Special Topics

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Welcome to the RadioReference Special Topics Gateway.
If you're interested in hearing more than the standard police and fire, check out some of these topics and see if it tweaks your interest.

Other Services

  • If you live near an airport, or a major approach/departure route, Aircraft Monitoring might be for you
    • Interested in the digital side of aero? Check out the ACARS article
  • Information on monitoring various US Federal Government agencies can be found here
  • If you're interested in maritime monitoring, start here
  • Monitoring the Military is a popular pastime with many
  • Monitoring the Railroad with lots of railfan-related links


  • Various kinds of digital voice systems are described here
  • How does a VHF/UHF signal propagate further than normal? Check out our VHF/UHF Propagation article for the answer.
  • Some encryption systems are described here.
  • Information on monitoring man-made and natural events and disasters are listed here by year.
  • For information on various online radios, check here. For the RR feeds, please see the Live Audio article.
  • Rebanding - what it is and isn't, and how it will affect your scanner and how you program.
  • Our SATCOM also has lots of links for hearing - and maybe talking to - the International Space Station.
  • If you have frequencies for airshows, parades and other special events, please write an article and add it here
  • Find frequencies for your favorite sports team or event here
  • If you are interested in seeing system level data on a trunk system, then you need one of the utilities listed in the Trunked Radio Decoders article
  • Designing a new listening station or "shack"? Our RF Engineering article has some tips on site design.