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Warren County (MO)

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Warren County Government

Warren County 911

Licensed locations of 160.17R/159.795R towers: Warrenton 911, Marthasville, Warrenton 2, Jonesboro

  • Dispatches for 5 law, 3 fire, 2 EMS & EMA
  • WPVF237 is a paging license.

- was for frequency use of 152.21-152.225, 158.67-158.685 Lease 0005635

Municipalities and Districts


Marthasville Volunteer Fire Department

New Melle

Lake Sherwood Volunteer Fire Department Now part of New Melle FPD in St. Charles County (Station 3)

Dispatched by St. Charles County Alarm and Dispatch.


  • 154.9875 100.0 PL heard in LSL, sounded like Law repeater output (2/17)

Warrenton Fire Protection District

  • 154.205 is used as the county-wide fire dispatch through a cooperative agreement with Warren Co. Joint Communications (911 / Dispatch). Warrenton, Wright City and Marthasville are on this frequency.

Wright City

  • WQRS305 - 155.7075 Mobiles for Police (NFM) [Police dispatched by WCJCC]

Wright City Fire Protection District

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Warren County Ambulance District

  • Base 1, Base 2 (heard "simulcast on EMA for Warrenton Ambulance" multiple call signs on 155.295)
  • Test Page nightly? at 6pm for EMS

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones


Warren County 911                                      83003
Warren County Emergency Management - Operations Center 83000
Warren County Sheriff Dispatch                         49006  

Warrensburg Police Dispatch		               1049014

Fire/EMS Pager Tones

Schools and Colleges

Warren County R3 School District

  • WQRR936 - also mobiles on 461.775, 466.775, 452.025, 457.025, 452.125, 457.125, 452.175, 457.175 (NFM)


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