PSR-300/400 Software and USB Support

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This article applies to the following scanners:

Note that these scanners cannot be computer controlled, or perform logging operations while scanning. It's not provided for in the firmware

These procedures assume the scanner has the latest firmware. To determine the firmware version, follow this procedure:

  • Turn the scanner off
  • Turn the scanner on
  • While the "Welcome" message is displayed, press the '3' key


The authors of the other programs can be reached on the software forum. Software titles in bold can connect to the database to download data. This requires a purchase of a premium subscription.

There are no Mac-native solutions for programming. See this article from Scanner Master for alternatives.

  • Win97
    • Note: The Starrsoft website has been up and down numerous times in the last year. The status of the author/owner (Don Starr) is unknown
USB Support

Setting Custom Tables for rebanded 800MHz systems

  • If you have a premium subscription, software that supports the web service will download the correct system type and custom tables automatically.
  • Before proceeding, look at the system type. If the system is a Motorola type;
    • Those systems that say APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive cannot be tracked by the scanners covered in this article. A digital trunktracker is required to track these systems.
    • Any talkgroup marked with a 'D' in the Mode column of the database is digital, and therefore cannot be received by scanners in this article.
    • Look at all the frequencies. If the 4th decimal position is a '5' in every frequency, then you may be able to reprogram without firmware updates or a custom table. If any of the frequencies have a '0' then updating the scanner will be required to properly track this system
  • EDACS type systems will only need to be reprogrammed with the new rebanded frequencies. No firmware fixes are required to track these systems.
  • NOTE: Neither the PRO-97 nor PRO-2055 can be modified for rebanding.


ARC300 Screenshot (click to enlarge)
  • Make sure you run ARC300 V1.1 or higher
  • In the bank setup window set the Mot800 System Type to 'Custom/Rebanded'
  • Upload data to scanner and scanner will now track rebanded systems


  • Start PSREdit300.
  • Download your current configuration from your scanner.
  • Switch to the Scanning Banks Tab
  • Use the bank selector to switch to the rebanded bank.
  • In the 800MHz system type area, change the pulldown box from standard to "Multi-Tables"
  • Click on the "Edit Tables" button.
  • Click on the "800 Rebanded" button.
  • Click on "Apply"
  • Repeat from the Switch to bank step for each bank with a rebanded system.
  • Upload the new configuration to your scanner.

Your scanner should now track the rebanded system correctly.


WIN97 Screenshot (click to enlarge)
  • Start Win97
  • If you don't already have the scanner's programming saved, download it into Win97
  • Click on the "Channels" tab and navigate to the bank that contains the system that is rebanded
  • Select the "Multi-table" item in the "MOT 800 MHz" group near the top-right of the page
  • Click on the "Extended Tables" button
  • Select "800 MHz Rebanded" under "'Standard' band plans"
  • Click the OK button
  • Repeat, as necessary, for other banks (each bank has its own table settings)
  • Upload the data to the scanner