has purchased the Auburn Area Ambulance Service, effective Friday, October 30. Medics First, which has an ambulance housed on the east side of the city, will continue to offer 24/7/365 ALS service to the Auburn community. It will move to the AAAS building at 5th and Jackson sometime in the near future. AAAS will continue to honor subscription service until December 31, 2015 when using Medics First in Auburn. Any questions concerning the subscription service should be directed to (217) 652-6354. Medics First, which has an ambulance based in Girard, is owned by Larry and Tracy Daugherty and Mike Dozier of Springfield. Presently, Medics First has 65 employees and 13 ambulances. There will be two ambulances in Auburn with two regular full time employees. The history of ambulance service in Auburn goes back to 1976, when a young alderman Mike Bertoux, led the creation. Prior to that, service from Springfield or the local funeral home handled any calls. Auburn was part of the Sangamac District (1976) with Pawnee and Virden in the beginning, but it was dissolved in 1999. Auburn received its first ambulance in January, 1976. The Auburn Ambulance District was formed in 1999 on an unanious vote of the city council. Members of its first board were Bruce Wagner, Scott Borntreger, David Greifzu and Diane Hagemann. In March 2000, AAAS became an independent entity. In 2009, it became eligible to provide advanced Life Support Service. In 2011, the present building at 5th and Jackson was purchased, rehabilitated and now will house Medics First.

Air Evac

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
151.50500  158.40000   WPYR891   RM  072 DPL  AEvc Spfld*O Dispatch - OLD  FMN  Deprecated 
159.69000      WQIF745   BM  072 DPL  AEvac SpfdIL Dispatcher - Springfield  FMN  EMS Dispatch 


Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health Center

  • Doctors Hospital re-opened several years ago as Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health Center, an inpatient psychiatric facility (80 beds) for children and adolescents.

Kindred Hospital Springfield

  • 12/10 - Kindred Hospital located at 701 N. Walnut, Springfield, has opened.
  • 8/08 - Hospital approved by the state LINK
  • 12/07 - Won't be completed until late 2009 or early 2010 due to issues with underground sewer line and construction costs.
  • 10/06 - Construction still pending.
  • 9/23/05 - Kindred, based in Louisville, Ky., plans to begin construction in a few months. The two-story $15.6 million long-term acute-care hospital could open by April 2007. It will have 50 beds and employ 100 to 150 people.

Memorial Medical Center

  • 12/22/07 - Securitas Security Services USA took over security services at the hospital and its other Springfield properties.
  • 450-bed hospital.

St. John's Hospital

(Sisters of the Third ORS)

  • Motherhouse of the Hospital Sisters of the 3rd Order of St. St. Francis Convent -- 4849 Laverna Road

Andrew McFarland Mental Health Center

  • The Andrew McFarland Mental Health Center located at 901 Southwind Road, Springfield, is a State of Illinois Department of Human Services operated inpatient adult psychiatric facility.

Municipalities and Districts


Buffalo Tri-City Community Unit School District #1

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