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This is the Open Reference Source, the Radio Communications Resource that any RadioReference user can edit. Please feel free to share your knowledge by contributing information.


  • RadioReference Services What services does RadioReference provide to its members? More about subscriptions, the web service, Application Program Interface (API) and Live Audio services. Links to policies and procedures followed on this site can be found here.
  • Collaboration Our location-based gateway. If you are looking for 10 codes, Fire tone outs, or any other information not present in the database, start here
  • Below 30 MHz Covers topics for listening below 30 MHz
  • Scanners and Scanning Articles detailing today’s hottest scanners (and some of those in the past, too) along with relevant links and reviews are found here
  • Equipment and Software A scanner is only a part of the picture. Articles on scanner antennas, software, power sources, and more are linked here
  • Special Topics If you are ready to move beyond hearing the standard police and fire transmissions, this gateway will give you some hints and ideas.
    • Major Events and Disasters Frequencies, talkgroups, channel assignments along with general information about significant rescue missions and disaster mitigation efforts.

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