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Software Availability

The following packages are known to work with the GRE, RS and Whistler object oriented scanners;

GRE Model Older RS Model Newest RS Model Whistler Model
PSR-500 Pro-106 Pro-651 WS1040
PSR-600 Pro-197 Pro-652 WS1065
  1. Trunking w/ Analog Voice Only scanners, others shown in table can handle up-to Digital P25 Phase I

There are no Mac-native solutions for programming. See this article from Scanner Master for alternatives.

The authors for ARCxxx programs, Win500, PSREdit and ID Tracker can also be found on the Scanner Software forum. Software in bold has the ability to connect to the database to download data. This requires the purchase of a premium subscription.

For tips on connecting scanner audio to a PC, please see our Connecting Radios to Soundcards article

All Object Oriented Scanners

  • Win500
    • Written by the author of the scanner's own firmware. Note: This software appears to have been abandoned. The author hasn't been heard from in a very long time
    • Has an included server function that enables you to monitor and control the scanner from Windows computers and Pocket PC devices over the Internet.
    • Will record each transmission on any object, stamping the resulting .WAV file names with date, time, frequency, etc.
    • The preferred support location for Win500 is the Win500 thread in the RadioReference Software forum
    • Using Win500 (from the Whistler web site) (PDF)
    • Win500 User Guide (offsite wiki article)
    • If you're new to programming, please see the Getting Started with Win500 article
    • Win500 with Wine Wiki page

PRO-106 / PRO-197 / PSR-500 / PSR-600 Only

  • Scan Control
    • Scan Control has the ability to directly copy/paste data from the database into an editor without an external program such as Excel. It uses its Data Grabber(c) function.
    • Scan Control in Linux

PSR-310/410 Support

  • PSREdit310
    • This software has a provision for remote control with PSRCtrl310, which is part of the program archive

Object Oriented Scanner Utilities

  • ID Tracker II/III
    • While this software is not a programming package, it will record audio and accumlate logs of activity. Freeware
  • PSR500DL Backup/restore tool for the 4 scanners
    • The manual for this software can be found here (PDF format)
  • ScanBuddy from WD5EAE. Closed-source software for the MS-Windows platform. ScanBuddy monitors Spectrum Sweeper "hits" of the Pro-106/Pro-197/PSR-500/PSR-600 scanners and logs this information including, optionally, audio. Can export selected data to Starrsoft software.
  • WebBuddy from WD5EAE. Enables user to scan web based frequency lists and import the results to Win500

Rebanding Support

  • If you have a premium subscription, software that supports the web service, most likely, will download the correct system type and custom tables automatically.
  • Be sure to examine the database entry for your system first. If the system is a Motorola type;
    • If the system voice says APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive then reprogram using just the control channels. On most scanners, Control Channel Only mode is the default when working on these systems. Note that neither the PSR-310 nor the PSR-410 can receive this type of system.
    • The PSR-310 and PSR-410 cannot decode any talkgroups with a 'D' in the mode column. These are digital in nature.
    • If the system voice says anything else, look at all the frequencies. If the 4th decimal position is a '5' in every frequency, then you may be able to reprogram without firmware updates or a custom table. If any of the frequencies have a '0' then updating the scanner will be required to properly track this system
  • EDACS type systems will only need to be reprogrammed with the new rebanded frequencies. No firmware fixes are required to track these systems.

PSREdit500/PSREdit310 Rebanding Screen


  1. Set the tables to Custom
  2. Click on the edit tables button
  3. Click on the 800MHz Rebanded button.


Note: The values in these tables are for NPSPAC systems that were originally at 866-869 Mhz, moving to 851-854 Mhz. For systems originally using only frequencies below 862 Mhz the data on the following 2 lines is required, and
must be entered in this order:

  • Table line 0
    • CH Lo: 440
    • CH hi: 559
    • Base Freq: 851.02500
    • Offset: 440
    • Step: 25.000

  • Table line 1
    • CH Lo: 0
    • CH hi: 719
    • Base Freq: 851.01250
    • Offset: 0
    • Step: 25.000

Making the Connection

A major difference from other scanners is that the connection to the PC is made via USB, and not a serial cable. The RS scanners do not supply this cable as part of the accessories, but there are places to obtain them. Please see the Connecting scanners via USB article for tips on installation and common problems and resolution.

Setup under Linux

  • See the Software Setup For Linux article for setting up Scan Control and Win500. Be sure to note the functional limitations.

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