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Travel Reference (VA) US 421

US 421
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For the convenience of travelers visiting Virginia, the set of Travel Reference (VA) pages collectively lists the Interstates, US Highways, and national parkways and trails which cross Virginia state borders. The lists include details such as approximate mile marker, county, city, nearest VA STARS antenna site, VSP district, and very brief notes or names of major landmarks. When possible, the county and/or city names are linked to the proper RR Wiki page. For convenience, references are listed below each table and include links when possible.

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STARS Sites and Nearby Routes List

US 421

MileCountyCitySTARS SiteVSP
NotesExit Nbr
0.00WashingtonBristol215 Jonesville 4TN State Line, US 421 South, State Street West
0.10WashingtonBristol215 Jonesville 4US 11 Truck, US 19 Truck North
0.34WashingtonBristol215 Jonesville 4State Route 113
0.45WashingtonBristol215 Jonesville 4Piedmont Av South
0.68WashingtonBristol215 Jonesville 4US 11 E South, US 19 South
0.83WashingtonBristol215 Jonesville 4State Route 113 North
1.18WashingtonBristol215 Jonesville 4US 11 North, US 19 North
1.95WashingtonBristol215 Jonesville 4US 11 W South
2.96WashingtonBristol215 Jonesville 4I-81 / US 58 East I-81 Exit 1
3.00Washington 215 Jonesville 4no major junctions
27.12ScottWeber City215 Jonesville 4State Route 224 South
27.44ScottWeber City215 Jonesville 4US 23 South
28.48ScottGate City215 Jonesville 4US 23 Bus. North, US 58 Bus. West, US 421 Bus. North
31.21ScottGate City215 Jonesville 4US 23 Bus. South, US 58 Bus. East, US 421 Bus. South
38.18ScottClinchport215 Jonesville 4State Route 65 East
Natural Tunnel State Park
45.37ScottDuffield215 Jonesville 4US 23 North
56.12LeeDot215 Jonesville 4US 58 West
61.33LeePennington Gap215 Jonesville 4US 58 Alt. East; Big Stone Gap
61.73LeePennington Gap215 Jonesville 4US 58 Alt. West
64.68Lee 215 Jonesville 4State Route 352 North
69.23Lee 215 Jonesville 4US 421 North
KY State Line near Stone Mountain WMA

References: Wikipedia - US 421 in VA , RR Wiki: VA STARS, STARS Google Map

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