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Yosemite National Park (CA)

Yosemite dispatch is located in the town of El Portal (pronounced el POOR tal) just off of highway 140. Dispatch is called "Yosemite."

Yosemite Fire Dispatch is called "Yosemite Fire."


YNP Radio Channels
Channel #Tone(s)Rx FreqTx FreqAlpha TagDescriptionNotes
01 172.7750172.7750YNP1 FireDirYosemite NP CH1 Fire Net Direct
021-5,7172.7750166.3625YNP2 FireRptYosemite NP CH2 Fire Net Repeater
03 172.6500172.6500YNP3 ParkDirYosemite NP CH3 Park Net Direct
043172.6500171.6500YNP4 ParkRptYosemite NP CH4 Park Net Mt. Hoffman Repeater
051,2172.6500172.0250YNP5 ParkRptYosemite NP CH5 Park Net Repeater
06 166.3000166.3000YNP6 VllyDirYosemite NP CH6 Valley Net Direct
071,2166.3000164.4250YNP9 VllyRptYosemite NP CH7 Valley Net Repeater
08 168.3500168.3500YNP08 CommonYosemite NP CH8 Common Net
09 168.5625168.5625YNP9 Air-GrndYosemite NP CH9 Air-to-Ground(1)
10? 166.8500166.8500YNP10? LE DirYosemite NP CH10? Law Enforcement Net Direct(2)
11?1-3,6166.8500171.8250YNP11? LE RptYosemite NP CH11? Law Enforcement Repeater(2)

(1) The park's air to ground frequency is also designated National Air to Ground 55. There is no record of AG 55 being assigned to any dispatch zone in the country. On a case by case basis, NIFC can assign it to extended attack incidents, but cannot do so if interference to Yosemite NP will result.

(2) Information on the channels the law enforcement net occupy is no longer available as Channels 10-16 are not shown on the documents obtained.

It is not known how use of the law enforcement net is determined as protection rangers are heard on the Park, Valley and Law Enforcement Nets. Based on listening it appears that most law enforcement and search and rescue communications in the Valley District use the law enforcement net. The bulk of the protection traffic in the remaining districts is carried on the park net.


YNP Repeater Tones
Tone # Site Tone Frequency Used on YNP Channel
1 Crane Flat 110.9 2, 7
1 Turtleback 110.9 9, 11
2 Signal Peak 123.0 2
2 Wawona 123.0 7, 11
2 Sentinel Dome 123.0 9
3 Mount Hoffman 131.8 2, 6, 11
4 North Mountain 136.5 2
5 Sentinel Dome 146.2 2
6 Sentinel Dome 156.7 11
7 Henness Ridge 167.9 2

Repeaters transmit the input tone on the output frequency.

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