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Weld County (CO)



DTRS sites in Weld County




Talk groups used in county DEC  Alpha Tag Description

1926 WINTAG-1 Weld County Inter-agency Talkgroup-1 

1927 WINTAG-2 Weld County Inter-agency Talkgroup-2 

1928 WINTAG-3 Weld County Inter-agency Talkgroup-3 

1948 WINTAG-4 Weld County Inter-agency Talkgroup-4 

1949 WINTAG-5 Weld County Inter-agency Talkgroup-5 

1950 WINTAG-6 Weld County Inter-agency Talkgroup-6 

1951 WELD CO EMER Weld County Emergency Operations 

1952 WELD CO EMOP Weld County Emergency Operations 

2000 WELD PD ATG Police Department All Call 

1930 WELD CO SO-1 Weld County Sheriff Channel-1 

1934 WELD CO SO-4 Weld County Sheriff Channel-4 

1931 WELD SO TAC1 Weld County Sheriff Tactical-1 

1932 WELD SO TAC2 Weld County Sheriff Tactical-2 

1933 WELD SO DATA Weld County Sheriff Clearances 

1937 WELD SO ADMN Weld County Sheriff Administration   1938 WELD PD NRTH Weld County Local Police Departments -

North Dispatch ("Local Law North") 

1939 WELD N DATA Weld County Local Police Departments - North Clearances   1946 WELD PD STH Weld County Local Police Departments - South Dispatch

("Local Law South") 

1944 WELD S DATA Weld County Local Police Departments - South Clearances 

1940 WELD PD CH-1 Weld County Local Police Departments Channel-1 

1941 WELD PD CH-2 Weld County Local Police Departments Channel-2 

1942 WELD PD CH-3 Weld County Local Police Departments Channel-3 

1943 WELD PD CH-4 Weld County Local Police Departments Channel-4 

1945 WELD TAC-2 Weld County Tactical-2 

1947 WELD TAC-4 Weld County Tactical-4 

1907 WELD CO FD Weld County Fire Dispatch 

1908 WELD FD FG-2 Weld County/Greely Fire Fireground-2 

1909 WELD FD FG-3 Weld County Fire Fireground-3 

1910 WELD FD FG-4 Weld County Fire Fireground-4 

1911 WELD FD FG-5 Weld County Fire Fireground-5 

1921 WELD FD FG-6 Weld County Fire Fireground-6 

1922 WELD FD FG-7 Weld County Fire Fireground-7 

1923 WELD FD FG-8 Weld County Fire Fireground-8 

1924 WELD FD FG-9 Weld County Fire Fireground-9 

1925 WELD FD FG10 Weld County Fire Fireground-10 

1919 WELD FD FG11 Weld County Fire Fireground-11 

1920 WELD FD FG12 Weld County Fire Fireground-12 

1912 WELD FD ADMN Weld County Fire Administration 

1957 WELD FD ADM2 Weld County Fire Departments Administration Channel-2 

1958 WELD FD ADM3 Weld County Fire Departments Administration Channel-3 

1959 WELD COUNTY Weld County 

9011 TRI AREA EMS Weld County Tri Area Ambulance 

1913 WELD CO EMS Weld County EMS Dispatch 

1914 WELD EMS OP1 Weld County EMS Operations-1 

1915 WELD EMS OP2 Weld County EMS Operations-2 

1955 FT LUPTON PD Fort Lupton Police Department 

1956 FTLPTN PD CC Fort Lupton Police Department Car-to-Car 

1960 FTLPTN PD 3 Fort Lupton Police Department Ch. 3 

1900 GREELEY PD-1 Greeley Police Channel-1

  1901 GREELEY PD-2 Greeley Police Channel-2 

1902 GREELEY PD-3 Greeley Police Channel-3 

1903 GREELEY PD-4 Greeley Police Channel-4

  1904 GREELEY PD-5 Greeley Police Tactical-5 

1905 GREELEY PD-6 Greeley Police Tactical-6

  1906 GRLY PD ADMN Greeley Police Administration 

9001 GREELY FD-1 Greeley Fire Channel-1

  1953 UNC PD University of Northern Colorado (UNC) Police Dispatch 

4073 WINDSOR FD-1 Windsor Fire Channel-1 

4074 WINDSOR FD-2 Windsor Fire Channel-2 

1954 EVANS CITY Evans Local Government (City Channel)   1999 WELD INVALID Weld County "Invalid" Talk Group 

4072 TV EMS ADMIN TVEMS Administration   9012 WELD CO RB-3 Weld County Road & Bridge Channel-3 (Asphalt) 

9013 WELD CO RB-4 Weld County Road & Bridge Channel-4 (Mining) 

9014 WELD CO RB-5 Weld County Road & Bridge Channel-5 (Truck-to-Truck) 

9015 WELD CO RB-6 Weld County Road & Bridge Channel-6   9016 WELD CO RB-7 Weld County Road & Bridge Channel-7 (Truck) 

9017 WELD CO RB-8 Weld County Road & Bridge Channel-8 (Motor) 

9018 WELD CO PW-2 Weld County Channel-2

(Weed Control in Summer; Snow Plows in Winter) 

