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The PSR-200 is manufactured by GRE in China

The PSR-200 follows analog conventional systems.

Also see the PSR-100 page. All utilities and links listed there also apply to the PSR-200.

General Specifications

Frequency Coverage

Frequency (MHz)        Step Size Value
25-54                  5 kHz
108-136.9875           12.5 kHz
137-174                5, 6.25, or 7.5 kHz
380-512                6.25 kHz

  • Scans analog conventional systems
  • 200 channels, 10 banks
  • 25-54, 108-174, 406-512MHz range
  • Scan rate 40 cps, Search rate 75 cps
  • 5, 6.25, 7.5, 12.5kHz steps
  • 7 segment display
  • L/O
  • Easy-to-read back lit control and display with back lit keypad
  • 6 one touch search ranges/ 1 user definable search range
  • Search 'seek' feature
  • Tunes virtually all important bands—local marine, fire/police, Ham, CB, VHF-air, racing, weather and more
  • Weather band, no SAME
  • 1 Priority channel
  • Zeromatic search tuning
  • Computer interface and Programming with computer control
  • Base design
  • A cloning cable may be fabricated using 2 1/8 inch stereo jacks and shielded cable
  • Verifying the firmware version

You can verify the firmware version in the PSR-200 by pressing the 3 key during the “Welcome” screen.

Future firmware upgrades can be installed by downloading and running an upgrade program (TBD).

Programming Software

FCC Type Acceptance

PSR-200 Scanners for Sale

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