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Woodford County (IL)


Woodford County Government

Woodford County "Woodcom" Regularly uses IREACH to contact its ambulances after being dispatched while they are enroute to calls (they use IREACH in the same way that McLean County uses 154.815 Rural EMS, making it annoying to monitor IREACH since mostly all I hear is Woodcom calling 1-Victor-# units)

Woodford County ESDA

  • 154.72500 158.91000 KSM967 RM Woodfd ESDA ESDA
  • 39.90000 KSM967 BM ESDA: Weather Net
  • 45.56000 KSM967 BM ESDA: Regional Weather Net

EMS Agencies and Hospitals and EMS

Eureka Community Hospital

  • 156.70000 WNWC803 M ECH Ops Operations (3-2wt)

Townships and Water Districts

  • 155.88000 KNBC405 BM WdfdTS Roads Greene Township Highway Department
  • 155.88000 KNET490 BM WdfdTS Roads Linn Township Highway Department
  • 155.88000 WNBL422 BM WdfdTS Roads Minonk Township Highway Department
  • 155.88000 KNJK878 BM WdfdTS Roads Olio Township Highway Department
  • 155.88000 KNAQ578 B WdfdTS Roads Panola Township Highway Department
  • 155.88000 KNCT749 BM WdfdTS Roads Roanoke Township Highway Department
  • 156.12000 KRB707 BM Wrth Roads Worth Road District

Municipalities and Districts

Benson Community Fire Protection District

  • 154.19000 WPTN613 BM Fire
  • 155.05500 KD2464 M CSQ I-REACH Statewide Interagency Mutual Aid
  • 155.22000 WQB812 BM MERCI-2 EMS ?

Germantown Hills Fire Protection District

  • 154.37000 KSL488 BM GH Fire Loc Fire: Local
  • 153.93500 KSL488 M GHill FD FG1 Fireground ?
  • 153.99500 KSL488 M GHill FD FG2 Fireground ?
  • 154.40000 KSL488 BM GHill FD FG4 Fire

Metamora (Village)

Minonk (City)

PD dispatched by WoodCom on 453.550 (100.0) - units id as "Minonk 1", etc.

  • 154.11500 WPJQ496 BM Minonk PD? Police ?
  • 155.88000 WPJQ496 BM WdfdTS Roads Road Maintenance ?
  • 155.05500 WPJQ496 BM CSQ I-REACH Statewide Interagency Mutual Aid
  • 155.37000 KQX549 B CSQ ISP S/W P2P Statewide Point-to-Point (HF-5)
  • 155.02500 WPJQ496 BM CSQ ESMARN EMA: Statewide High Band
  • 155.34000 KW8805 M MERCI-1 Ambulance-to-Hospital Comms
  • 155.22000 KW8805 M MERCI-2 EMS?

Roanoke Fire Protection District

  • 154.19000 KZ8961 M Fire
  • 154.19000 KNBN860 B Fire (Roanoke, Eureka)
  • 453.41250 KNBN860 F Raok FPD RF1 Fire: Remote Link (FX2-301 S Main-Roanoke)
  • 458.41250 KNBN860 F Raok FPD RF2 Fire: Remote Link (FX1-111 E Court St-Eureka)
  • 154.43000 KNBN860 B Fire
  • 154.43000 KZ8961 M Fire
  • 154.26500 KNBN860 B 210.7 PL IFERN Fire: Statewide Mutual Aid (MABAS)
  • 154.26500 KZ8961 M 210.7 PL IFERN Fire: Statewide Mutual Aid (MABAS)

Roanoke (Village)

Roanoke disbanded its own police department June 1, 2009. Woodford County Sheriff will provide coverage.

  • 155.41500 KNGP931 B CSQ Roanoke Vilg Fire/EMS: Paging (Test page 5pm)
  • 155.34000 KNNK414 M MERCI-1 Ambulance-to-Hospital Comms
  • 155.22000 KNNK414 M MERCI-2 EMS
  • 155.65500 WPPG947 BM Roanoke Road Road Maintenance


Washburn Fire Protection District On the edge of Woodford & Marshall Counties (heard in Glen Carbon 10/05 input is same freq & tone as Jersey County Sheriff North tower on 141.3 PL input, 155.805 173.8 out)

Schools and Colleges

Eureka Schools

Community Unit School District 140

  • WPAS564 152.405 Base/Mobile - Eureka High School (11/20K)
  • WPAS564 160.1325 Mobile - Eureka High School (11/20K)
  • WPAS564 160.0325 Mobile - Eureka High School (11/20K)

Metamora Community Consolidated Grade School

  • 155.23500 KUR809 BM Bus Barn,12 School Buses, 2 vans/School Grounds/School Office

Metamora Township High School District 122

  • 155.23500 KNFQ998 BM MetmraSchBus Buses

Roanoke Benson Unit District 60

  • 155.20500 WPAL346 BM RB60 SchlBus Buses



  • Ferer Farms? 461.775 Repeater (El Paso) WPEW492
  • Pfister Farms 157.725 Base/Mobile (Roanoke) WNRQ347
  • Rumbold Farms 463.75 Repeater (NFM at Spring Bay) WPLK733
  • Sullivan Farms 152.96 Base/Mobile (Minonk) WNFK437
  • Sun Ag 461.75 Repeater (11K at El Paso) for Spray Fertilizer Ops WQLD452
  • Zoss Farms 152.315 Base/Mobile (Roanoke) WNVU635
  • Zoss Farms 152.375 Base/Mobile (Low Point) WNXE971


  • Roanoke Apostolic Christian Nursing Home 461.35 Mobiles WPLZ637

ThyssenKrupp Access Mfg LLC (Roanoke)

  • WQPB980 - 451.955 Repeater (7/11K) for Home Elevators/Lift/Wheel Chair

Attractions and Recreation

  • WQMG221 - Metamora Fields Golf Club - 451.5625, 456.5625 Ops (11K)

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