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Welcome to the Unication voice pager wiki page. Please see the official Unication P25 Voice Pager page for models and specifications.

Unication has developed a couple models of receive only P25 capable public safety pagers. These pager/receivers are intended for public safety users and therefore have an I/Q demodulator and narrower filters for band specific needs. They work generally without any "tweaks" that may be needed for a scanner. However, these pager/receivers are lacking several basic features found in most scanners. A beta of a scanning feature is in the testing phase.

These units are capable of both Phase 1 and Phase 2.

These units are commercial grade receivers designed for public safety users, not scanners. They are designed to monitor a single trunked site at a time or a small set of conventional VHF / UHF frequencies.

Comparison to a Digital Scanner


  • Excellent P25 Simulcast reception
  • Two-tone paging (conventional or [some] P25)
  • Color display
  • Compact size/weight
  • Battery lasts a long time
  • Harsh environment design


  • No "on the fly" programming
  • Can only monitor a single control channel at a time (no multi-site or multiple system scanning)
  • Cannot mix scanning of P25 control channel and conventional frequencies.
  • G4 is only 700/800
  • G5 adds a band but you have to choose which one (VHF, 380, 400, 450) conventional analog or P25 and/or P25 Phase 1&2 Trunking. DMR Conventional/Trunking(Paid upgrade)
  • Doesn't support Motorola Smartnet/SmartZone Analog, EDACS, LTR, NXDN
  • Programming software (PPS) design isn't intuitive

After Market Gear (Antennas, Bluetooth, etc.)

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