9019 WELD CO PW-1 Weld County Channel-1 (Public Works)   9024 FT ST VRAIN1 Fort Saint Vrain Power Plant Channel-1 

9025 FT ST VRAIN2 Fort Saint Vrain Power Plant Channel-2 

State Agencies/County Data

Weld County Law Enforcement Data

Dispatch agencies and DTRS talk groups This is a list of cities located within Weld County along with their Primary Law Dispatch Agency and DTRS Talkgroup

City Primary Dispatch Talk Group
Ault Local Law North 1938
Dacono Local Law South 1946
Eaton Local Law North 1938
ErieBoulder County Green VHF
EvansLocal Law North1938
Firestone Local Law South1946
Fort LuptonLocal Law South1946
FrederickLocal Law South1946
Garden CityWeld SO1930
GilcrestLaw South1946
GreeleyGreeley PD1946
GroverWeld SO1930
HudsonWeld SO1930
JohnstownLocal Law South1946
KerseyLocal Law North1938
LaSalleLocal Law North1938
LochbuieLocal Law South1946
MeadWeld SO1930
MilikenLocal Law South1946
NunnLocal Law North1938
PierceLocal Law North1938
PlattevilleLocal Law South1946
RaymerWeld SO1930
SeveranceWeld SO1930
Weld County SOWeld SO1930
WindsorLocal Law North1938

Weld County EMS and Rescue Data



North Station - 1121 M St. Paramedic 1 & 4 - 24/7 Paramedic 6 - 8 am to 8 pm 7 days a week Paramedic 8 - noon to midnight only on Fridays

South Station - 3401-11th Ave. Paramedic 5 - 24/7

Fort Lupton Station - 2999-9th St. Paramedic 3 - 24/7

Kodak Station - 9952 Eastman Park Dr. Paramedic 2 - 24/7 Paramedic 7 - 2 pm to 2 am 7 day a week

Weld County Fire Data

Here is a list of Cities and Fire Protection Districts located within Weld County. All of these Fire Departments operate on the DTRS and are dispatched on Weld County Fire Dispatch Talkgroup (1907).

Weld County 4-Digit Fire Dept. Numbering Scheme

AABB where AA = 2-digit Department ID and BB = 2-digit Apparatus ID

Numerical Assignments for Apparatus and Staff

  • Engines 01 - 15
  • Ladders 16 - 19
  • Rescues 20 - 29
  • Brush 30 - 39
  • Tenders 40 - 49
  • Utility 50 - 59
  • Staff / Officers 60 – 99

Department / District Number Assignments

Frederick and FirestoneFrederick-Firestone District3400
GroverPawnee Fire District3500
Ault and PierceAult-Pierce Fire District2000
Platteville and GilcrestPlatteville-Gilcrest Fire District3600
KerseyPlatte Valley Fire District3700
Greeley and Garden City Greeley Fire / UCFRA Union Colony4100
Windsor and SeveranceFire Protection District4200
Fort LuptonFort Lupton Fire Protection District2600
BriggsdaleBriggsdale Fire Protection District2100
EatonEaton Fire Protection District2300
EvansEvans Fire Department2400
GaletonGaleton Fire Protection District2700
Hudson and LochbuieHudson Fire Protection District2800
JohnstownJohnstown Fire Protection District2900
KeenesburgS.E. Weld Fire Dept3800
La SalleLa Salle Fire Protection District3100
MilikenMilliken Fire Protection District3200
New RaymerNew Raymer Fire Protection District3300
NunnNunn Fire Protection District2500
PawneePawnee Fire3500
Prospect ValleyS.E. Weld Fire Dept3900
RoggenS.E. Weld Fire Dept4000
Dacono and MeadMountain View Fire District2200

Fire Department Websites

  • Mountain View Fire
    • Mountain View is dispatched by Boulder County. Since Weld does get 911 calls that are in Mountain View's area they do tone page Mountain View on the FIRE-A VHF 153.785 immediately to expedite and forward the 911 call to Boulder County Dispatch which ends up paging them on RED-1. Mountain view acknowledges the pages from Weld on the Weld County Fire Dispatch Talkgroup (1907).
    • Drive Times from all MV stations (PDF)

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