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Wexford County (MI)



Public Safety Units

Law Enforcement

71xx  - State Police Station 71 Cadillac.
83xx  - Wexford County Sheriff
83-7x - Wexford Animal Control
41xx  - Michigan DNR (conservation officers)
81xx  - Cadillac city PD
39-x  - Manton PD
FSxx  - US Forest Service

-8339 on 155.505

Fire & EMS

  • Department personnel in Wexford County start with 21 and work forward. with the Chief being 01.
    • For example, 2-01 would be the Buckley Fire Chief and 2-21 would be the next highest ranking officer.
  • The Truck numbering is as follows: 02 being your lead pumper, followed by 03 and so on.
    • The reason behind this is supposed to be so that you can follow the assumption that trucks with even numbers will be pumpers and trucks with odds will be just general tankers that may or may not be capable of pumping.

EMS Services

  • (also dispatched on Fire frequency)

North Flight City Fire

  • Alpha 170 - Ambulance ran out of Cadillac City Fire

North Flight Station 1 or simply EMS Station 1

  • Alpha 150 - Ambulance ran out of Station Near Mercy Hospital.

North Flight Station 2

  • Bravo 160(staffed during day on call at night) - Ambulance ran out of Manton.
  • Alpha 161 - North Flight Flex car out of Manton station (used for long distance transfers)

Cherry Grove EMS

  • Bravo 140 - North flight ambulance out of cherry grove fire run by the fire department.

EMS Station 1 and 2

  • both have two ambulances in their stations.
  • Alpha 151 and Alpha or Bravo 161. Respectively.
  • The Terms Alpha and Bravo go along with Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support. Respectively.

Mesick Rescue

  • Separate Entity from Springville twp fire or Station 800 they operate two Ambulances 8a and 9a, and they also have a rescue/crash rig called 10R.

Selma Rescue

  • Bravo 91 and Bravo 92 - BLS transporting units run by the fire department with 906 being a MFR rig.

Buckley Rescue

  • 2A and 2A2 - following a similar system of Grand Traverse county Buckley Fire Department operates two BLS ambulances.

Harrietta Rescue

  • Used to be ran out of Harrietta Fire Dept. However, is now closed, but every once in a while the dispatchers that were around in the days of Harrietta Rescue still dispatch it that way if needed for a rescue.
  • They still hold 12R and used to have 10A and 11A until the fall of Harrietta Rescue when both ambulances were sold.

Fire Departments:

Station  100 - Boon Twp
Station  200 - Buckley
Station  300 - Cedar Creek Twp
Station  400 - Cherry Grove Twp
Station  500 - Colfax-Greenwood Fire Dept
Station  600 - Charter Twp of Harring
Station  700 - Manton Fire Dept.
Station  800 - Springville Twp Fire
Station  900 - Selma Twp Fire.
Station 1000 - Slagle-Harrietta Fire Dept
Station 1100 - South Branch Fire Dept
Station 1500 - Wexford County sheriff's Fire Investigation Team
City Fire    - Cadillac City Fire Dept. (Badge numbers are never reissued
               100s are full time personnel and 200s are part time personnel).


Unit: K-5; heard 10-Codes: 10-24, 10-3, 10-19, 10-76

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