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US Forest Service - White Mountain National Forest (NH/ME)

US Forest Service

White Mountain National Forest, NH/ME


Channel #Rx FreqRx ToneTx FreqTx ToneDescriptionConfirmation/Re-Confirmation
01171.5250 171.5250 Ground - Local - Direct
02171.5250167.9170.5750167.9Mount Washington Repeater2016.07.11 ecps92
03171.5250167.9170.5750146.2Middle Sister Repeater2015.07.10
04171.5250167.9170.5750123.0Wildcat Repeater2013.04.13
05171.5250 170.5750131.8Mount Moosilaukee Repeater
05171.5250167.9170.5750131.8Milan Repeater (To be Retired in Late 2014)2013.04.13
06171.5250 170.5750136.5Loon Mountain & West Royce Repeaters
07171.5250167.9170.5750110.9Mount Techumseh Repeater2014.07.12
08171.5250 170.5750103.5Pleasant Mountain Repeater
09171.5250 170.5750156.7Hitchcock Mountain Repeater
10171.5250 171.5250 Ground - Local - Direct
11159.xxxx 159.xxxx Northeast Fire Compact - Direct
12VHF NH Forestry
13168.6500 168.6500 National Flight Following
15162.XXXX Maine WX
16162.XXXX New Hampshire WX

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