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Sedgwick County (KS)


Sedgwick County Fire

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Sedgwick County Fire and EMS communication is on the Wichita / Sedgwick County Trunked Radio System.

Fire Codes

  • Code 1 --No smoke or flames visible
  • Code 2 --Only smoke is visible
  • Code 3 --Smoke and Flame visible
  • Code 4 --Fire under control

Wichita Police and Sedgwick County Sheriff

Sedgwick County Sheriff 8-Beat System

10 Codes
10-1	Receiving Poorly
10-2	Receiving Well
10-3	Standby
10-4	Acknowledgment	
10-5	Relay
10-6	Busy
10-7	Out of Service
10-8	In Service
10-9	Repeat
10-10	Out of Service, Subject to call
10-11	Stay in Service
10-12	Officials or Visitors Present
10-13	Weather and/or road Conditions 
10-14	Escort or Convoy
10-15	Prisoner in Custody
10-16	Pick Up Prisoner
10-17	Nothing for you
10-18	Anything for me?
10-19	Return to or go by�
10-20	Location
10-21	Telephone_________
10-22	Disregard
10-23	Arrived at Scene
10-24	Finished with last assignment
10-25	Do you have contact with_____?
10-26	Holding individual, Rush reply
10-27	Check Driver license (DL) information
10-28	Check vehicle registration
10-29	Check for wanted or stolen
10-30	Does not conform to regulations
10-31	Emergency, ALL UNITS STAND BY
10-32	Chase
10-33	Emergency Radio Traffic
10-34	Trouble at______, Units respond
10-35	Roadblock for a major crime
10-36	No Further assistance needed
10-37	Routine response
10-38	Urgent response (SILENT RUN)
10-39	Emergency Response (Light and Siren)
10-40	Fatality Report
10-41	Send Tow Truck
10-42	At Home
10-43	Meet _____ at _____
10-44	Investigate Vehicle
10-45	Investigate occupied vehicle
10-46	Drunk Driver
10-46X	DUI Arrest has 2 previous DUI convictions (Booked for Felony DUI)
10-47	Vehicle Accident- Property Damage only
10-48	Vehicle Accident- Person Injured
10-49	Send Ambulance
10-50	Send Ambulance Employee involved
10-51	Employee needs supervisor
10-52	Employee needs Traffic investigator
10-53	Employee needs Traffic Control
10-54	Employee needs Detective
10-55	Body Recovered
10-59	Request mapping information
10-60	Tower lights burned out 
10-65	Clear for New Item
10-66	Clear for cancellation
10-77	No contact at all
10-80	Pick up your partner
10-81	Call your spouse
10-83	Unit at Station
10-86	Advise Correct time
10-87	At Range
10-88	Medical Advisory, Monitor Radio Traffic
10-89	Terminate Medical patch/establish with medical advisor
10-98	Riot or Mass Disturbance
10-99	Jail Break

EMS Patient Codes:
Code Green 	Patient is Non-Emergent
Code Yellow	Urgent Patient
Code Red		Immediate Patient
Code Blue 	In or near Full Arrest
Code Black 	Dead on Scene
Code Orange 	Psychiatric

Police, Fire and EMS Codes:
Code 1	No smoke or flames visible
Code 2	Only smoke is visible
Code 3	Smoke and Flame visible
Code 4	Fire under control
Code 5	Noise in building	
Code 6	Glass Breaking in Building	
Code 7 	Voices in Building		
Code 9 	Switch to Scrambler	
Code 10	Switch to SPIDER channel
Code 20	You have no relief
Code 21	Make Mail run 
Code 22	Armed Robbery in Progress	
Code 23	Turn off relay	
Code 24	Burglary in Progress
Code 25	Hostage Situation 	
Code 26	Bomb Threat	
Code 27	Swindle Alert	
Code 28	Check Computer for call

Signal 1		Armed and Dangerous
Signal 2		Resist Arrest	
Signal 3		Mental		
Signal 4		Suicidal	
Signal 5		Need officer, to take report
Signal 6		Need officer, having trouble	
Signal 7 		Need officer, urgent
Signal 10		Incident Number 	
Signal 11		Confirmation of Mapping restrictions	
Signal 12		Communicable Disease present	
Signal 30 	Not Wanted	
Signal 32		Wanted 	
Signal 32X	Wanted and Dangerous
Signal 33  	Gang Member/associate	
Signal 34		Registered Sex Offenders	
Signal 35		Violent Targeted Offender
Signal 35X	ATF Violent Offender

N-Codes (also known as NORA Codes):
N-1	Call cancelled before arrival (Authorized only by dispatchers and supervisors)
N-2	Duplication of another call	
N-3	No complainant located  
N-4	False Alarm	
N-5	Non-Police incident
N-6	Prisoner Transfer
N-7	Assist Fire, EMS or any other public service agency
N-8	Call Transferred to CASE DESK/Badge on the floor (used only by Dispatcher)

Trunked Radio Systems

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