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Vernon County (MO)


Vernon County

Vernon County Sheriff's Office

Dispatches Responders for Deerfield, Richards, Compton, Walker, Milo, Bronough & Sheldon Fire and Medical. Also handles Law enforcement traffic For County Deputies and Sheldon Police Dept. Also Communication of information to Nevada PD when needed.

  • CO WIDE- County Wide: Communications for Fire and Medical Responders to County and Scene Communications for all Departments Listed in VCSO

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Vernon County Ambulance District (VCAD)

  • Communications between Nevada Dispatch, Ambulance Base, Scene and Rural First Responders to responding ambulance.
  • 12/13 KNCY923 - add 151.34 Mobile Extenders (NFM)

Old Frequencies

  • 154.96500 155.26500 KNCY923 RM 179.9 PL VCAD Disp Old EMS: Dispatch [VCAD] FMN EMS Dispatch
  • 155.26500 KNCY923 BM 74.4 PL VCAD Old EMS: FMN
  • 453.32500 KNCY923 F VCAD RF1 Nev EMS: Remote Link to 154.965 - Nevada FMN
  • 453.57500 KNCY923 F 103.5 PL VCAD RF2 Bron EMS: Remote Link to 154.965 - Bronough

Nevada Regional Medical Center (DBA Nevada City Hospital)

  • WQBI316 - 464.4 (or 464.2?) Repeater for Maintenance/Security (NFM)
  • WPRU420 - 154.515 Base/Mobile; 464.125 Repeater for Ops
  • KB67103 - 155.715 mobiles
  • WNYI874 - 457/465/467 - 15 Frequencies for digital data
Frequency  License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.34000  WQI272   BM  HEAR340 Patient Reports  FMN  Hospital 

Municipalities and Districts


Deerfield Volunteer Fire Department


Milo Rural Fire Department

Nevada (City)

Fire: includes Sheldon, Deerfield and Compton Junction

  • WQX268 - 154.31 Repeater with new input 159.1725 (10/10) (NFM) (7/13 add second repeater on same frequency)

Center Township (Nevada)

  • 12/13 FCC Application 0006044751 for 151.0625 Repeater with 155.8875 for Roads/Snow Removal (NFM)

Compton Junction Fire District


Walker Rural Fire Department

Schools and Colleges

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