Radio Shack Programming Software Free Trial

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All new customers of RadioShack can make two complimentary downloads from the Radioreference database to program their new scanner for free.

Required Equipment

  • Radio Shack USB cable
    • As RS is no longer in the scanner business, you may need to hunt for the cable. See our Connecting scanners via USB article for more information
  • The correct BuTel software for your scanner

Scanners Supported

The current version of the software supports the following RadioShack scanner models. Note that RS has replaced some of the older model numbers with newer ones; and that GRE and Whistler equivalents are also listed. The BuTel package for each is listed with the scanner.

Old RS Model New RS Model GRE Model Whistler Model BuTel Package
Pro-83 ARC83
Pro-84 ARC83
Pro-96 ARC96
Pro-97 ARC300
Pro-106 Pro-651 PSR-500 WS1040 ARC500
Pro-135 ARC135
Pro-136 ARC135
Pro-137 ARC137
Pro-160 ARC160
Pro-162 ARC160
Pro-163 PSR-400 ARC300
Pro-164 PSR-300 ARC300
Pro-197 Pro-652 PSR-600 WS1065 ARC500
Pro-404 Pro-649 PSR-100 WS1010 ARC404
Pro-405 Pro-650 PSR-200 WS1025 ARC404
Pro-433 ARC433
Pro-528 ARC433
Pro-2051 ARC433
Pro-2055 ARC300
Pro-2096 ARC96


The scanner demo software has the following limitations:

  • the trial period is limited to 7 days
  • you can download a total of two systems for free from



How to Purchase

To purchase the scanner software and/or the Radioreference Webservice subscription for your RadioShack scanner please visit or call 1-800-SCANNER.

Further Information