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Taney County (MO)


Taney County

  • From a contributor: Was in Branson visiting last weekend and found this frequency used by all the helicopters in the area to announce their positions and intentions to each other: 123.025 AM

Taney County

Public Water Supply District of Taney County

  • WQOP459 for 155.1525 Repeater with 155.6775 input (11K at Branson)

Taney County Health Department

  • Provides Animal Control Services
  • WQPH302 -160.005 Repeater with 151.97 (11K at Forsyth)

Fire Interop

Volunteer fire depts. in Taney county Missouri as well as depts. in neighboring counties utilizing conventional VHF frequencies have been using the national interops designations V-tac, V-fire FG, and V-fire MA frequencies for fire ground tactical, Mutual aid, fire ground ops and training purposes for which they were intended, most commonly used are V-tac 11 through V-tac 14, but have heard traffic on some of the others as well. All use a PL tone of 156.7. I have not been able to find these freq's listed in the data base for Taney or other county's, but hope they will be added soon.

Fire interops designations

V-call 10  155.7525
V-tac 11  151.1375
V-tac 12  154.4525
V-tac 13  158.7375
V-tac 14  159.4725
V-tac-17 PS 151.8500

V-Fire 21 MA  154.2800
V-Fire 22 MA  154.2650
V-Fire 23 MA  154.2950

V-Fire 24 FG  154.2725
V-Fire 25 FG  154.2875
V-Fire 26 FG  154.3025

tac= tactical
PS= public safety
MA= mutual aid
FG= fire ground

Central Taney County Fire Protection District

Western Taney County Fire Protection District

Skaggs Regional Medical Center (Branson)

  • Website Skaggs Community Health Center
  • KB69800 - 155.265 Mobile (11K)
  • WPUT531 - 452.15 Repeater (11K)

Municipalities and Districts


Bradleyville Rural Fire Department



Cedarcreek Fire Protection District




Protem Volunteer Fire Department

Rockaway Beach


Taney County Sheriff Dispatch	49040
Taney County Sheriff 34         1134089

Schools and Colleges

Branson R4 School District

Forsyth R3 Public Schools

  • 463.95 Repeater for Buses WPGU217

Hollister R-V School District

Kirbyville R6 School District

  • 7/12 FCC App 0005327772 for 152.33 Repeater with 157.59 input (11K at Kirby Middle School)

College of the Ozarks (Point Lookout)

  • 8/12 FCC Application 0005347789 for 451.225 Base/Mobile, 452.175 Base/Mobile, 461.075 Repeater, Mobiles 467.925, 464.55 (11K)


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