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Welcome to the RadioReference Equipment and Software Gateway.
Getting the receiver is only half the battle. There are other things that go along with them; antennas, power supplies, software for programming (and in some cases, logging and control). The topics below should give you some leads to articles with lots of links on each subject.


  • Scanner Antennas Mobile, base, handheld - and even a few homebrew designs and some technical notes, too
  • A variety of Scanner Accessories are linked here.
  • A variety of schematics for data slicers are presented here. These devices convert a signal tapped from the discriminator of your scanner into something the PC can recognize. Important for some utilities that read trunked systems' control channel data.
  • If you live in an urban area, at times your scanner may hear pagers and other things in areas where you don't want to. Adding a filter is one answer to this annoying problem
  • Whether you are listening in a car, house or portable, reading the Powering Your Scanner article should help in choosing the right power supply for your application
  • Would you like to share a single antenna among many radios? Then check out the splitters links.


Welcome to the Software section. Here you'll find scanner software links presented in several combinations, audio tools, and more.

Applications Pages


GRE Support

Radio Shack Support

Uniden Support

Connecting the PC and Scanner

Getting the right software is a start; now how do I connect the scanner and PC? These articles discuss this question.