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AOR AR5000 Desktop Receiver

This page lists links, related pages and software support for the AOR AR5000 receiver. The technical specifications can be viewed here (copied from Universal Radio).

A quick Google search shows that there are several variations of this model: AR5000A, AR5000A+3.

On April 24, 2008 AOR announced the discontinuation of the AR5000A receiver due to crucial parts being unavailable for various reasons. A replacement receiver is in development.

The AR5000+3 is a ‘feature loaded’ version of the AR5000 receiver with three enhanced facilities which can only be fitted in the factory during manufacture:

  • Synchronous AM
  • Automatic Frequency Control
  • Noise blanker

The facility of switching EPROM banks is now supported by the AR5000+3 This virtually means that the AR5000 now has 2000 memory channels, 40 search banks, 10 VFOs etc... two sets in one!

General Specifications

  • 10kHz-2600Mhz range
  • 1000 channels in 10 banks
  • 5 VFO's
  • Scan rate 20-45cps
  • Autostore
  • Selectable steps from 1Hz-999.999kHz
  • Analogue signal meter
  • Computer control
  • 20 search banks
  • 2 clocks/sleep timer/alarm
  • 1 priority channel
  • CTCSS (optional)
  • Attenuator
  • AGC
  • 8-character alpha-tag

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